Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What? Don't judge!

I know, I KNOW, I'm fully aware that I put myself on a blogger hiatus!  Don't be juding me. Did you REALLY think I could do it?  I've made some modifications.  I'm not allowed to just spend endless time on here, and or update UNTIL I've accomplished other important work and home related things.

So, it's nearly 10:00, I've done laundry, I read my kid a bedtime story, I sang songs, I've worked on all my workshop songs and NOW, I can write a quick post.

I needed to get just a couple of things down so I'll never forget Maggies funny and smart ways. AND, you all want to know how sugar fast day 1 went. Right?  I thought so.  I mean, The Urban Cowboy (who I've read once and commented to) took the time to come over and ask.  That's impressive.



Frankly, the daylight hours are generally not the issue.  It's the nighttime when the devil rears his ugly horns.  On the way home from workshop I had a mad desire to eat something sweet.  But, I prevailed.  I also got up and worked out this morning, and that felt like a great accomplishment!  So, yay me.

How did the rest of you, my lady friends do?  By the way, my sister Dana and my Mom are totally in on this party too.  I feel so supported!

Stay strong ladies.  But remember, if you mess up, it's ok.  You just have to come and comment and tell me, and then I'll publicly flog you, but it's still OK.  You can always get back on tomorrow.

Yesterday morning, the familiar creak of my door came and I dutifully ignored it.  I have found that if I just keep my eyes tightly shut and pretend I'm still soundly sleeping, she leaves me out of the morning bathroom routine. (Sorry Maggie, now you know, your mama was  a total scammer). Lately she's been coming in, climbing into bed between us, laying there for a little bit, and then geting off the bed.  I discover that somewhere in the time I was pretending to sleep adn when I really get up, she's gone to the bathroom, taken off her pj's and put on her clothes for the day.  This is awesome in so many regards.  One, I wasn't forced to "help" her pee, and two (and most importantly) I do not have to have one moment of battle over what she wears.  No screaming, no crying, no fighting.  She is VERY intent on MATCHING things.  So, if it has brown in it, then it MUST go with her brown shorts, pink goes with pink, NO.MATTER.WHAT.  Consequently, we've had some charming getups.  But, I don't care anymore, because peace is so much better.  BUT, I'm totally off topic here.

So, the door opens, I play asleep, I hear her next to the bed and then I hear it, the unmistakable sound of pee gushing to the floor.  I inwardly groaned, and then outwardly opened my eyes and said to Jere, she just peed on the floor.  He got rather irritated, and yelled at her.  I said, "MAGGIE, WHY did you do that?"  I should mention that she was standing there with her pj pants at her feet, her hands ON her panties halfway pushed down, so clearly she was TRYING to get to the bathroom.  So, he response was "well, I needed to go to the baffroom, and I came in here and it just fell out of me."  Jere grumbled something in irritation, but I shushed him, because really, how can you argue with that response.  It was so freaking cute, and so honest.  She didn't even try for one second to pretend she didn't know how to asnwer that.  I asked, and she TOLD.  It cracked me up.  And with that, I rolled out of bed and cleaned up her pee stain on my carpet.  I mean really, AT LEAST it wasn't in her bed.  I'd rather clean carpet any day over changing pee sheets, ON.A.DAYBED.

When Maggie isn't torturing Max, she is really the sweetest sister.  The other day Max fell or did something that hurt him and he was crying.  And from the other room I hear in the sweetest, high pitched, older sister voice..."oh Maxi, it's ok. Here, I will get your night night for you and you will be all better."  It was one of those moments where your heart melts and breaks just a little bit.

Today she was giving her BEST effort at a knock knock joke.  Her cousin Jayce tells the "orange you glad I didn't say banana" knock knock joke perfectly, and he's 3.  So, one day we had him in the car with us and he told Brooklyn that joke.  Apparently it stuck with Maggie, 'cause today, when i went to pick them up, she kept saying..."Mom, knock knock banana, knock knock banana, knock knock orange."  And was so pleased with herself.  Kids, they're the craziest sponges EVER!

And I don't know if I've ever mentioned yet, but her FAVORITE phrase before bedtime is..."can I have 5 more minutes?"  Or, "I want 5 more minutes."  I don't know WHERE it came from, or why, but she started saying that one day and it's never gone away.  So, teh minute I say, it's bedtime or naptime, she immediately looks at me and in her sweetest way says, "Can I have 5 more minutes?"  We've learned that if we just say yes, and only give her 1 or 5 or 10 or 2 minutes, she's totally satisfied.  It's awesome.

These two really are the cutest pair.  They love eachother so much.  Maggie even scolds me if i ever get after Max, because "He's MY brother."

Max is talking like a mad man.  He's added full sentences this week which is super fun.  My favorites are:

"I spank your butt.  Spanka your butt."
"Cheesy rollup pease."
"I don't know how swim."

Love this silly kid and his big fat front teeth.

So sorry if this has bored anyone to tears.  But, i do have to remind myself that this blog is a lot to preserve my childrens childhood memories.  And let's be honest.  I would forget these cute things next week if I didn't write it down.

Sugarless sweets,



Jen West said...

Your babes are adorable. Good job on the no sugar. I just fed ice-cream to 9 teens who went and did baptisms and I indulged, myself. I told you I wasn't participating. Sorry. I totally disagree about the pee in the carpet. To me there is nothing worse and I would rather change 3 daybeds of laundry. I do like the "get stuff done before you blog" idea. That, I should probably do.

the shoafs said...

i totally knew you were busted when you commented on my post yesterday! i held my tongue though (or my keyboard fingers) because i was secretly planning on participating in your sugarless month and then i walked by the vending machine yesterday and fell prey to the wiley ways of a twix bar. sooooooo.....how can i give you a hard time when i completely fell of a wagon that you didn't even know i was on? ;)

and those big blue eyes on your boy....how does he ever get told "no"?

Mel said...

So cute! I love her answer about pee falling out of her. How nice for you that she dresses herself. Miss O always wants to be naked, unless we're going to my Dad's house. In which case, she think she needs to wear a dress with bows.
Love that last picture of Max. He is so dang cute.

Natalie said...

Day 1 a success here too!!

As for the peeing, my son does that too. I thnk he tries to get my attention. It works, but not in a good way!

You're kids are really dang cute! That last pic cracks me up!!

reasonably chubby said...

Hey there! Way to beat back the sugar cravings! I like the threat of "public floggings" to keep others in check...good strategy! :) Allyson, your kids are so sweet and adorable. You're smart to write it all down. Have a wonderful day!

Cookie Mama said...

Okay I just thought I should let you know yesterday as I cracked the can I thought of your sugar free ways. I drank the whole thing, but I couldn't seem to enjoy it, thanks. For the record, I'm not joining your sugarless cult. haha

Thanks for the Maggie update, she is so clever, we've needed a good dinner story and I think she has made it to the table today. Love the pictures they are so stinkn' cute.

Minky Moo said...

Hardly bored to tears! I love reading about your two. I hope someday to give my son a sibling and I really love reading about how they interact! Maggie was on our list for a girl too (I believe I told you that) because Max and Maggie is just SUCH a cute combo. Now however, I would feel like a long distance name stealer. :)

I had to do a two week sugar fast once when I was really sick and MAN it was hard! But it reset my glycemic meter beautifully. I should do that again... I had to have protein every two hours and that helped too. Almonds or something. Carbs for me were the devil. I could give up chocolate before rice. Sigh.

DianD said...

Cute comments a bout the kidos and yea for me on day one sugar fast as well! One down, 29 to go! :) I hope for no public floggings so will try really hard not to merrit any!