Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little of This and That

Well People, It's Tuesday, which has apparently become my day for:

Can you guess who she is? (An actual MOVIE star people)   She's actually VERY nice, NOT "superbad".  And she's no "house bunny".  And if you must know, we actually housesat for her parents when she was younger.  I've slept in her bed (NOT with her in it of course). Jere did a show with her back in the day, and she's gone on to do VERY well for herself.  I'm telling you now, it is so wierd to open People magazine or Entertainment Weekly and read a feature on someone you KNOW as a friend, or a little girl, or whatever.

Now GET WITH ME and tell me who you think it is.

Last weeks WAS Jordin Sparks!

Alright, with that out of the way, we may move on to my OWN little celebrity in the making.  I'm telling you people, Maggie has a FUTURE in the song writing business.  The other morning as I was working on something, paying bills or whatever, she sat at the piano and came up with 5 1/2 NEW and "fabulous" songs.  As soon as I realized this was not a quick little sing and run I stoppped and pulled out an envelope and pen and started writing as fast as I could, so I would NEVER lose these total "gems". This was an extra special event, because she wasn't JUST sitting and singing at the piano.  No, she was giving a concert, replete with audience banter and stories to be told.  She would "explain" why this particular song was special, and share a little thought with me. Then, she would stand and do actions to her songs.  I'm not gonna lie, it was probably one of the most AWESOME moments YET to be a Mom.  I mean, you know, I complain A LOT about her and her super sassy mouth (which trust me, has only gotten worse) and her strong will.  She is exhausting and hard, but I'll be danged if she doesn't just take my breath away and make me laugh too.  Oh, before I forget....she now asks me before she says ANY word if it's a "bad word."  So this morning she asked me, "Mom is shoot a bad word?"  I said "no." And then she proceeded to walk around saying, "shoot, why did you do that?"  "SHOOT, I can't believe it."  She has repeatedly asked me if butt or crap are bad words too.  I told her that those depended on how they were used.  But each time she asks, and if I tell her it's NOT a bad word, she will then go around saying it as many times as she can.  Pretty funny.

Ok, without further ado...I give you the next songwriter/lyricist of the year......Maggie VP: (and people, FORGIVE me, but I don't have any clean dvd's to record on, nor my cam corder just at the ready, I apologize)

 Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel good.  Sometimes I don't feel goooooood.
(each time the melody line changed a bit, and vibrato was definitely attempted)

Get on the potty and wash your hands and wipe your bum, and wipe your butt.  And, if you like that....always go potty.  THERE!!!!

Upon finishing that song, she turned from the keyboard and said; "Mommy, this is a very special song, and I like what to sing it for you."

It's great for your body.  It's great for your body.  (I think she derailed here, 'cause this was all for this particular song, hence the 1/2 song)

Now, for two of my favorites.  They were sung with very specific actions, which included hands on the hips, hands upraised and out at her sides, arms moving with strong emphasis and sweeping out to the sides on all held out notes.

Belle is really great dancer (X3) (emphasis on dancer with that word held out with vibrato)
and she's a movie.  She's really great.  She's a movie.  Belle your an awesome dancer. Your a movie. And she starts with EEEEEEEEEEE.
(people, who does NOT recognize the lyric genius here? hahahahaha)

Cinderella you're awesome, you're a movie.  You're really great at dancing with a prince come true.  And I love you.

And that my friends concludes our lyrics class with Maggie VP.

When I tried to tell my Mom about it the next day, maggie caught me telling her.  She stopped me and said, "NO, it went like this."  And then proceeded to exactly replicate her "song" for my Mom.  Seriously?  That was awesome!

Alright, now some bidness responding to blog comments:

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for coming and reading my blog daily, and especially for writing me a comment.  I love blog stalkers, I love blog followers, I love you all.  However, you asked a very specific question, and I found it frustrating that I couldn't answer you in any other way than to write on my blog.  However...I shall answer, and then kindly ask you to just "reveal" yourself.  Or just write your name at the bottom of a comment.  I promise, I won't bite.

Anyway.....YES, the music theatre workshop performance IS open to the public.  In fact, anyone in AZ that would like to come see the show, please do.  We really do put on a GREAT performance, and the kids do a super job.  All i ask is, IF you come, PlEASE find me and say hello.

Friday June 25th at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday June 26th 2:00 and 6:30 p.m.
Mesa Community college Theatre Outback.  480-461-7170 for tickets. 



In other news, I'm sort of super dee duper excited because you wanna know who came and READ my blog and commented today?  None other than CJANE.  HELLO, blog royalty there.  I know, silly to be all excited about that, but I am, none the less.

The sugar free marches onward, and all is well.  Apparently my friend Andrea (hi Andrea) and Heather (hey girl) joined in the crew and are doing well.  I fear everyone else, besides my Mommy, Jenny D. and Jen C. have fallen by the wayside.  Ya big pansies!  haha I kid.  I KID!  Still love ya!  But, I shall persevere until the bitter end.

As clarification.....jam does not count as eating sugar.  Honey nut cheerios do NOT count as eating sugar.  This "sugar fast" includes, cake, cookies, doughnuts, ice cream, candy, chocolate.  Basically anything super overtly SUGAR.  Ok, now, are we all on the same page for the last week and 1/2 or what?  Sheesh!

Those of you who DON'T watch SYTYCD.....are you kidding me?  Get on it STAT!  You will be a happier you for doing it.  The end!

Dear Lana,

You can totally steal the memory Monday idea.  Goodness knows, you have some rockin fro hair to show off, and some hysterical life memories.  AND for the love, you have the most famous "friends" of all.   So, I'll totally come over with my AMAZING little red scanner and we'll just get your life scanned and ready to go.



Dear Sabrea,

Some of us FOLLOW the gym rules and do NOT have our phones with us, or in use whilst sweatin to the oldies.  Thankyouverymuch.  Duh!  But, even if I did, my phone is NOT so much for the picture taking.  But thank you for your two cents worth anyway.  : )

Therefore, and consequently, let it be known that there shall not be ANY pictures of crazy gym people. (Totes saw floral spandex lady at Walmart this morning).

Sweatily yours,


And finally, as my confession for the day....

I went to Walmart at 6:30 a.m. INSTEAD of going to the gym.  I know right?  What the hell?  Well, Max dumped my ENTIRE thing of powder out yesterday and I needed more before getting ready. And, we needed milk and cheesesticks (my kids LIVE for cheesesticks) and apparently I needed yogurt and fruitsnacks and cream cheese, and new cleaning rags and a new dish washer thing and various and sundry OTHER items.  Seriously, so crazy.  But, the biggest reason I had to go in the morning....'cause I got distracted last night and didn't go. Instead....

I spent the most FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, SOUL FILLER UPPY 2 hours sitting in my friend Jenees kitchen, chatting and laughing and enjoying time with her.  It was absolutely EVERYTHING I needed.  Thank you Jenee for being there, and giving me salsa (you could drink her delicious stuff) and pasta salad and potatoes and music to sing and genuine friendship.  You're the GREATEST!!!  I'm a lucky girl!

Alright, long enough already?!!!

Peace out (what max yells everytime we get in the car to leave) and pasta,



Kristina P. said...

Wow, I think Lady Gaga will be calling her very shortly.

And I actually have no idea who that celebrity is. Boo.

Jen West said...

Hahahahha! That was quite a novelette! I did enjoy it thoroghly, though. Great job on the sugar thing. I know that is really hard and you are really sticking with it. I love the songwriters at my house, too. They are the best! Congrats on the visit from royalty!

Melissa said...

I feel sad. I want more blog stalkers. Maybe I am too boring. I wish I had your whit, well I do, but I don't write about it. So now, my comments are just one in a million huh? Oh sad day!

A comment from Cjane? NOT FAIR! She is royalty!

My question though; somewhere along the lines I missed how your husband knows all these "famous" people?!

Melissa said...

Or maybe it is because I can't spell wit (witty shmitty, it's all the same)

the shoafs said...

i have no idea who the celebrity is, but in my defense, i've never seen "super bad " or "housebunny". please still love me!

your daughter is awesome :) we should let her an hannah get together and have a jam session. it would be a hoot and a half! some of the things that hannah sings about are stinkin' funny. i remember one of her songs from a year ago... "crack an egg on your head, let the yolk run down. cool breeze. (blow air here). hot breeze (blow air again)." chart topper, i tell ya!

also...you are one of the few bloggers whose novel posts i can actually make it through to the end for! and yeah...i know i'm mildly long-winded myself.... but some folks just aren't as enteraining as you on the long haul :)

Rocketgirl said...

If Maggie ISN'T a superstar I'll be shocked. How could she NOT be?? ANd duuuuude, CJane?? How cool are you?! Also.. (dang there's so much to cover in this post!) I have no idea who the celebrity is. I really wish I did, I need to read more gossip mags. They will make me less lame. Oh, and cheesesticks - that's one decent thing about living in ^%$#^%$ Wisconsin. Some guy in the ward works at a place where they make cheese and we get to buy fresh stuff from him whenever. Not bad. I still want to move ;)

LanaBanana said...

Thusfar I do believe that no one has posted the celebrity! Of course I know because Jere tells me 15 times/week that he is pals with miss Emma Stone. :) J/k

Maggie's songs are hilarious. LOVE THEM.

I am not shocked at all that you've become a blog to stalk and have celebrities comment on--you're a HOOT. :)

Mel said...

Maggie is brilliant! That picture of her is adorable.
So I decided I was going to watch SYTYCD this week because you love it so much, but alas my converter box broke. I guess it just isn't meant to be.

The Atomic Mom said...

To make you feel better, I will be getting back on the wagon after my birthday in July. I promise! :) I love Maggie's song too...always good to wipe your bum.

erin said...

EMMA STONE! i think that makes you guys celebrities as well.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

First off...you need to invest in a flip video camera. It will be totally worth it when she is sitting on Jimmy Fallon's couch talking about where it all started. (I say Jimmy because I hate Leno....but if that is her aspirations that is fine too, I guess)

I recognize the star but I did not know here name until I read the responses. You guys are too cool!

Lastly, getting to hang with you would ALMOST make me willing to move to Arizona. I just can't stand the heat.

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

So, after being without a computer for a month, I'm finally caught up on the life and times of the VP's of M-town. Love the stories, Hate the dresses with the drapy fronts, Laughed at the hair, I may have smiled inwardly at the antics of the Sassy-frass Miss Maggie. I knew who it was Matthew MOrrison, but was a bit late to get in on the guessing. Obviously NOT in the great AZ so wasn't able to join you for the night at the Biltmore :-(, ....I think you get the idea. So glad you keeep us all so well in the know.

The Bipolar Diva said...

What an awesome post! I wanted to tell you too that everytime I come to your blog and it loads your picture makes me smile! I love it!

Steph said...

The lyrics are too funny. Awesome. So, is your camcorder the kind that uses mini DVDs? We had one but it died, and it bugs me to no end that we have 2 brand new, in the wrapper DVDs left over for it. If you want them, they're yours!

Amelia said...

Hi there! I am following Cjane around like a puppy.

My five-year-old daughter makes up songs too & I love it. Here latest one is called, "I love the world."

Peace out.

Crandell Fam said...

Well aren't you almost like blog royalty? I'm glad I can say I'm your sister, and I'll always have that status. Maybe I can continue to ride on your coattails to fame. :) I noticed that cjane had commented, and I thought, wha?? Is that THE cjane? Apparently it is! Sweet! I wish I had the same wit as well. I just can't seem to come up with the topics/time/whatever to make my blogs happen. Oh well! Another great post by you!

Anonymous said...

I lover resident artists! They always put on the best, heart-felt shows! I've managed to sneak and type into journals the songs my sons have written! I love hearing them sing (right now I hear a lot of weird al's songs in harmony) - It sounds like you have a pretty exciting life with an exciting little girl! I suggest hidden cameras - my oldest swears I have them all over the house:)

citymouse said...

Phew! That was a mouthful! hehe...

Spending quality time with friends always trumps and "work", so don't feel guilty. (Besides, I cannot tell you how many times I have Hit the Wall before going to work. It's the only time you can find a parking spot!)

Your daughter cracks me up. I think it's awesome that she actually did a concert (and that she knew how to do it, complete with banter.)

Have a great weekend. Stopping by from SITS.

Life with Kaishon said...

Her song is adorable : ) and look how cute she is! A total super star!

jen said...

cjane, huh? Wow. Well, Chup was in my ward growing up. So there.
No pictures to prove it, however.
Ok. So you win. So what?

Babes about Town said...

Maggie is a born rock star. Her lyrics are right up there with Kurt Cobain's...and about a thousand times more upbeat. I could totally imagine her rendition so I didn't even need the live images, you did a fine job painting the scene.

My four-year-old loves to make up songs, many of them involving butts too. Want to set up a duet? Didn't think so. Thanks for this long, rambling and totally entertaining post. I grinned all the way through it.