Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sabbath = Day of rest = LIES from the pitt of Hell

3:30 a.m......I hear the door open and close, then my door is flung open with a loud creak and a thud.  Immediately I think "CRAP, she wet the bed."  UGH!  But no, that is not what she said. (I shoulda known better, because bed wetting = her standing in the middle of her bed screaming and crying that she's peed in bed).  Anyway, I'm up, she's whining and saying "Mommy, I need a band aid for my tummy, it's hurting."  So, I whisk her into the kitchen, pull out the princess bandaids.  I unwrap an Ariel band aid.  NOOOOOOO, that is NOT what she wanted.  She wants the one with all the princesses on it.  So, just as I'm going for that bandaid, she begins to whimper, cough a little and say "Mommy, I need to barf."  I grabbed her, put her over the sink and she proceeded to BARF!  Oh rapture and joy, here we go.  She finished up her puke, I put her down.  She reminded me of her need of a bandaid.  I applied the princesses.  She rubbed her belly, turned on her heel and walked back to bed.  "Hmmm, that was odd.  Maybe I got off easy."
All was quiet for about 15 minutes.  Then, there it was again, the door opened and shut, my door open.  "Mommy, I need to make poops."  So, I help her on the toilet, she doesn't do anything.  She gets off, and as she's putting on her panties, the moan, the cough, and she's barfing in my garbage can.

This little scene repeated itself literally, over and over until about 5:30.  Then, I got smart.  I layed a blanket on the floor for her, got her pillow and let her lay next to our bed.  She fell asleep, I JUST started to fall asleep when next thing I know, she's sitting up, awake and whimpering.  She had barfed ON the blanket, a little on her night night blanky and some on her jammies.  So, SCREW IT!  I'm up.  We head out to the kitchen.  I clean her up, wash off her blanket, because she would NOT allow me to take it from her.  She's crying, she's tired and feels yucky and nothing will make her stop.  Finally, she calms down.  She wants to watch Caillou (oh Caillou, how I love thee).  She watches, I read blogs, check facebook. 

It's now 7:30ish. Max wakes up, he's stinky and wet.  I get him changed, bring him out.  The kitchen smells like death.  I had accidently left out a pasta salad overnight. (sorry Mom)  There are dirty dishes in the sink.  I'm exhausted, and the kids are just doing whatever they want.  Maggie threw up a few more times.  Thankfully, she is a very quiet, almost silent barfer. And generally, she does her thing, then walks away, as if nothing has happened.  After some time, she says she's so hungry, and asks for fruit snacks.  I assure her that is probably not in her best interest.  So, I make her a piece of dry toast.

There is a knock at my's my landlord (whom we totally love and adore) asking about irrigation.  She needed to see in the backyard.  I had to let her into my house...and it looked like this.

Before I show you these pictures, just know, I am about to show a moment in my life that is NOT pretty.  Also, if you know me AT ALL, you know that I am rather fanatical about clutter and clean.  Sometimes, i really have to hold myself back and remind myself that kids need to play and making messes is ok.  These pictures just prove that I AM human, that my house does get like a pig hole, and I was just too freaking tired to care.  But still, wish Tina didn't have to see it like this.

Hurricane Max had blown through.  I literally looked up and just thought...what the hell happened here.

Maggie thought throwing a deck of cards all over would be fun.  And, my garbage seems to constantly be overflowing.  For the record, Jere has a serious Dilly Bar addiction.  Hence the empty box in the garbage.

Nasty pasta bowl and smell, full sink.  I HATE unloading the dishwasher.  HATE, LOATHE IT!  I would/do load all day long.  I like washing dishes, or loading a dishwasher. So, I put off the unloading.  I'm also pretty much the only one who ever does either, so, whatev.

Miss barfy pants herself.  Eating a little toast.

MEH!  That's what this is.  MEH!  I've been up since 3:30, I've witnessed a whole lot of barf.  I'm freaking tired and I just don't care. 

Except that's totally a lie. My OCD kicked in and I was like, yeah, this has got to change, NOW!  So, I stuck the kids in front of some Little Einsteins and went to work.

I don't know WHAT it is about Sundays, but they NEVER end up being restful for me. It's always the day that my kids decide to be sick. There is usually a mess from the night before for me to clean, and laundry piled up. So, NO REST for me!

Twenty minutes and a floor moppin later, I had this.  Awwwwww, MUCH better!  Now I could breathe and face my day.

Maggie seemed to get much better.  She kept the toast down.  After a shower, she was sure she was starving, so she asked for crackers.  I allowed it, and she seemed to keep that down.  Phew!  I figured we'd dodged a worser bullett.  So, just about time to get dressed for church.  She really wanted to go to church today .  Wouldn't you know it, up came the peanut butter crackers, all over her garbage can in her room.  Sooooo, I left the kids at home with jer and I went to church myself.

OF COURSE they slept the entire time I was gone.  It figures!

Jere was kind enough to let me lay down for awhile and attempt a nap.  Thanks for that babe!

Good news is, she has not thrown up anymore today.  She kept down what she WOULD eat.  Which, if you must know, was a cookie, some chips and another cookie.  When I tried to get her to eat anything good for her, she would reply "I can't eat, because I'm sick."  Little stinker.



This is how I caught the kids the other morning.  Just enjoying some together/outside time.  Our fabulous new block fence and gate is in!  We LURVE it so much!  We feel so private and safe.  Now, we're getting a new shed, which is the greatest thing EVER!  I'll show pics when the whole thing is complete.  Now, if I could just get them a fun backyard toyset.

In other, other news:  Maggie stayed dry at night for a week and a 1/2 and then had a mishap the other night.  But, since then, still waking up dry.  She is pretty serious about her potty.  She hates diapers and likes to earn prizes.  So, we're currently working toward a Princess and the Frog purse that she saw at TJ MAXX.  The bad news is, I'm sure it won't still be there.  Hope another purse will catch her fancy.

This week is going to be crazy, and I'm heading into total crazy time.  Tomorrow are workshop auditions.  Then I've got lessons on Tues. - Thursday.  My recital is Saturday night, and I have 2 funerals to attend on Saturday. Perhaps I'll talk about that in another post.  Tragic and rough times, for sure.

Barfalogs and Sunday sleeps,



The Bipolar Diva said...

Oh how I wish my house could be nice and clean like that. I looked around the other day and there was not one thing in the living room, dining room or kitchen that my husband nor I left out. And neither did any of the five kids sitting there. They know I can never be 100% sure who did what with so many of them. UGH!

I'm so sorry about your night. That totally sucks. I really hope that it's smooth sailing tonight!

sarah said...

wow is it weird that I felt exhausted after reading that?

Poor lil angel, glad she's feeling better, and its good that you atlease got to go to church, always makes me feel better!

Hang in there with your busy week!

Rocketgirl said...

1. I've learned they never puke just once.

2. It's so cute you think that's a mess. I could SO give you a run for your money!!

3. That's so interesting about Sunday being so messy and such a bother - you just made a lightbulb go off in my head. I thinks it's cuz we make Saturday our rest day and don't get the housework done like that song says. That makes so much sense... I'll try to clean this Saturday and let you know how it goes ;)

Natalie said...

I'm tired now. I feel for you, I really do. And I've had a bomb blow up in my house (aka Tater) and then someone drop by...not fun. Neither is a puking little one!
Hope you get back into the swing of things and have a good week!

LanaBanana said...

It's true. My house always sucks on Sunday mornings because Saturday is work day for me (and Porter doesn't always scrub all day while I'm gone :)) and when I get home I just want to lie around. or it's time to go to whatever Sat. evening commitment we have. Sunday morning dawns with a stinky house and yucky kitchen. I have started making it a goal to improve on that. I won't go to bed unless I've emptied the sink of dirty dishes and emptied the garbage of stink. It helps a ton!

Random barfing from Maggie. That is lame. Hope it doesn't hit up the rest of you.

jen said...

At least you got to go to church without wrestling two kids. Small solace, I know.

DianD said...

Sorry -- sooooo sorry that you are getting so little sleep lately with all Maggie's middle of the night barfs, wets, whatevers! I say you can handle life and anything it throws at you if you just have health -- yours and your kids! I have to wonder again, how DOES that women with 19 do it?!?!? Surely, SURELY she has kids who barf in the middle of the night, wet beds, have diarrhea, etc. and will ONLY let her take care of them. Sleep= sanity! Without it! Not so much! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Totally been there, done that!! I feel for you!

Visiting from SITS.

Melissa said...

muahahahahaa! so funny! I've had this happen so many times to my complete embarrassment. In fact, that's what my home looks like now.

I'm Perfect at not being able to do it all and I'm pretty happy with the title.

Saw your comment on Sits as I was munching on my son's alphabet cookies. I don't even know how they got in my mouth. I thought I was giving them to him...

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Stopping by from SITS! The comment you left cracked me up so I had to stop by--my son had the stomach flu for 7 days last month! It was terrible! I'm glad your little is feeling better! I'm a new follower! This was an awesome post--my kitchen looks the same way right now & I don't have sick kids to blame!

Ms. Understood said...

You cleaned up pretty good though. LOL at your little one knowing enough you cry sick when you offered anything but snack. Whoo, your post made me tired.

Ms. Understood from SITS.

Laraine Eddington said...

You pulled through one of those days. You are amazing.

Grace Adams said...

Ooohhh, what a horrible way to start a day. That happened to me once. My kid barfed so much we ended up in the ER. I feel your pain and am so glad she's better.

the shoafs said...

visiting from SITS.

i can relate to this post on so many levels. it's ALWAYS 3 am when the kiddie pukes occur. i, too, have to constantly remind myself that it's okay for the kids to play and make a mess. we are currently "squatting" in my husband's grandparent's old house next door to my in-laws, and do you THINK they pop by when the house is clean? nope. never happens. it's always right after some sort of disaster. and last...we have the same name :)

Lizzie said...

I feel your pain, lol
Stopped by from SITS, Happy Wed!

Christine said...

Big cheers to you for showing your kitchen. Many days after the birth of our five-month-old son did I think it would be interesting to see what other counters looked like. Ours was just like yours, and it often takes a few days for us to get determined enough to clean it. The good news is that I've kept it clean for two whole days now. It's my new thing. Clean kitchen, nothing else matters.

The Empress said...

Hello, Came through SITS>

So glad I did...this was adorable!

Love thepictures, and the before/afters.

Very very cute!

Pleasure to meet you, I'm your newest follower.

Living in Taradise said...

Oh my goodness! What a start to any day, much less a Sunday! At least you got through it and she stopped barfing!

Stopping by from SITS

April said...

Oh man! Stuff like this makes me scared to have kids-hahah. I can barely handle me and my husband right now! But, I know they are also a huge blessing. Stopping by from SITS! Hope you get some rest soon!

Laraine Eddington said...

Hey, I would be like to help you with some lyrics.

See Mom Smile said...

At least the first barf was in the sink...right? Those pics of the dirty floor are childs play my dear. I hate messes too but sometimes it's just easier to step over them and watch TV. Thanks again for finding my blog!

Anonymous said...

Visiting from SITS! Thanks for a good laugh. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Sunday is definitely NOT a day of rest. :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hello Allyson!

Greetings from Malaysia again! Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. You can read the aftermath of my whole day SITting episode at this link:

Thank you again and hope to see you back here sometime! :D

Warmest Regards,
Jenny aka I'm a full-time mummy

Btw, thank God you posted the after chaos pictures... I feel much calmer now after seeing all those mess cleared up! Good job! :)

Seriously... said...

i've been up since 4 with a sicky. so fun. somehow my husband can sleep through it all. it's 6:30 now and i'm trying to figure out if I have enough time to squeeze in a nap before the big kids get up at 7. it's probably not worth it....

postmommy said...

I can handle just about anything from my kids, but when they start throwing up, I'm tempted to run as far away as quickly as possible. Stomach bugs are the WORST. And they always manage to start in the middle of the night, don't they?!

Stopped over from SITS :)

Fire Wife Katie said...

Poor kiddo, I hope she's feeling much better by now. And, honestly, it's nice to see that someone else's house looks like that sometimes! ;)

I really appreciate the days when I get to go to church by myself. It's nice to occasionally actually hear what the speakers are saying!

Melinda said...

what a day. Hopefully she feels better and all the sickies are out!
stoppin by from SITS

Wendy said...

I struggle to Rest on Sunday too. If I am going to sit home, why sit around on Saturday doing laundry when you will be at home Sunday anyway?! I am impressed by what you can do in 20 minutes! Maggie is very talented to puke in cans, God Bless her!!

Melissa (@adventuroo) said...

Yikes--- what a DAY!!! I'm impressed you could get the house so clean after all that!

Love seeing glimpses of your yard-- I lived in Phoenix for 5 years and miss it!