Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doin That Thing I Do

I MAY have mentioned a time or TWO that I do a summer music theatre workshop at the local community college.  Well, this is my TENTH year of doing it, and the FIRST where I actually have some pictures to show.  Thanks to my sister Jenny for taking a few pics during last nights show.

I begin with a shot of the whole stage.  On top of my regular "director" duties of blocking and teaching certain songs, I also get the fabulous job of designing the lights for the show.  I'm so official, sitting in the back, headset on and barking orders at my AWESOME (no words to describe his genius and quick learning ways) nephew. Telling him what lights to use, and so forth.  We came up with a few beauts this year for sure.  I really do love this part of my job.  I have learned SO MUCH, just because my boss forced me into it.  I LOVE sitting up in the booth during the run of the show and laughing my head off with the kids that do spot and run the board.  We have a blast!  And perhaps we have an inside joke or 20.  YOUTUBE!

Maya, Tatum and Olivia (the three princesses)

There is actually a "littles" workshop that includes 1st thru 5th grade.  I don't actually do anything with that workshop.  However, my 3 nieces were in it, and it is always adorable.

Tatum in the center, she had a big solo to start the show.  She was rather adorable and funny up there.  You better believe she knew how to shake her booty.  Really, Olivia is the best "dancer" of the three, and she REALLY takes her "choreography" seriously.  But Tatum truly GETS the meaning of the words, and her face is hysterical in telling the story.  She is definitely her mothers expressive daughter.

Olivia takes the term "princess" to a whole new level.  She was adorable here starting out the song "gorgeous".  Like I said, she means business with her blocking.  I'm sorry to say I didn't get a good individual close up of Maya.  She is so cute too, if not a little "ditzy" up there.

This is MY workshop opening number.  All 80 kids up on stage.  Wish I had a better shot of their final pose.  But at least you get an idea of the look.

This is my small ensemble.  I did a number called "Flash, Bang, Wallop."  I did it YEARS ago at ASU in a review.  I hadn't really thought of it in years.  Then, on our trip to Vegas, I woke up out of a sound sleep, sat straighht up in the car and said..."I'm gonna do Flash Bang Wallop."  It is super cute, and was actually LOVED by the kids and audience.  That's always a relief.  I had Ryan as my co-director on this and he came up with some cute choreography in the chorus.

Wish i had a better pic of this.  I can honestly say I did this 1000% on my own, literally pulled this blocking/choreography outta my bum bum.  And, I'm actually really proud of how it turned out.  The audience loved it.  Special thanks to Dana for randomly throwing out a thought as a joke which inspired my whole number.

We always end the first act with an "inspirational" number.  This year it was Lean on Me, Glee version.  It is so amazing to me how much these kids can learn.  There is not only 3 part harmonies, sometimes 4 parts, with added extra parts, solos on top, etc.  This song was BEAUTIFUL.  Tyler came up with the idea to create a video of various news footage shots of different big/bad events that have happened in the last year or so, mixed with sound bites.  It was really powerful.


Three of my nephews were in this workshop (2 different nephews were in the last one).  They're 12 and 10 years old and really quite funny, if not a touch annoying at times.  One day when I was driving them to the school, the entire drive was nothing but Chuck Norris jokes coming from these guys.  I was like "seriously, chuck norris? the guy is like 100, HOW do you even know who he is?"  Didn't matter, they just told joke after joke after joke and they were really funny.  Never a dull moment,that is for sure.  Cooper truly LIVES for this workshop and his moment to shine.  That kid adds alllllll kinds of things to his performances, and usually, they're quite hilarious.

Carter in the blue hat on the left

Connor is the little plum over there

Two things about Connor.  My favorite thing is to watch him TRY to smile.  It just is not his natural inclination, and it's hysterical to watch.  But, he really loves it and comes alive at show time.  My other favorite thing is to watch him try to get choreography.  He is "awkward" at best, but so dang cute.  But you know what, he totally got it right by the end.  By the way, this song was set to Ain't Misbehavin and it was the most ADORABLE thing. Wish I had the word changes to share, 'cause it was genius.

Average, Simple, Mega Superstar

This is my all girls number.  They were awesome.  This is such a fun song, and I thank my gay boyfriend Stephen for this one.

All in all it was another successful year of singing, dancing and workshopping.  I am soooo grateful for the opportunity I have every summer to do this.  Not only for the way it makes me think and work, but for the opportunity to work with people I love, with wonderful kids, AND it's great money.  I mean c'mon, there HAS to be that too.  But, every time we're done, we just look back and say "wow" we did it.  And you know what, we put on a pretty freaking awesome show.  So, thanks all for a successful 2010 workshop.  Here's lookin at next year.

NOW, I get my one free month of the year.  I am super excited to spend my time cleaning my house, 'cause I seriously don't do it in June.  And to start cooking again.  AND, to take my kids swimming and playing with friends.  It's gonna be GREAT!!!

ALSO, I get to record a professional recording with the London Symphony Orchestra.  I'm just part of the chorus, but it's gonna be amazing.  It's called Lamb Of God, and I'll tell you more about it when it's all done.

Oh, and then there is THIS HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT:

I will be directing OLIVER at the college for their Fall show!  Yep, you read it, directing again.  I haven't done a show in 6 years, and I won't lie, I'm sort of freaking out.  BUT, it's gonna be so good for me, and I am excited too.  So, for any of you who live in AZ and have kids elementary age, let me know if you're interested in auditioning.

Things are gonna be BUSY this fall, between the show, private teaching, my kids and life..but, I think it's gonna be a really good thing for me.  NOW, if I could just figure out a babysitting situation, all would be well.


This morning our friend Sabrina stopped by for a visit.  She moved to UT two years ago.  BUT, she comes to town for 2 weeks every June to do the "littles" workshop.  She is fabulous and i miss having her around.  So, as she's leaving town tomorrow, I insisted that she come and say hello.  This is a pic of her two adorable kids Vincent and Lilly with my two adorable kids.  I love how Max looks like such a little old man, holding court.  It was so fun to have them here, to visit and get to see her kids.  And I will say....don't be jealous.....but Sabrina is the only other person besides me, and I guess my Mom to EVER have seen maggie do one of her famous songs.  Something about Brina is special, and my kids were just totally not afraid or shy.  THAT made me happy.

Ok, I'm officially sweating to death in the corner of my kitchen.  So, I'm outy.

Bet you're all excited for Memory Monday tomorrow huh?  It's gonna be epic.  4th and 6th grade were BIG years.

Workshops and exhaustion,



DianD said...

I'm, SOOOO excited that you'll be directing Oliver! I was afraid I would have to wait until next summer to see anyone's work (directing or performing) again!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the workshops -- regular and "littles" every year and this year was no exception! As Dad and I say again and again and again, "Somewhere in our youth or childhood, we must have done something [right] good!..." to have such awesome relatives who make our lives so fun and enjoyable! Cute pictures of yours and Sabrina's kids. So glad she comes back every year to do this. I think she is truly one of the most gifted correographers ever! And I never think of her but what I see her doing,
"Money,money,money..." Loved that performance. She's amazing, too. I bet she'll even be able to get Maggie to perform on stage one of these days! :) Here's hoping!

TJones2148 said...

So glad workshop went well this year! I was really bummed i didn't get to see it this year. i had planned on going this weekend and then the whole "girls weekend" came about. Anywho...SO EXCITED you are directing!! I will definitely be coming to see that. It is not a suprise that sabrina was the one to hear maggies musical talents...she's pretty talented herself. I remember her little boy being quite the soloist in his wee years!

jen said...

The Secret Garden last time, right?
I wish Ben had time to do this--but alas, football will be too time-consuming.
Time to rest now!

Dana said...

Great post.....almost made me think I should actually write something on my own blog. June is really a FAVORITE month and workshop holds a most tender place in my heart forever. So so so excited that you're directing again & will be around MCC with me too. Love it!!

Steph said...

Wow how exciting that you were a part of the workshop and will be directing again. It must be so rewarding! Great pictures of all those kids.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

LanaBanana said...

Tatum will be thrilled to have made your blog. :) Workshop is great, but always leaves me a bit lonesome for fun buddies. :) Glad you can have some free time now.

I love Vincent!! I miss hearing that little CD of his songs--cutest thing ever. And I love Sabrina too!!

Crandell Fam said...

Workshop is the greatest thing EVER and I love to boast and brag that not only are my (incredible...if annoying) children in it, but 2 of my sisters DIRECT it!! :) I'm pretty famous, if you must know. Even if it's just by association. The workshop was fab, and I truly love love love going to as many of them as I possibly can. Can't wait for Brooklyn to be part of it next year. Glad the pictures turned out, and if you could kindly send them to me, I'd like to do my own blog post about it!

Dixiechick said...

Cute pics. Livy does take her choreography quite seriously, it's true. She told me she thinks of herself as a "dancer", so there ya go.

Greg and Tammy said...

What a fun opportunity for you and the kids! Can't wait for Emma to get big already so she can participate! Hope you're still doing it then! :) And congrats on Oliver!! We'll have to see it!