Thursday, May 13, 2010

So This is Love

18 Months ALREADY?

It's hard to believe that this handsome little "man" came to live with us 18 months ago.  Where has the time gone?  And seriously, what is NOT to love about that little stinkpot face?

Dear Max,

You came to live with our little family on 10-20-2008....Welcome to the world little 8 lb. man.  You came out perfect in every way.  You even slept through the entire first night.  Your mama thanked you.

Being my sweetness at 1 week.                           Workin the church look at 2 months
I was so unsure how I would react to a little boy. But, you grabbed my heart from that first moment, and you've never let go.  You are my sunshine every day!
You have been very tolerant of your sissy from the start.  She likes to sit on, lay on, squish, pinch, "love" her little brother.  Now, you're nearly as big as her, so you can hold your own.

When you were 5 months you got to "play" the part of Baby Jesus at the Easter Pageant.  You did NOT enjoy your 5 minutes of "fame" every night and would scream your gutts out on stage.  In your defense, I usually woke you up to go, AND, it was cold, AND you are a total Mamas boy.

You have LOVED to eat from the start.  There has not ever really been anything that you didn't, or wouldn't eat.  You especially love pizza, cheese sticks, fruit snacks, apple juice and grapes.  At 18 months you weigh 31 lbs. and look like a linebacker. Oh, and you feel like  a linebacker, it's definitely getting harder to lug you around.  Good thing you're so mobile.

You have a real skill for getting yourself into trouble, and tight squeezes.  When you want something, you will go for it, no matter the cost or consequence.  No, means absolutely nothing to you.  In fact, you think it's "Cute" and usually just smile at me when i say it.

Here, you're "paying" for one of your explorations.  You fell between the table and the wall while trying to get something you wanted.
You really love to play the piano and ask everyday to play on it.

You were a champion commando crawler and ruined many an outfit scooting your way through the world.  You walked right at one year and have never looked back.  I can't let you out front because you will RACE to the street, lauhing all the way.  It's actually hard for me to catch you sometimes.

You are FEARLESS!  You LOVE to play in the dogwater outside and then roll around in it, or blow bubbles on the concrete.  You will climb anything and go down anything as well.  Unfortunately, your fearlessness has led to quite a few of these:

You have had more black eyes than i can count.  More split skin, split lips, bruises, scratches, scrapes, etc.  Maggie never suffered these issues, in al her dainty princess ways.  You have certainly given us some scares.  But mostly, you're just busy proving you are ALL BOY!

Except for when you're in touch with your feminine side.  You LOVE sissys flowers and Mommies shoes.  You insist on putting the flowers in your hair any time you see one.

Your first 9 months of life were spent with chronic ear infections.  Luckily, you are one tough cookie and never complained of the problem.  At 9 months you got tubes put in your ears and were a real champ.  You've had yucky deep coughs a few times and we had to use breathing treatments to get you through.  But overall, you're a pretty healthy kid.

At 6 months I was pretty sure the GerberBaby had moved into our house.  You are blessed with the most perfectly round head and big blue eyes.  Your happy smiles and silly faces keep us laughing.

Everyone says you look JUST like your Daddy.  Which, you really do, just blonder.  We're thankful, 'cause he's pretty cute himself.

When we moved you to your crib, it was a pretty tough transition for awhile.  You kept getting your legs stuck in the slats, almost nightly.  You're much better now and sleeping completely through the night with no intertuptions.

We moved into our new neighborhood when you were 9 months old.  You have LOVED it here as much as us.  Meeting the neighbors, going on walks, going to carnivals, trick or treating, etc.  You're popular for your cuteness, though you generally won't let anyone else hold you.  BOO on that!

For your first birthday Gramma Peg and Aunt Julie got you party stuff in a fireman theme.  We had a little party in the backyard with all our family.  Gramma made you a big, delicious chocolate cake, and you loved it.  You were spoiled by all your Aunts,Uncles, Grandparents and cousins.

You LOVE gwasses, frucks, cars, BALLS, playing with your sissy, kissing her baby dolls, giving kisses, throwing anything, running, swinging, climbing, shopping, pushing the water dispenser til there is a flood, reading, JUMPING, driving anything, spinning, and talking.  Man oh man can you talk.  You have a very large vocabulary and can pretty much tell me anything.

The picture on your left explains your relationship.  Maggie is always trying to be your "mommy" and you don't appreciate it.  You are busy and independent.  But mostly ADORABLE!  You always try to play along with what Sissy is doing.  Even in the car, you chime in on the "car game" we play.  Telling us proudly "I GOT IT."

At church, though you ar rather LOUD and speak your mind, at least people know you are polite.  You will say thank you for everything, even in the midst of crying.  You ask please when you want something, and NEVER fail to say thank you.  If anyone every burps, toots or sneezes, we can count on a big "bwess you" or "scuse you" from you.  And, you'll even say "scuse me" when you make burps.  You also have no time for prayers.  Once a prayer is started, you immediately start yelling at full voice, AMEN, AMEN!

Whenever you see a camera you immediately start repeating "Smile" or "Cheeese".  You are my good little poser, and then love to look at yourself in the pictures.  You recognize everyone and will tell me who they are in pictures.

When you want something, you WANT it.  You will cry or use your intensely piercing scream until you get it, or we figure out what it is you need.

You LOVE brushing your teeth, though I am not so good at doing it all the time.

You still take naps every day, though we're mostly down to one nap in the afternoon.

I can ask you to do things for me and you understand how to go and do them.  You are a good helper and like to "sing" the clean up song when it comes time to pick up the toys.  You can also sing parts of wheels on the bus, with actions, I Love to See the Temple and Child of God.  You will also fold your arms for prayer, MUCH better than your sister can say for herself.

Mostly sweet boy, we are so greatful EVERY DAY that you chose to come live with us.  Thank you for being sweet, happy, beautiful, smart, funny, strong, mischevious, busy, loving, strong willed and WONDERFUL in every way!
Can't wait to see what the next 18 months brings us.

Love with ALL my heart,



Ronnica said...

Love the picture of your daughter laying on your

The Coolest Allen Family said...

Sweet, sweet baby boy.

jen said...

There is just something about boys and their mommies. You can't explain it till you have one. And when you do, it is wonderful.
Except for the random calls from CPS wondering if you beat your child--second black eye in a month, huh? Can you please explain?
Yeah. He's a boy.

The Driggs said...

So so so cute! I love this post, and one day he will too! I love the pics of him getting stuck in nooks and crannies. And I love that he already has the musical genes! But seriously, dog water? Bleh!!! I love it! He's adorable!

DianD said...

Sweet little MR. Max! What a walk down memory lane. Amazing all that happens in 18 months. Before you turn around 18 years will have slipped by and you'll wonder what the next 18 years will bring! :) Thanks for sharing... You're doing a good job mothering and documenting and I love both things. :)

Brandon and Brittani Romney said...

what a sweetheart!!

Steph said...

Cute cute cute. 31 pounds? My kids don't weight that till they're like 4! Ha ha. Trying to get back into boy mode myself, after 2 girls. Glad to hear all the fun stuff about baby boys again. :)

Wendy said...

He is yummy delicious!! What a sweet boy.