Saturday, June 19, 2010


Friends and my peeps of the blogosphere, I am here to CONFESS.  Get some things off my hefty chest, if you will.
The last few days of sugar free life have been hard, SO HARD, hellishly HARD!  I have never wanted this


More in my life. 

I've been in a very wierd spot emotionally, and the siren song of sugar has been LOUD and strong.  It freaking SUCKS!  Thankfully, I don't have anything around and I stayed strong.  EXCEPT....last night I ate 3 baby jelly beans.  I know, I know, don't hate me.  My desperation was THAT strong.  And then today, whilst out shopping at the mall, the kids did such a great job being nice and sitting in their stroller, I told them they could get a cookie.  We stopped by Paradise Bakery (which has my all time, kill me now, i want to eat you, cookies EVER!) and got Chocolate chip coconut cookies and 2 others for the kids.  And you wanna know what.....I didn't EAT any of them. Ok, one teeny, tiny TINY corner of Max's that he handed to me.  But, i didn't succumb to that coconut deliciousness.  It was HARD and a bit painful.  I WANT TO FREAKING HAVE A COOKIE!  But, I really, really, REALLLLLY want to make it to the end of the month.  Hence why I'm here confessing.

There, now I feel better. (except for not at all.)

Confession number 2....I'm frustrated.  And really, it's the most RIDICULOUS thing to be frustrated over.  Just know that I GET THAT.  BUT, I can't seem to get past 79 followers.  What is up with that?  Jenny (my unofficial contest partner) is KICKING MY TRASH.  She is up to 111.  And while I get it, 'cause her blog is great...I don't get it.  Why can't I bust through that number?  Don't think less of me, just don't.   However, I totally love, admire and worship the 79 of you that are there, lest you think I don't.

Aaaaaaannnnd a VERY random jump in subjects.

We went to the mall in search of Fathers Day gifts for Jere.  He insisted on coming along....he's so unconventional like that.  He was really hoping to get an I-Pad, which lets be honest, really wasn't in the cards.  But, I humored him, because I was thinking that MAYBE we could swing it.  So, we entered teh Apple store, and holy mayhem and bedlam Batman, that place was INSANE.  It was cram packed, people everywhere.  We located a sales person, and I said, "WHY is this something we need?"  He was fantastic, he KNEW his sales pitch to perfection.  But, then I asked how much the cheapest one was.  When he said $499.00 I nearly pooped my pants right there. I THINK I kept my face in a fairly neutral position (then again, that is apparently impossible for me to do.  If I'm bugged, you know it, if I'm horrified, you know it.  I sort of suck at that.)  Anyway, I kindly thanked him for his help, and then we exited the store like our butt was on fire.  SERIOUSLY?  Who has just a spare 500 bucks to throw down on that stuff.  And that was the CHEAPEST!  Needless to say, jer was sad, but not too sad, 'cause he knows me, and he knew it was mostly a pipe dream.  So, instead, we went and got him a book he wanted, and a WHOLE bunch of stuff at The Body Shop, 'cause he LURVES him some Body Shop.  Yep, he knows what he got already.  Well, i s'pose I'll get him a bunch of chocolate, since that is the main food group he lives off of.  And perhaps some i-tunes gift cards.  it's ok, don't worry, I can write that here, because he doesn't check all that regularly, oh, and he already knows he's getting that too.

In other news..totally scored at Barnes and Noble and found Veggie Tales CD's.  Who is excited?  I am!  Maggie wanted to buy out the store of Dora BeSplora Dvd's and Princess Dvd's and Strawberry Shortcake and Monsters inc. and pretty much anything that had bright sparkly pictures on the front.  We gently told her NO!  All this while Max dumped my entire strawberry smoothie down the front of him.  Good times!

After getting him all cleaned up, and Maggie away from all the DVD's we made it out to the car alive.

Now tonight, we're going out with some friends, let the good times roll.

And even more randomly...I'm just gonna write down some of my favorite things Maggie says.  'Cause I will forget them soon.

"Mommy, (holding a comb) I'm playing my cumonica. (harmonica)

"Mommy, I have a cumprise (surprise) for you."

"Look Mommy, I am the comductor."

"Mommy, can I have some cumtatos (potatos)?"

Where the come part comes from, I'll never know.  But it cracks me up every time.

With that said, I shall be on my Merry Way.

Confessions and cookies,



TJones2148 said...

Although you already know i read your blog and have been a "follower", i was never official. So, in order to help you break through you 79 follower barrier, i have made it official. You now have 80 followers!! :0)

jen said...

1. You now have 80, so stop crying.
2. You had cjane herself read your prose. So stop crying.
3. I love you, and it's not a competition. So stop crying.
4. I am winning. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

You may not have the most followers, but that still doesn't mean your blog isn't hilarious! And, those couple of jelly beans didn't totally ruin your goal... you are still an inspiration!

Kellie said...

I love cute things kids say. And if you want to feel good about your followers, just take a peek at my numbers...

Kristina P. said...

I am following you in my heart. And in my Google Reader.

reasonably chubby said...

I am so proud of you kicking sugar OUT OF YOUR LIFE! You are doing so good-keep it up! :) I hope you guys have a great day today-sounds like your husband is a wonderful dad. What a blessing! About the followers? I have no answer. I'm only up to 54, so I'm very impressed and jealous of your 7o something followers. I may have to go eat a cookie...

LambAround said...

Darn it! Now I want some cookies and chocolate too, at 10:35pm!
As for the cumtatos? You can keep those for yourself :)

LambAround’s latest post: A Flower Delivery MYSTERY

classycareergirl said...

Those cookies look so delicious!! Yummy! Your daughter's little sayings are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Pua said...

Stopping by from SITS!!
I don't get the whole fascination with Apple products. I have my iPod and that's all I need...I feel strange for not being able to "get" it, but it just doesn't seem worth it to me. Doesn't stop my husband or my dad from desperately wanting one. Only difference is, my dad will probably get it, and my husband will just have to mess with his.

Greg and Tammy said...

Great work on staying strong with the no sugar thing. That is pretty incredible!!

Greg and Tammy said...

Great work on staying strong with the no sugar thing. That is pretty incredible!!

Greg and Tammy said...

Great work on staying strong with the no sugar thing. That is pretty incredible!!

Jere the Hottie said...

And for the record, I DO read, but I'm usually a post or two behind. HA! =) My Father's Day kicked butt and I'm MORE than happy with what "you" got me. Love you!! AND, I just became a "follower" too - so that's just one more thing for you to be happy about. Oh, and I love you. 'Nuff said.

DianD said...

Well.... maybe there are techno-challenged followers out there like me. I'm definitely a follower, but if you have to push a button, or register or go to some site to say you are it will probably never happen! Just know that I am anyway! :)
Love ya -- registered follower or not!

Lerin said...

From SITS...

Oh my goodness, I soooo understand the irresistable siren song of sugar. I'm ready to sign up for my sweet-tooth extraction at any time. ;)