Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wrappin it up!

'Tis been a week yes it has, A WEEK!  So, I thought I'd wrap it up in some pics and a few stories.  Doesn't that just make you tingle with anticipation?  I thought so!

First, let us begin with.......WORKSHOP!  I have mentioned it a time or two, no?  I am one of several directors of a musical theatre workshop at the local community college.  It is for ages 10 - 18.  It's pretty intensive for 4 hours a day, singing, dancing, moving, etc.  At the end of 2 weeks they put on a spectacular show on stage with costumes, lights, an awesome band, etc.

(Totes stole this shot from my last year files.  This is our fearless leader SueAnne and a room full of eager kiddos)

Workshop takes up every moment of our lives for the month of June, but it is so fun and so worth it.  I've got some good numbers this year that I'm pretty excited about.  Good group of kids, which always makes it a better experience.  I have felt ILL prepared for one particular song this year, it's just kicking my butt.  Here is hoping it turns out in the end.  First week is always the most stressful and hardest.  So GLAD to have that over with.


One week down and I'm proud to report, not only did I succeed with nary a  misstep, but I also lost the 5 lbs. I seemed to have gained after the Tri.  Stupid food, or should I say, curse you carbs for being my utter downfall.  However, this is a celebration, so cheer with me please!  I know of one of my ladies who has fallen to the way side (I shant point you out atomic) just know I still love you.  So, who else is hanging in?  Who is struggling?  Let's TALK about it people!

Just a gratuitous cute shot of my kid.  No really, thank goodness for Auntie Julie, she is the GREATEST gift in our home.  Last Sunday she was on her computer and this is Maggie sharing her ear phones with her so she could watch.  Julie is just SO good with/to the kids.  I'm grateful everyday that she lives with us.

Speaking of which, I have to mention...she has decided (on her own) that she is going to pay extra rent money, so she can turn the air down.  It makes me giggle.  I never go above 78, but sadly, it gets hella hot in this house at times.  So, she has chosen comfort for her.

Super important and MUST be mentioned.....the show of all shows SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE has returned to our televisions!  This puts the happy in my day for sure!  I'm not sure I like the idea of only 10 contestants this year, but I'm intrigued.  I'm SUPER happy to see some of the old "all stars" especially Neil, Mark and Twitch.  But, I'm totally bugged that Comfort is one that they brought back. Whatever!  Anyway, can't wait to get Vegas week over and the real dancing going.  Who is as excited as I about Alex Wong and Billy Bell?  I know, right?


Jer trying to show his "sexay" chub.  Look, he's fat again.                          Jer and Pete throwin down the "too sexy" look.

Friday night me and a veritable entourage of mine and Jeres peeps mosied our way out to the Biltmore resort to take in the show.  My adorable parents went and supported, which was much appreciated.  In my car, i had the pleasure of driving Tray bay (one of our oldest and longest BFFS, who is currently recovering from pancreatitus...just keepin it "real") Marisa, a super fun friend that we met through TAYLOR, our beloved "latte boy" rock star violinist who just returned from 3 weeks in China.  So happy.  Not in our car, but still totally representin the love were Chad and Erin who drove CLEAR from Queen Creek to support.

The show is outside on the resort grounds, which might seem a little wierd, but they've worked it out quite nicely.  It was hot at first, but after awhile, it was actually nice out and just fine.  The show was of course fantastic!!  It is so well directed and acted and just HILARIOUS!!  We all had a GREAT time.  However, the REAL fun began afterward when we decided to go get a little Cheesecake Factory.
WAIT, before I forget....super props to cute Dennon and Stephanie for totally going to the show on Saturday BECAUSE she read about it on my blog.  Love you for that!
Cute Erin, Adorable Chad, Sexy me, and Fabulous Tracie
Sidenote...Chad grew up next door to me.  Like I mean, he was a wee child when I was going on my mission.  But I have always loved this little punk.  Now he's married to adorable wifey Erin and we just LURVE them as a couple. So happy to get to play with and spend some time with them.

Sassy Marisa, Sexy "star" I mean Jere, and Adorable Taylor

What pray tell made this the most hysterical and fun night of my life (minus our Vegas trip) in quite some time?
just look at Taylor, who is apparenlty peeing his pants at that very moment.
 Without question the funniest damn waiter I've EVER had.  And that is saying a lot people!  He was just hysterical and cute in every way.

You guys, we laughed, and laughed until we cried.  We made fun of this other waitress who wanted Taylor sooo bad and kept trying to butt into our coolness.  We had "pick whose Mormon" at the table, "guess whose gay", etc.  Sorry, perhaps you had to be there, but it was AWESOME!!!  However, by 1:30ish as we were finally nearing home, I was SPENT.  In a near comatose state I crawled out of the car and headed to the door. 

You can imagine my HORROR when I opened the door and was greeted with a big fat cheery "Hi mommy."  What the what?  There she was, in all her 3 ft. glory, gazing up at me with a big smile.  What I thought was "WHAT.IN.THEEE.HELL are you doing meeting me at the door?"  What I said was "WHAT are you doing?" Why are you awake?  Apparently it was not the greeting she was hoping for, because essentially she was crushed and ran over to Julie and began sobbing.  She cried uncontrollably, for like 20 minutes.  I felt SO AWFUL.  Nothing I said or did made it better.  She had apparently woken up saying her legs hurt and her tummy hurt (which happens more than i care to admit).  Usually a few strategically placed band aids and she's on her way.  Not this night morning.  Finally Jere came in (had been saying goodbye to Taylor and Marisa) and she crawled up on his lap and he calmed her down.  Then they both fell asleep, but when we tried to move her, NO BUENO.  So, essentially, it was 3 a.m. before she finally went back to sleep.

Friends, 3 a.m. is realllllly late, especially when you have to get up at 7:00 with said offending daughter.  Needless to say, Saturday was a ROUGH day for me.  I felt like i'd been hit by a bus, and my eyes had that perma tired feel. Clearly I am OLD.  Even still, in spite of the tired, it was still worth it.  Thanks all of you for a SUPER fun night!

Saturday night I got home, got the kids fed, bathed and in bed just after 8:00 and then literally fell into bed.  I basically laid in bed and slept on and off for almost 3 hours.  Minus some texting breaks.  Then at nearly 11:00 i called Jer and he invited me to meet him and Pete (the twin in comedy of errors) at Chiles.  So, i rolled myself out of bed, spruced up a bit and headed over.  I lead such a rockstar life. FERREAL! (hehehe)  We had another fun, laugh filled evening.  And oopsy, i was up until 2 a.m. AGAIN.

When will I learn?

I think this is long enough.  But sometime next week, I need to write about the end of a 16 year friendship that happened this week.  Sad really.

But, as it is......I feel all "wrapped up" for the week! 

Hope this next week finds you happy and healthy and stickin to your sugar free guns (IF that's what you're doing of course).

Laugh fests and sleep fits,



TJones2148 said...

DUH!!! Lol seriously the funniest night!! I also was so tired I could hardly stand it...i went straight to bed. Good Times!!!

Kristina P. said...

78 degrees?!?! Has CPS been called yet?

Crandell Fam said...

Jealous that I missed it! Oh wait...I was in Hawaii. Not as jealous anymore. :) On pins and needles about the friendship thing.

LiSa said...

so what's your secret!? 5 pounds in one week??? omg you're amazing! I'm confessing for all the world to read that I'm a sugar I don't think you'd recognize me if you saw me since I lived in Arizona. total fatty. How did you do it for reals?

Jere the Hottie said...

Jenny Crandell,

Come to my show!


The Bipolar Diva said...

It sounds like you all had so much fun!

This morning I had about 1/4 piece of coffee cake. It's funny how after a while without it how easy it is to turn away.

jen said...

Today was the first day I'd felt tempted. But I'm staying strong. You should have a prize at the end of the month for those who are successful.
See you tomorrow.

LambAround said...

You had quite the week! Where do you find time for all this?? :p

Dana said...

*sigh* about the friendship....but sadly his agency made the choice!! What a week, what a week. Here's to finishing session one strong!

Anonymous said...


remember when you yelled at me the year i did the musical theatre workshop? bahahaha. good thing that our relationship managed to turn out so well.


Ari said...

Alex Wong and Billy Bell make my life about a zillion times better. I have been meaning to start following your blog for forever and now I officially am! No sugar is what always works for me too, and it is the hardest to keep up. Sugar free jello pudding with fat free whipped cream is about 70 calories and delicious. Also, I love basically everything about you! :O)

erin said...

sooo fun!! we were completely dead when we got home too! but we were so glad that we came out to the show & see you guys!! :) duh. haha

Mel said...

Whenever I go to San Diego, I always feel obligated to stay out til 2am every night I'm there, because my mom will watch the kids. I always swear I'll never do it again, I'm getting too old, but then another old friend will call and off I go.
Jere's show looks fun.
as for sytycd...I have never gotten in to it. I can't get past that ladie's laugh and now our converter box died, so I guess this won't be the year either.

Steph said...

Well thanks for the shout out! :) Jere was awesome. It was a great show and really fun to see him in action. It's been forever since we've seen either of you in real life. Baby's due in a couple weeks, but maybe we can squeeze in dinner before that?