Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mental Cramps

So, I've totally had bloggers block all week.  And now that I have approximately 15 minutes before I have to leave and pick up Brooklyn from school, and I'm attempting to throw down a post.  I don't konw why i feel so compelled to do so, but I do, so just bare with.

Rita at Fighting off Frumpy just did a bullett point list of random, and as I read it, I thought...yep, that's what I need to do.   Because after all, this is my blog, and my remembery. Seriously, I go back and read things i wrote even a month ago and I can't remember it at all.  Phew, good thing I'm keeping this here blog.

  • A few months ago jere got a very random e-mail stating that "congratulations Christopher you've been awarded a scholarship."  As his name is clearly NOT Christopher, he did the nice thing and e-mailed them back explaining the mishap.  He also called them and spoke to someone, explaining the mix up.  Well, due to his good deed, he was then awarded his own scholarship.  Truly, just for calling and telling them that, they decided to award him 300 bones.  It was AWESOME!  With his "windfall" he was able to get himself a little Acer notebook for school.  BEST.PURCHASE.EVER!
  • Fairly sure that Maggie's goal in life is to send me to the freaking nutt house.  Starting at 1:30 this morning she came in 'cause she needed to pee.  THIS was a good thing.  However, the next 5 hours after that, NOT.SO.GOOD!  She would bawl adn cry because her pants were inside out, I didn't turn them right.  She wan't happy with her current panties.  She lost her sippy, she didn't want her sippy, i didn't fill it up enough, it wasn't cold enough, she needed to poop. WHATEVER!  All i know is, she was in and out, in and out, up and down for FIVE HOURS!  Five hours that I'll never get back.  I was seriously so beside myself I was bawling myself at one point.  WHAT is this about?  Somehow, Brooklyn and Max slept through it all.
  • My nephews appendix burst yesterday, 'causing him to get an emergency appendectomy.  So, Brooklyn is staying with us for a few days.  I feel so bad for my sis, as she's a school teacher and this is the almost last week of school.  And bummer for Carter, 'cause ewww, surgery sucks!  DUMB hospital waited too long to operate, so now he has infection and seepage, so he has to stay or 5 days in the hospital.  WHATEVER!
  • I'm singing Amazing Grace at a funeral on Saturday.  The last time I sang it was at my Grandpas funeral,  I cried.  I HATE crying and singing, therefore I generally don't do it.  I'm hoping to hold it together for this one.
  • Jere got offered a lead part in "comedy of Errors" with a big Shakespeare company here in the Valley.  It's so exciting and such a huge blessing.  GOOD money for only 2 weekends of work really.  He's FREAKING out having to learn the lines in no time at all.  I'm happy for him to get a chance to perform again.
  • Jere got all A's and B's in school this semester.  Hal-a-freakin-luia!!!
  • The winners of AMAZING RACE was the HUGEST let down.  I HATED that stupid brother team.  BRO.  So sad the adorable cowboys didn't win it all.
  • I stopped watching American Idol weeks ago.  LAMEST season EVER!
  • Biggest Loser makes me happy!  And Mike is NOT gay!  The end!
  • Can NOT wait for SYTYCD to start.  Who else is wetting their panties with excitement?
  • We got a new shed.....I've been on the verge of tears for days.  It's beautiful, BUT we lost a good 3 feet of space.  Do you ave ANY idea how much space that is? 
  • Man we have a LOT of crap!!!
  • Maggies barfing was over by 1:00 Sunday afternoon.  Max is a trooper and never got it.
  • However, I called and made a well check appointment for him, which apparently is like kryptonite, because he immediately started sporting a runny nose.  And today....diarhea.  SO AWESOME!
  • Something is seriously wrong with my left eye.  Like I want to pluck it out of my head wrong.  Like someone get me a wire brush stat so i can scratch the CRAP out of my eye. This means..a freaking eye appointment and more money spent!  UGH!
  • This is my last week of lessons for the year.  HOORAY!   Love my kids, but always ready for the break.
  • Some not so fun health news in my family this week.  I will inform on that later.  Just pray for the best around here.
  • Bought an Oreck vacuum for a good deal. Totally having buyers remorse because I can NOT ever handle expensive purchases.  They give me hives.  So, I'm pondering taking it back.

And that will have to do for now.  I'm off like a herd of turtles to get Brooklyn.  Then a full night of teaching, THEN a meeting.  LONG day today.

Peace in the ghetto,



Natalie said...

Hi! Glad that you posted's like a recap of your life!

I wish I could sing...people ask me not to sing happy birthday, yeah, it's that bad!

And see what a cool thing karma is?! Since Jere was honest and nice enough to let them know, it came back to him full circle! Love that!

Rocketgirl said...

Holy snap, you have just about everything going on!! So sorry about all the kiddo and health problems - I hate those cuz I can't control them. And I do NOT deal with no control well. Funny thing, we had no mop or decent vacuum for our kitchen, so I got the Swiffer vacuum thing and I just adore it. But paying $40 just about gave me hives! I so feel you. Also, I've cried playing at funerals too so dang tough. Good luck!!

jen said...

That funeral is going to be tough. Good luck on that. And Tucker's decided to sing "This Is the Moment." He couldn't find the other music, blah blah blah. Any last-minute ideas and help for him?

the shoafs said...

random bit o'info are some of my favorite posts :)

and how's THIS for kryptonite: all three of my kiddos have been the picture of health for about 3 weeks now. not even a stray sniffle. tomorrow is my daughter's birthday party. she woke up this morning coughing and sniffling, my son's nose looked like it would take a miner with some c4 explosives to tunnel through the gunk, and my youngest daughter woke up with one eye sealed shut with what can only be termed as "matter". fabu. just peachy keen.

Anonymous said...

Lovely chronicle of "things I was doing" I like the idea of the list as well, for those days when there just isn't enough for a whole post, there are always several little things you can add!
Stopping by from SITS - Happy Friday!

Dana said...

So I have a good arrangement of Amazing Grace (that I didnt have before Grandpas funeral). Let me know if you want it. And....Jacob is singing This Is The Moment. Guess our only two boys on the program will sing senior twin songs.'s fine.

Jason and Kate said...

I saw the commercial for SYTYCD today at the gym. I am MORE excited than you are for it to start. Less than a week! Let the countdown begin.

Krystal Trapnell said...

I, too, was disappointed by The Amazing Race finale. And it wasn't even close. LOVED those cowboys! And someday, when I win the whole thing, cheer for me.

Susan said...

If you don't have a good vacuum already keep the oreck and go down to the oreck store and by a few years worth of maintence. It doesn't cost much and it makes you feel like you have a new vacuum everytime. Stop worrying-you are allowed a good vacuum. It's gotta be a rule written down some where.

DianD said...

So glad you got an Oreck! I've loved mine and it's getting pretty old. It still works great!

Like your list post. So fun to learn about your life this way. Sorry you're so "shamed" by Wall-Mart shopping. There are just some things that are worth going there for... not everything, though, so there you go... You're still spreading your "wealth" around. :) People watching...definitely a show every time... sometimes (read most times) more than you even wanted to see. Where do they come from?!?!?