Sunday, May 23, 2010

Now THAT's What I'm Talkin About...

*****Make SURE to read and follow the link on the little post that says "Surprise" under this one.  Not only did Jenny D TOTALLY hack my account, but she made an entire post about me on her blog.  It's SO SWEET and totally made me cry.  You should check it out...I'm just sayin.*****

FINALLY a Sunday that was restful and peaceful and fun!  I needed that.  After like a million consecutive weeks of my writing Sunday night posts spewing hatred and whining of my plight, I am so happy to report on a day of delight.
Well, I may be overstating it a bit with the restful part.  Max woke up crying a couple of times around 5:00, but it wasn't like he REALLY wanted to be up.  But, it woke me up and got me out of bed.  I went back to bed, only to have Maggie toodle on in around 6:00.  She told me she needed to go potty.  To which I replied..."well, feel free to get on it then."  She did and then she hefted herself up onto our bed and snuggled right in between us.  She layed there and began to "talk" to herself and what not.  I put the kibosh on that, along with her kicking her Daddy's bum bum.  She laid there for awhile until it was time to demand Caillou.  So, we moved out to the couch where she watched Caillou and I floated between sleep and wake.  Tragically that dang Caillou is only a 1/2 hour long and it's DVR'd, so when it's over, I'm knocked awake with demands of Caillou AGAIN!  Eventually Max woke up and joined our PJ party.  I attempted to ignore them and sleep, they watched the show or created chaos in various forms.  Finally, I realized it was not gonna happen for me, so i got up and tried to make myself useful.

It was a very laid back morning...I cleaned up the kitchen, picked up the family room at LEAST 100 times, picked up their bedroom, went through the mountain stack of papers on the kitchen table, etc.  The kids played, Maggie and i vacuumed, the dog dug a tunnell out of the backyard, we got him baricaded back in, the kids played, I cleaned up the backyard, etc.

No church today 'cause they were dedicating the new Temple.  We couldn't go to said dedication 'cause we had two wee children, and well, it wouldn't have gone over well.  Which was fine, 'cause I enjoyed the laid back day.

At around 2:00 Maggie and I went over to Gramma Dars for a delightful time of visiting, eating bad things for me, singing and visiting. I'll just say here, you should all be sad that you don't have Gramma Dars house to go to.  It is always open, there is always good conversation, endless supplies of suckers and goodness, a wonderland of a house to explore and you leave happy. 

When we came back, it was to get Max, 'cause Jere was going with Julie to get her new laptop.  Oh, it's a lovely thing.  While they were away, we headed over to my parents house.  We really don't go over there very often, which is a shame really.  The day was GORGEOUS, it was cool and breezy.  Which, if you must know, 'tis NEVER cool, nor breezy in Arizona, in MAY.  Shoot, it's hardly ever cool period.

So, we drive up to the parentals, and imagine my was an apparent partay.  My bro and sis and their kids were there.  Tables were set up outside, games were being played.  Good thing I decided to stop by.

While the kids played dominos with gramma and then Mother May I on the front lawn (parents front lawn is the BEST for game playing.  It was always the neighborhood hangout growing up) my Dad, Sister and sis in law and I played Boggle.  Don't EVEN think that we don't take our Boggling seriously.  We have some mad skillz.

This pic was actually taken just to simply document the fact that there are blankets involved, IN MAY!  Seriously, it was downright chilly out there.  This picture was clearly taken BEFORE Owen got offended and proclaimed at the top of his lungs "I QUIT."

Here we are, Boggling away.  My Dad is a PRO player of all word games.  But, I dare say, I can beat him at this.  Though Lana gives us all a real run for our money.  Why yes, yes indeed, she DOES have a blanket around her shoulders.  I seriously had to finally quit playing because I was freezing.

Just enjoying a little mate. My Daddio went to Argentina on his mission.  He brought home a serious love for mate which is a wierd herbal drink.  I've never known a life without it.  It's delish.  Shutup Lana, you don't know what you're talking about.

It was SUCH a delightful evening.  The kids running and playing, laughing, fighting, screaming with excitement, just enjoying the outdoors.  It was even nicer to play games with my family, laugh and talk and kid.  We even got some delish taco salad out of the deal.  Ahhhhhhh,it was JUST what I needed.

We brought Brooklyn home with us (Jenny showed up on her way home from the hospital) to spend the night because Carter is STILL in the hospital after his apendectomy.  He's not getting much better and they are fearing an absess or something.  So, he'll be checked for that in the morning and we'll go from there.  Here's hoping he gets better and can get out.

I leave you with a shot of my favorite litle man.  Please note his outfit of awesomeness.  Jere dressed him, not I.  His comment was....."what, there are no rules."  And THAT is for you Bailee.

Cool breezes and family fun,


I add this MERELY for the fact of journaling life here at the VP's.  As I sit here in the kitchen, I'm listening to Jere and our friend Chris run lines for Jeres show.  He has to be completely off book by tomorrow night, and he's only had 2 rehearsals.  Let's just say, memorizing s NOT Jeres forte.  He's been known to be learning lines up until the very day of opening.  So, I love Chris ever so much for sitting on the couch and running lines with Jer.  Because, if you must know, I HATE running lines.  Thanks Chris Dane, you're the best.


Laraine Eddington said...

It was wonderful to read about your skills in teaching voice from Jen. Congratulations on being a great teacher, and on your lovely weekend.

The Atomic Mom said...

If there is one thing I love in this world, it is game playing at Chateau Shumway...seriously, some of my best games have been played there! :)

DianD said...

Such a fun afternoon/evening!Sorry Carter was still hospitalized so Jenny was there with him, and we thought Jamyn's Seminary graduation was @7:00 or we'd have had Dana and Adam over for games and taco salad, too. Thank goodness we get more visit times on Friday. And pool party time at Eric and Jody's. And I'm pretty sure people will be ready for the pool this weekend since it will be nearly 100 degrees by then. Crazy weather! Fun post! Now I'm going to check out the other one. :)

Bay Brink said...

There really are no rules. Really, there aren't! I'm glad I'm FINALLY rubbing off on you guys... Love you so very much.

Happy now? I commented. :)

Jason and Kate said...

Funny you posted about Max's outfit because just yesterday I had that problem. I thought that the outfit Jas put on Wyatt didn't match, but it kind of grew on me (and my sis said it looked good). Today I put on camo shorts and a blue shirt. It looks good! It takes some getting used to for my matchy patchy self. Here's to no rules for dressing boys.

jen said...

I'm a little rusty (ok a lot), but I used to pack a mean punch at Boggle. Just sayin'.

Dana said...

the only problems with those lovely pictures is that I AM MISSING!! Sadly after going from Baccalaureate straight to the dedication straight to seminary graduation....we just came home (me, Adam, & Jayce) and stared at eachother. Well, we might have stared at the Suns woopin up on the Lakers too. Glad it was a restful day for you---and for the record, Arizona rarely has such gorgeiousness ever!

Crystal Escobar said...

Hey sweetie, thank you for visiting my blog via sits. So nice to meet you. Lovely blog you have here. I love that you're a singer and and actress. So fun! I once wanted to be an actress, but decided that it may not be one of my talents :)
Anyway, I'm following you now, so I'll be back!

Pini Family said...

Oh allyson...
Seriously, never quit blogging. I totally LOVE you woman. Seriously!