Thursday, June 10, 2010


Oh So You Think You Can Dance, how I love thee! 

Did you watch it tonight?  Did you SEE the dancing?  Met the cast? Why does this show bring me such joy?  I mean really, I can't even explain the happiness and rapture that I feel knowing that it will be a SYTYCD show night. And you should know, I am NOT a dancer in any way shape or form.  In fact, I can safely say....I suck.  But, I so love it.  You should also know...Wade Robson is TOTALLY my boyfriend.  Something about him and his choreographing is just so freaking hot and bizarre, and wrong and wonderful!  So, imagine my joy when the opening number of the show began and I could just TELL it was a Wade Robson number.  It was, in a word.....AWESOME!

Well, let's discuss the cast.  I'll share MY opinion and then YOU can tell me yours.  Like, who is your favorite? Why?

My favorite Boy:  Neil.  Oh what? He's not a new contestant?  My bad.  But, i do love him.  Ok, if you MUST know, I think my favorite is a tie between:

Kent - He's just adorable, and I think he's rather talented.
Awkward moment:  Kat asking him "what his ideal woman is."  Ummmmm, did she mean to ask "man?"  Just sayin.

Alex - His body is beautiful, his dancing is stunning.

My favorite girl:  Alexie.  She is just adorable, and she reminds me VERY much of one of my students.

Rest of the cast:
Lauren - she's from AZ, therefore, automatically awesome and worthwhile of my support.  I have this thing, if anyone is ever from AZ, I am crazy diehard supportive!  I like a person to represent YO!

Ok fine, the rest of the girls escape me.  i guess that's because I really don't care about them.  The tapper girl is just wierd.  One of those "artisty" type that takes themselves and life WAY to seriously.

Billy Bell - he dances amazingly, beautifully, stunningly.  I'm sure he's the sweetest boy ever.  However, i'd appreciate it if he just didn't speak, because, to quote a favorite movie line ever "he's too gay to function."  I'm not judging, simply observing. The end.

Jose - I was surprised by him tonight.  I think I shall actually quite like him.  Though I could really do without the corn rows.  I HATE corn rows.  'nuff said

Rob - He's pretty.  Don't know anything else about him at all.

Adichik - or whatever the hell that name is.  Again, don't know much about him.  Other than, DID YOU SEE the bright neon pink curtains hanging in his house when they came to deliver the news?  YIKES!  But, I'm sure he's a delight and I'll be anxious to see how he does.

All-stars:  Happy to see them all back, especially Neil and Allison.  But, I could absolutely do without Comfort.  REALLY?  Allstar?  I think not.

Tonights dances:  I liked them all, except Mias.  I know right?  But I felt like it was mostly just flopping around, as opposed to som real dance moves.  I mean, this is just my professional opinion. hee hee

Realllly liked the naughty threesome ballroom.  Surprisingly good.  And the last one about the freaks.

Ok, there you have it.  My official and first review of the summers GREATEST show.  Please, feel free to join in the discussion.

Change of topics:

For enquiring minds, the gym I go to is: 
24 hour fitness. 
It's a rather nice and lovely gym.  And though I have handpicked out a few "special" cases, I PROMISE that it really is full of a lot of normal exercisers of every kind. I enjoy going there A LOT.  But, I did see this morning Sister flower pants and Sir Flops, sweatin and workin it.  And you're right Urban Cowboy...he is TOTALLY a 70's porn wannabe.  Oh, and crazy purse lady, she was there....WEARING the purse on her shoulder on each machine she did.  Seriously?

MANY of you have INSISTED that I somehow take pictures of these people at the gym.  And while I can understand your desire to see my "friends" I would pose this question.  How in THEE heck do you propose I procure said pictures.  I just can't see Floppers (did I mention he also likes to wear an awesome "weight belt" cinched around his waist?) being ok with me just pulling out the Canon and yelling "say cheese."  Well, come to think of it, he just MIGHT be ok with it.  BUT, would my camera survive.  Anyway, I just don't know how to accomplish it stealthily enough.  So, in the meantime, you will just HAVE to use your healthy imaginations.

In other gym news....I did sprints on the treadmill today at an 8.5.  It was awesome.  Truth is, it actually feels much better for me to sprint, rather than just run at a 5.5.  It's wierd, but true.

Workshop is allll ready to go.  I finished the lighting today, and i have to give a huge shoutout to my nephew Jamyn.  He literally learned how to do it (program the light board) in 1/2 hour and he was soo quick and genius at it.  It has made my job soo much easier.  So, tomorrow night is our first show.  I think it's gonna be a good one.

With that said, I must sign off, check my workout for tomorrow, and perhaps go to bed.

Dance belts and chapstick,



jen said...

I've tried to watch this show, and I just can't get into it. Sorry.
But Designstar starts Sunday!
See you at the show tomorrow. Hopefully Lily will be recovered by then.

Dana said...

Arizona girl is my favorite. I don't want to like her so much becuase she is only 18 and just graduated from high school....but seriously, I just think she's got it.

I smiled every time I saw Twitch. He just makes me happy. I'm completely with you on Comfort. How much charity can we give one unimpressive dancer. Yuck!

Adam and I said the EXACT same think about Cat's question to Kent. He's great--

LOVE to watch Billy dance, but I'm with you on this one.

I enjoy all the guys so far. LOVED the first number and totally said, "Hey, that was done by Allyson's boyfriend!!"

I didn't love Tyce's number. Totally loved the naughty threesome. part of the whole night. NO MARY MURPHY SCREAMING TRAIN THING!!! (Loved hearing from all the choreographers too!)

the shoafs said...

the jury is still out on my faves. i DID like adicheke (or whatever) when he danced for his life. and what they did to billy bell was just plain mean. rob IS pretty! i was hoping ryan would make it....purely bc she has curly hair and we girls who rock the fro must band together. ummmm....i like tap dance girl (melanie? melinda? some "m" name...) and i did like alexie.

that's all i have for's 5:30 and it's just too darn early for me to provide any wit and sass. ;)

my word verification is "yorpot". hmm....

Sabes said...

Ok, so I am really sad to say I just haven't made a good enough effort to watch the show yet this season, ah!! I know! I will be better from now on!

On to your other news:
use your phone to take pictures! No one will ever know what you are doing if you start by texting and putting it down and picking up and texting then putting it down then "texting" and continue until proper pictures have been procured. I do it all the time, and not a soul wonders. Let me know how it goes

Kristina P. said...

I have several SYTYCD episodes to watch this weekend! Woot, woot!

Natalie said...

I knew we were BFFs for a reason! I LOVE SYTYCD! I never miss an episode...ever!

Man up, woman! Get those pics for us!

sammy said...

i agree that running faster feels easier/better. when the treadmill is slower, i feel like its dragging on PLUS i dont even feel like im getting a workout so its like all bad.

i havent seen much of sytycd, but i do pop in every once in a while.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Never saw the show sytycd...but I bet if you ask, Mr. Floppy would dance for you while you snap a couple.

BTW how are things going with the sugar? I know your doing fine, but I have to ask, keep you on your toes and all.

Crandell Fam said...

Sadly, I was at a swim meet Thursday night, and since I'm so good and cheap and don't have cable anymore I can't DVR it! :( I tried to Hulu it and it wasn't available yet. WHAT?? I'm going to try again tonight.

Totally don't get them bringing back Comfort, but I do love Twitch and Neil. I also love Kent. He is adorable. And Alex is more amazing than words can describe. Completely agree on Billy Bell.

Congrats on the sprints! That really is awesome, and I need to push myself harder to go faster. I know it helps. You've inspired me. I'll do it.

Dixiechick said... and I...same page. LOVE the Arizona girl. I think she is amazing. Can not stand hearing or looking at Billy Bell when he speaks and just his name "Billy Bell" bugs me, but I begrudgingly told Shane that he is a great dancer. Boo. And WHY has nobody mentioned the fact that the stupid salsa girl is ugly and annoying. I DO NOT LIKE HER!!!! She bugs me so bad. I'm not exactly sure why, but I was so glad when she didn't make it last year and so bugged when she did make it this year. Barfy. Also, I have to disagree with you on the tapper girl Allyson. She is artsy and I hate that red hat she wears, but I actually really like her and she surprises me with all the styles she can pull off. I was SUPER sad that Adrian didn't make it because I thought he was really good. I like Alex but think his face isn't any fun to watch when he dances. I like Kent, but he reminds me of the Home Alone kid (don't know how to spell his name ) and I think he is a little to young and spastic for my liking. And I was also pleasantly surprised by Jose. I really like him--but could also do without the cornrows. SOOOOOO excited for SYTYCD nights too. They make me smile and glow. Yea!

LanaBanana said...

Whew, now that I'm back in town I can weigh in with my very important two cents.

mostly I agree. I love AZ girl too. Her "At Last" solo on the final day of Vegas week was SO incredible!! LOVED HER IMMEDIATELY!

I loved Pasha and Anya, but was SUPER underwhelmed with the salsa girl as well. Anya's hips were like blasting her off the stage. Maybe it was just because the contrast was too strong being up there with them... But DANG, those other two are HOTTIES!

Porter and I both have crushes on Neil. :)

I love Twitch!!

I love Allison!!

I hate Comfort!!

I liked Mia Michael's dance number, and Ade was so cool looking.

Billy Bell annoys me. Stop talking. ugh. Great dancer though.

The end.