Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's the little things really

Day TWO = SUCCESS!  Like, super, not a problem at all success!  Yay me!  Hope you ladies survived it all in one piece!

I was sitting here, totally avoiding thinking about workshop and blocking songs and finding new songs and assigning kids a place on stage, and just reading my blogs.  And I was pondering what it is that I could write about.  Really, did I have anything of worth to add to the blogosphere this night.

And you know what....I realized something...sometimes, just the simplest things bring the greatest joy, the happiest smile, peace.

As I walked out into the hallway at workshop this afternoon, there sat my friend Jenny D.  And as I passed she thrust her hand out toward me, and in it was a baggy of beautiful cherry tomatos.  She said, "I brought you these, homegrown from Brads garden. They're like candy, I'm telling you."  And since she's on the no sugar train with me, she KNOWS of whta she speaks.  So, I excitedly took them from her and went on  my way.  It wasn't  until a few minutes later that I realized I hadn't even said thank you.  How embarassing.  So, i stuck my head out the door and shouted a thanks.  And you wanna know something...those tomatos ARE like candy.  They are amazing and delicious and fabulous in every way (thanks Brad, you're a gardening genius).  This wasn't even my first gifting of tomatoes.  Just last week my sweet friend Mindy brought  us some gorgeous and delicious heirloom cherry tomatos and some fresh basil from HER garden.  I am so grateful for sweet and thoughtful friends.

Random bags of cherry tomatos = total joy.  It's the small things.

The uncontrollable giggles of my silly 2 year old over a rogue TOOT is music to my ears.  If I could be concise, I'd end it here; but I'm not concise and i have to share the story.
Last night I grabbed Maggie and scooped her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  Just as her bum was flush with my face she ripped a big ol' tooteroo.  I reacted with a squeel, and just the fact that she'd fluffed in myface set her into a fit of giggles like I've never seen.  She laughed so hard that she stopped making sound, for like EVER.  She couldn't breathe, and when she finally got a breath, she just kept laughing and laughing and LAUGHING.  I don't think I'll ever forget the pure hysteria that was on her face as it was all scrunched up in this fit of laughter.  She looked old to me at that moment. She looked PERFECT in her happiness.  And i couldn't stop laughing at her laughing, AND the fact that farts are always just funny.

Rogue toots in moms face creating hysterical laughter = perfection.  It's the little things.

My kids have slept until 7:00 that last 2 days, thus affording me my gym time with no worries.  Total bliss.  It's the small things.

Maggie let me do her hair today with absolutely NO fight, in exchange for a cookie.  Totally worth it.  Never mind that she ripped it out not long after.  At least I did it with no blood shed.  Small things.

Watching Max sing his version of Wheels on the Bus, or ABC's just totally melts my heart.  See, it's just the small things.

So tonight I'm thankful for sweet friends, sweet boys and sweet tooty bums.  Just the ltitle things that can bring me happiness.

Oh, and also BIG cheez its, 'cause they're super yummy.

Tomatoes and toots,



Aimee said...

I liked your post... It really is the small things that matter most.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Right on, sounds like your still on track! When you start feeling weak, get ya a tomato and a toot, and everything will be right!

reasonably chubby said...

Good job! Tomatoes, toots, and cheezits...I'm right there wit ya!

jen said...

Cheez-its. White cheddar. Tomatoes out of the garden.
This won't even be hard!
Hell-O. It's day three.
Yes it will.

Jere the Hottie said...

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$30 ticket = $15 ticket!

"It's the day of the show y'all!"

Kellie said...

Awww...another tender post. I see how you're making up for the sugar loss- by writing sweet posts. Just reading about you nixing the treats sends me to our cupboard over the fridge for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...mmmmmm. ;)

LambAround said...

For someone with nothing to write about, this was quite the nifty post. I could sure go for some of those cherry tomatoes! :)

Holly said...

Perfect sweet, ripe tomatoes are wonderful. My kids always giggle over rogue is cute when you are a kid!

Lizard said...

Yummmm!! I love tomatoes!! Lucky girl! And no sugar?! BRAVE woman!

Mel said...

I love tomatoes! I love giggle fits.
Rogue farts are almost always funny. and big Cheez its are fantastic! I don't know why, but they taste so much better to me than regular cheez its. I mean if regular is all that's available, I'll make do, but there's just something about those Big Cheez its, that is so hard to resist.

DianD said...

There is nothing better than home-grown tomatoes...sure wish we had a gardner in the family! Lucky you to have great friends to share! And the joy of kids! That's the sweetest treat of all! Thanks for sharing those with us! :)