Sunday, May 23, 2010


Allyson gave me the password to her account once to help her solve a small problem.   But I remembered it, and I've hacked in here today to link you to my blog.  It's all a tribute to her and what a great voice teacher and friend she is.  So click here and read about how much we love her!

Forgive me for hacking in here, Allyson!



Allyson & Jere said...

Not only am I a blog hacker, I get to leave the first comment.
It's all true, you know.
And I hope you got the gift we left you. The little boys were not going to make it one more minute at the recital. Hope you don't have that book. I'm sure we've lost or ruined more than one!
And Ben did great, aside from forgetting the words. Wasn't dancing with Evie funny? My idea. Just sayin'.

jen said...

And here I am still logged into your account. Sorry. It's me.

The Atomic Mom said...

That was so sweet. :)

sarah said...

awwww that was so awesome!