Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memory Monday....Second Grade

FALL 1979 (6)

Picture discussion: The collar of the shirt??  White? Really? The hair?  You missed the transition from my first grade pic of longer hair, to the super short Dorothy Hamil cut I had.  This look I'm sporting here is apparently a transition growth from that.  And what is my semi, I'm not gonna show my teeth to you, smile?  Discuss amongst yourselves.  OR, in the comments, whatev.

Before I can go into any memories of this school year.  I must preface with this very important piece of my history.  In the summer before second grade, at the tender age of SIX I was "crowned" Mesa City Champion of the 6 and under category in swimming.  And this was not a rinky dink town YO.  We're talking 100's of kids and I was BETTER than them.  HOLLA!  Yep folks, I was a competitive swimmer from the time I was 4 until I was 16. I lettered in it in highschool, but quit after my Junior year, 'cause I hated messing my hair up all the time.  PLUS, I was a BIG girl, and really, traipsing around in a speedo, it just was NOT good times for me.  But, I digress.

Just standin by our backyard pool, little photo shoot with the "hardware" Be jealous, be so so jealous!  Of the SWIMSUIT that is.

In case you can't read what I wrote.  The arrow to that cute little boy says "My first boyfriend"  He'll fit into my 6th grade remembories.

The summer of '79 was magical.  I had shown promise as a swimmer very early on.  The coach took special interest in me and had me working out with the older kids.  I remember him taking me out on the deck and specifically showing my how to have the best stroke for my freestyle.  I loved swimming.  I lived in the pool, and I WAS good at it.  I was primed to become champ. I won many, many races, but not all.  As the championships approached I got more and more excited.  The very idea that I could win a TROPHY was more than I could take.  I remember my Mom always telling me to reach for a giant bowl of whipped cream in the center of the pool as I dove in.  That way I'd have better starts.  There was a lot of anticipation when it came to the freestyle race.  The city record had been standing for something ridiculous like 15 or 18 years.  Could I beat it?  Could I set a new record?  Well, good news.  I TOTALLy did.  It was the MOST exciting moment of my little life thus far.  My parents and coaches were sooo excited.  I was too, but mostly, I was pumped that I got a gold medal.  Then, I took silver in backstroke.  Can't remember what I got in butterfly, suffice to say, NOT my best stroke.  But apparently, my combined totals were enough to name me champion.  It was AWESOME!  I got a trophy.  A real live trophy.  I had a city record.  I slept with that trophy that first night.  Just 3 or 4 years later, some punky little upstart went and broke my record.  I'll never forget, standing on the far end of the swim complex, watching and listening to that race.  Hoping against hope that she wouldn't break my precious record. But, she did.  And, I cried.  But again, I'm off subject.  Alls I'm trying to say is, things were lookin good for the 2nd grade. (as a sidenote, my younger bro. and sis. both totally won multiple city chapmionships.  My bro. STILL has a couple of records standing, and we're going on over 20 years here)

Late in that summer however, I was diagnosed with nephritis, a condition where my kidneys had ceased to function normally.  I was apparently in a lot of pain, and crying and not sleeping.  For the record, I have a sort of redonkulous pain tolerance, so the fact that I was crying about something had my Mom pretty worried.

So, memory numero UNO:  I spent my entire 2nd grade year taking penicillin, getting blood drawn once a month, and not being able to eat any sugar, salt or flour.  I swear to you, I only ate shredded wheat and honey.  No, I'm sure I ate more than that, but that's all I remember eating.  It really was not so much fun.  The good news is, I was "healed" by the end of the year and the doctor cleared me to eat sugar.  As I've mentioned before...bad call Doctor.  I made up for lost time with a vengence. The bad news...taking penicillin for a YEAR wreaks some serious havok on the ol' bod.  My teeth came in all wierdly "stained" and I had SEVERE yeast issues for years after that.

2. My teacher was Mrs. Schweikart, and I LURVED her and she lurved me right back.  It was the beginning of my "teachers favorite" status in life.  Well, except 3rd grade, which you'll learn about next week.  Anyway, she was young, she must have been only like 23, 'cause she taught there for a 100 years afterward.  In fact, she sent me a wedding gift, and I talked to her several times over the years.  Sadly, she died 2 years ago (way to young) of cancer.  BUT, as my teacher, she was wonderful.  She gave me a book "jellybeans for breakfast" which was like my favorite book forever, and this bottle of perfume in the shape of a cat.  I HATE cats, but I loved htis, 'cause it had blue saphire eyes and I thought they were soooo beautiful.  I don't know WHY she gave me those gifts.  But you know how it is...when you're little.  Teachers are somewhat mythical.  You don't think of them as having lives outside of school, and you idolize them.  So, I felt sooooo special.

3.  John Doan used to chase me everyday at recess.  You know, the whole, I likey you, I will chase you kind of chase.  And so did Chris Kilpatrick.  Chris was cute, and my neighbor.  John, not so much.  He wore creepy transition lens glasses.  Sorry, but I have  ALWAYS thought those glasses make people look like "chesters".  But, I did enjoy the chase aspect of things.  Until one day, Chris caught me, and he knocked me down, and I had a teeny little hole in my crotchal area (WHY do I remember THAT detail?)of my shorts.  A teacher came out right then and YELLED at him to get off me.  The chasing ceased after that.

4. I FINALLY started losing my teeth.  I was SEVEN before I lost my first tooth.  It was all a bit ridiculous really.  All my friends were soooo ahead of me, and mature with their teeth losing business.  So, it felt good to have finally arrived "on the scene."

5. Learning how to make "paper".  The art lady came in and we crushed up all kinds of planty goodness and created our OWN paper.  It was super dee duper cool.  We also saved those styrofoam meat trays and then used them like "looms" and created little yarn hot pad creation thingys.  I don't know what they were, just that we did them.  And don't even think that I don't still have them, 'cause I DO!

6.  There appear to be no scarring memories of "cheating" or inability to do my work as a 2nd grader.  Phew!  'Cause 3rd grade there were some problems. 

I mostly just remember loving 2nd grade and my happy little innocent life at the time.  I had my friends, a great family and my whole life ahead of me.  So thanks 2nd grade and Mrs. Schweikart for making it a good one.

In other news, just to wrap up some loose ends:

The sugar fast is going GREAT!  No issues at all. I've even been to cheesecake factory TWICE, with people eating stuff all around me.  I've been around candy the whole prob. So, I'm happy about that.  I'm happy to have this teeny tiny little piece of my life under control.  What I'm NOT so happy about peeps, my ladies, my posse!!!  Several have fallen hard off the wagon, and others..well, they're just not talking.

So, the time has come ladies, stand up and tell the truth.  WHERE do you stand on the quest?
I won't call you out THIS time, but get on here and leave a comment. 

Workshop one is done.  The performances went really well. I'm soo happy to have the lighting all done and not to have to worry about it for next time.  PHEW!  My nephew was the one programming the light board, and he did a FANTASTIC job.  He literally learned how that day, and he was geniusy PRO at it right away.  We had WAY too much fun up in the booth during the shows.  And all I have to say is...."Youtube!" (sorry, I rudely just threw in an inside joke)

Jere is done with his show at the biltmore.  It was wonderful, and he had such a great experience!  He's hoping to be involved in the companies shows this fall, which I'm all for, 'cause they pay well.  And, it gives him an opportunity to do what he loves.  We'll see how things play out, with his work, school and all.

Maggie has come out with 5, count 'em FIVE new songs, and I will save their lyrics for another post.  Suffice it to say.....hilarious!  And, they included dialogue with the audience AND actions.

Jere says he is GOING TO DO the tri on Thanksgiving day.  So, he promises that he and Julie are starting their training tomorrow.  And by training i mean....actually stepping foot into the gym and doing ANYTHING for the first time.  I'm really excited for them to actually do it.  Check back, I'll let you know how THAT is going.

And with that said...I must be off to bed.  LONG day tomorrow and still have wordsheets to prepare and work to do.

Blue ribbons and whip cream dives,



The Empress said...

Love these trips down memory lane.

Your smile hasn't changed at all!

jen said...

Check my blog. You won!
I will divulge my sugar status: Great. I did have a piece (okay, two pieces) of bread with fresh jam on them, but that really can't count because I made like 7000 bottles, and you can't be expected to not have a small taste. And jam doesn't really count does it?

the shoafs said...

a.)i'm impressed with your memory. second grade? i remember who my teacher was and i remember there being a bus accident. other than that, nuthin. must have been all that paste i ate in preschool...killed my memory cells!

b.)cheesecake factory would have officially been the END of my sugar strike. fortunately, there's not one of them there little gems of culinary excellence anywhere near where i live (i know...the beaches are really the only reason to live in this craptastic area!)

Natalie said...

I LURVE your collared shirt girl!! And I always like reading about memories...reaching for a bowl of whipped cream is awesome ;)

Okay, I'll confess...I did MUCH better than normal with my sugar intake, but in no way did I cut it out entirely. But I did try and I made a conscious effort to be better - that counts for something right?!

Andrea said...

I didn't know Mrs. Schweikart passed away. So sad, I hate cancer! I had Miss Stacey I don't remember much about that year except everyone thought Miss Stacey was mean and yelled alot. I didn't think so I liked her. I also loved Chris Kilpatrick. I think everyone did. His beautiful blue eyes! Totally forgot about the homemade paper and the pot holders. Of course you still have yours. Love the trips down memory lane! Thanks for sharing them.

As far at the sugar thing goes...I am doing fine. I am finding my hardest time is during the day when I am bored. But I have not caved yet and am not planning on caving. I think I am more excited that I am going on a month with out soda. I had a huge headache yesterday and a Dr. Pepper is what usually takes care of it and I dealt with it on my own. Yea me! Yea you I am so impressed with your will power.

Kristina P. said...

I've never been a big swimmer. I really don't even hang out at our complex pool.

And I still think the sugar fast is crazy.

Dixiechick said...

Ok, did I know Ms. Schweikart died? That made me so sad to read that. I had her 2nd AND 3rd and I was fully convinced that she switched grades because she loved me so much and wanted to be my teacher again. I'm sure it was something like that. :) You have so many memories it's crazy. I can barely remember any details from elementary school much less which grade they correspond with. Impressive. PLUS, I think that's me in the background of your swimming pic running around the pool in my little swim suit and floaties. Nice. :)

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog . . . look forward to it everyday.. . you have a real gift for writing!

Is the public invited to your MCC workshops? If so, when is the next "show"?

Congratulations on your sugar beat down! You are an inspiration.

Tara LaRue said...

I can't even imagine who Mrs. Schweikart is. Seriously - totally drawing a blank, but I loved that she loved you so much and that you stayed in contact with her for so long. That's awesome.

I'm digging these memories too so keep 'em comin'!

lexlocilori said...

I take a small amount of pleasure in the fact that I was eating a piece of dark chocolate while reading this post. Does that make me evil?

DianD said...

Jelly Beans for Breakfast is now a favorite of the next generation. I doubt Mrs. Schweikart had any idea how many kids would love that book. Maggie usually looks for it and asks me to read it. Livy and Tatum were convinced they were the dark and light haired girls in the story! :) What a champion you were, too, in the swimming. The really fun thing about that race was that you were seeded 7th or 8th going into the chanpionship, so you were in the outside lane and totally shot past everyone to win. Everyone was commenting, "Where in the world did she come from?" "Who is that in THAT lane?" etc. And we were all beaming and loving it!
Sugar! Haven't added any, but must confess there is a bit that comes with my package of oatmeal in the morning. AND I may or may not have licked the knife I cut the brownies for the missionaries with tonight. Just for the record, that was more than enough. In fact, I was glad not to have to eat anymore. TOOOOO sweet these days! Love the fresh fruit, however.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Glad to hear your sugar strike is going well.

I've always been a huge swimmer, nowadays it's mostly under the water(scuba).

LanaBanana said...

I want to steal this idea for posts except for Blogger hating me and not letting me post any scanned pictures. And you know how good my elementary school pictures look...

Jen West said...

i so had a dorothy hamil, too... and then i had the awkward grow it out year! hahahaha! memory monday is a super duper idea. i love it :)

Anonymous said...

First time visiting, but Memory Monday is a GREAT idea. The ruffled white shirt is better than the clothing I wore in 1979 - the horrible prints defy description!

c jane said...

Wow this was quite the post. Where do I begin?

I guess I will say this: you missed out by not marrying Chris Kilpatrick. As one who married a Chris Kendrick I can testify the CK boys make fabulous husbands. (Though I am sure you did just fine otherwise.)

And you are a sweet little swimmer there with your patriotic swimming suit. Little Miss Mesa Swimmer Winner.

Laraine Eddington said...

You have a fresh and breezy writing style. I love it.

Cookie Mama said...

Oh Memory Monday you did not disappoint! Um it would have been nice to know that you were a professional swimmer at age 6 before I had to lag waaaaay behind you all year on WW swim team! Super cute pics.

Your willpower is amazing! I am still sugar free but I would have probably hurled myself across the table to steal some sweet treats if I was at the Cheesecake Factory!

reasonably chubby said...

I love red hair! So, we definitely would have been BFF's if we would have been in second grade together. Look at you! You little swim star. I am so impressed. :)

Good job too staying off the sugar!

Crandell Fam said...

So fun! I'm with Dixie...have like NO memories of my elementary years. I think I'm going to have to do this little exercise just to try and remember my life! :)

Wendy said...

So I was thinking, man I really need to comment on Allyson's blog here, she has been making me so happy with her fun posts...then I thought what could I say that 20 other people haven't?! You have got a great memory.

I swear it was Dixie running around behind your swim picture, wearing floaty's and a diaper! I wrote this revelation about Dixie, decided I'd better look up to see if she had the same epiphany, yup sure did, see, turns out I can't make a comment not made by at least one of your 20 other fans!

Mel said...

First of all, that picture of you with your swimming trophies is amazing. I can totally see you as the competitive little swimmer. I agree, I might have to steal this idea for my blog.
As for the sugar fast...well I keep saying I need to do it. I have cut out sugar, except for the one chai per day. hahaha. There's not much sugar in that right?