Monday, May 31, 2010

Wrapping it Up, Awards and Upcoming Attractions

Okee dokee folkees, we've got a few topics to cover today, and then I'll be out to memorialize and attempt to have a life.
Ladies who seek to join me on the great Sugar Fast of June '10, buckle up.  Eat those m&m's, shovel in that sheet cake, for today is the end of the sugar train for at least a month.  I'm pleased as punch to have a "group" with me so we can be accountable, and in this together.  I'm even going to post WHO.YOU.ARE, so now all my minions will know.  Hey minions....feel free to just pop over to these ladies blogs and drop random comments in their comment secitions...things such as "Hey YOU, don't cheat."  Or "How's the sugar fast?"  Or "Yo tubby, drop that cookie STAT."  you know, something good and supportive.


Seriously This is a new "friend". FUN!
Bipolar Diva I LOVE her name!
Jen C
Natalie She's one of my fave new blogs.
Jenny D
Momscicle Vibe Another new "friend"

There you have it Seven brave and lovely souls willing to take this trip with me.  So ladies.......let the "fun" commence (TOMORROW).

In OTHER news...I've been awarded another blog award, which is totally so cool and fun and fabulous.  It's from my friend (and we must be friends, because I totally accepted her FB friend request) SARAH

Trendy, she called me TRENDY.

So now I must pass this award on to some others.  I shall keep it short, as I need to keep moving.

Bailee 'Cause this girl is NOTHING if not trendy.  I lurve her and her whit and greatness.

Kaitlyn Also one of my favorite people.

Random Pockets of Chaos Because she has become my favorite new blog find and e-mail friend. haha

A couple of kid stories and then I'll be on my way.

Yesterday Maggie came in all bugged and bothered, muttering something under her breath.  Upon closer hearing, I realized she was complaining about her hair. Which, as you'll all recall, she refuses to let me do.  I believe her exact words were "I'm sick of my hair.  It's making me crazy."  I asked her what she thought we should do.  She said:  "I want to cut it ALL off."  And she was serious y'all.  She even went and pulled the clippers out of my drawer and handed them to me.  Why her sudden disgust?  Because it keeps getting in her mouth.  HELLO, let me freaking pull it up and all would be well in the world.  But NO, she wants to shave it off.  I politely declined that option.

One of the Vegie Tales songs is called Sabu.  It's really funny and one of our favorites.  In it, someone asks "what's a Sabu anyway?"  To which the kids replies  "It's kinda like a cow."  So, we've been listening to it and we got Maggie to answer just like that every time we asked.  We thought that was so cute and funny.  "Hey maggie, what's a Sabu anyway?" "Itskindalikeacow."  Yay us, so cute.  So, the other morning I was changing Max's poopy diaper and I decided I'd just ask him what a Sabu was.  I didn't expect anything, but what I got was priceless.
Hey Max, what's a Sabu anyway?
And perfectly on cue he said...."LIKEaCOOOOOWW!"  Jere came running in from the other room and said "did he just say what I think he did?"  Yes, yes he did.  My perfect little smarty 18 month old knows that a SABU is LIKE a COW!  Ok fine, i know it was mostly only adorable and cute to us, but I  needed to document it.


Ok friends, I feel it only fair to fill you in on my new plan.  I have come to realize (sadly) lately that I have a very unhealthy addiction to facebook and blogger.  Like for reals, i can't go 5 minutes without logging on and checking my sites, or reading blogs, or commenting, or whatever.  So, in an effort to gain a little control, I'm putting myself on a self imposed hiatus, for at least a week.  I'm fairly sure I MAY die.  And I "totally" know that you will all die without me.  I will miss reading your blogs as much as I'll miss posting.  BUT, I need to figure out some balance, some moderation if you will,  and i need to clean my freaking house, and play with my kids AND there is always that giant elephant called workshop that needs my attention.  So,  please bare with me and try not to go through a WHOLE box of kleenex as you weep my absence.

However, on the upside, as you all may or may NOT know, I have recently acquired the worlds GREATEST scanner and I've been having WAY to much fun.  So, i've decided to start a new feature called Memory Monday.  I will be posting one picture, and trust me, I was a beaut, and a memory or 12 of that time in my life.  Dude, I was totally an 80's GIRL!  The hair, the clothes the memories.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I THINK you will.  Oh, and possibly a "name that celebrity" post here and there.  We've "met" quite a few along the way, and as I've been scanning, i've come across so many pics I'd forgotten about.

So, for you patience I shall leave you with a "sneak peek" picture, something to make you giggle.

I personally love that we have totally matching hair, mine is just bigger.  I had the bangs and the volume thing DOWN.

So, until next Monday I bid thee a fond adieu!

Oh dear,. i must run, Max has just discovered the knife block and is currently sporting a butcher knife.  AWESOME!

Blog addicts and sugar whores,



jen said...

I will willingly give up sugar, but I don't think I'm on board with the blog stuff. I too am addicted, but one addiction at a time!

jen said...

And maybe I'll just drop by and comment a million times on this post just to show you how much you're missing!


Rachel Cotterill said...

Good luck with the sugar-fast! :D

Natalie said...

Maybe we should keep the sugar and give up the might be easier ;)

Bay Brink said...

I am HONORED! Wow.

Except that I never quite consider myself trendy... in fact, I think I'm sometimes just the opposite. No rules, remember? :)

Bay Brink said...

Also, the link doesn't go to my blog... So... you should fix that...

the shoafs said...

AAHHHHHH!!!! For serious??? My internet's been broken and I JUST NOW read your post. My very first blog award? And from my fabulous "we share a name" new bloggy friend? Makes me forgive you for having a "y" and that extra "l" in ALISON! :) Okay...spazzed a bit....had to be done. Now I'll go read the remainder of your post.

The Urban Cowboy said...

DAY 1..."How's the sugar fast?"

The Atomic Mom said...

The thing is, I think we should have made it a guacamole fast. I'm eating way too much of that today. :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

Ok, last night I gave the kids my stash of M&Ms, malt balls and every other tempting item! Day one, success!

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

I love photos from the past, especially once involving shiny garb! I saw your tile over at TheAwwButMum...I think that's how I landed here anyway! ;)
(Another NZ mum)