Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Fat Stats

(do not even look for ONE moment at my ugly shoes right there.  What is it about peoples shoes? It's just gross to see them sitting around there.  My apologies.  Wait, why am I apologizing, you're just NOT s'posed to look.)

This guy.....I just love him.  He has an obsession with those flowers, and walks around the house carrying them and saying, over, and over, and over, and OVER  "Fowyer, FOWYER."  He and Maggie found some old costume hats the other day and this is how he came in to see me.  He has such a funny little sense of humor and trys to make me laugh.  And trust me, he makes me laugh.

Anyway, merely as a form of documenting my children and their growth and life, I am including this blog post. 'Cause you know, SOMEDAY I will actually print out the book, and it'll be great to remember just how big this kiddo was.  So, if you're bored to tears, it's ok, i get it.  Move on with life.  But, there is another picture and story coming.  Just sayin.

18 month (really 19) STATS:

Weight: 31.5 lbs. (a fatty fat 8 lb. gain in the last 9 months)  95%

Height: 35.8 inches 99%

Head: 20.1 inches 99%

Yep, he's BIG, TALL and SMART!  What can I say?

In other news.....having to take him to the doctor this morning was a real "treat."  Because I got to bring these hooligans along with us.

YEP!  So there we were, just ME, myself and FOUR kids traipsing into the doctors office.  I had Jayce with me 'cause his Mom had to go to her own Doctors appointment.  Thankfully, I'd been RATHER stern clear with them before we entered that they'd better behave or ELSE.  Or else what, I don't know, but you gotta make 'em scared right?  So I can honestly say, they did pretty dang good.  For the most part they all sat on that bench, there was minimal fighting over who was best friends with who and no crying.  Strike that, Max cried A LOT!  My kids have this ridiculous fear of the doctor.  So, the minute you strip down their clothes, the waterworks start.  No Doctor in sight, just screaming and bawling, for NO.GOOD.REASON.  I even gave max a sucker, to no avail.  And if you must know, the Doctor gave me a talkin to about that, "he doesn't like hard candy".  I didn't bother to mention that I've been giving Max dum dums since he was at least a year old.  They make him happy, and he gets them like a couple times a week.  So sue me.

Anyway, the torture was minimal, he was declared healthy and great.  And amidst his sobbery and tears, he was his ever polite self and said "THANK YOU" to the doctor before he left. Clothes were put on, stickers were procured, suckers were sucked and we were on our way.

Another successful Doctor visit under my belt.  Just wish I wasn't NINETY bucks poorer for that 5 minutes of time.

Tummy pokes and healthy kids,


Come to think of it, it's a wonder I don't have permanent residence in that place.  Max is currently sporting not one, but TWO new super awesome goose eggs on his head, and Maggie gave him a huge bloody nose this afternoon.  He seriously looks like he got beat up on the corner by the local bully.  Perhaps I'll just stay in this afternoon, lest anyone wants to call CPS on me.


reasonably chubby said...

What a sweetie pateetie! I love kids at that age...So precious! You were very brave taking all those little baby ducklings with you to the Dr. I'm very impressed, and support your decision in the 'dum dum' dept. :)

Mel said...

Seriously, he's bigger than O! He sure is cute. On one hand, I wish he could give Miss O a little bit of his growth, but on the other hand, she can STILL fit into her 18 month clothes. Whoever said they grow so fast, was obviously not talking about my kids. hahaha

oh and you deserve a medal for toting all those kids successfully to the doctor. Craziness

Crandell Fam said...

That picture is seriously adorable! Max with the binky and his little "look" is too much! You're amazing...4 kids. Yikes!

LadyCarma said...

Fascinating growth stats! I just have one question: how did the doctor measure Max's SMARTS?

Minky Moo said...

My Max is a chunky monkey too! Although he has started to thin out recently, and I am really missing those rolls. He is so adorable!

Wendy said...

I loved the stage of sun tan lines in the wrist fat roll. What a blessing to be so healthy. It is funny how it magically disappears between 18 months and 4 years old.

Way to go with dragging all the kids to the Dr. I love bringing all 3 of my boys, it is like a 3 ring circus.

For the record, our pediatrician still gives out dumb dumbs and our dentist hasn't noticed!

DianD said...

I tell ya we grows em big in this clan (except Dixie's brood... they got the "dainty" side). Healthy is best, so loved to hear that. Brave, brave lady to take them all, but since they love you so much, I'm sure they were well behaved. You and your magic touch (and occasional threats). :)

Jason and Kate said...

Cute pics! Wyatt starts screaming as soon as they say his name to go back. We are going tomorrow so I better go buy some suckers today. Oh, and we are bringing Elmo to see if that helps. You know....Elmo gets a checkup, Wyatt gets a checkup!