Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Bathroom "makeover" with no paint and even less money.

So, after 9 months of living with my little guest bathroom looking like this:

Blah, boring, bland, blah-zay, vanilla....UGLY. I decided to do something about it.  But, let me first say this.  I do NOT paint bathrooms, because there are all kinds of cracks and crevices and difficult things to paint around, AND, that grosses me out.  Doesn't matter how clean you are, behind the toilet is just the scariest, most disgusting place in the world.  No, don't try and change my mind, it just IS!  So, when we moved in, I just chose to ignore the bathrooms, 'cause they were gonna have to be fine.

For whatever reason, the other day  whilst perusing the merchandise at IKEA I got a super wild hair up my metaphorical A** and decided it was time for a change-a-roo.  I spied a black, round bath mat, and a black garbage can and decided I'd do black with some splash of color.  I had NO plan, no idea where I was going with this.

Just so uninspiring, all the way around.  As is my photography on this project.  Seriously though, how DO those home shows get such great pictures or camera angles in those spaces that are the size of a shoebox?  'Cause I could NOT get an angle in my teeny tiny little bathroom.

On Monday I went to Target and some little pails caught my eye, and an idea began to form.  Then we mosied over to HomeGoods (oh Homegoods how i heart thee, with a giant sparkling llike diamonds heart).  After searching around I found a frame and some candels and this:

I know right? What does THAT have to do with anything?  But, I saw it and thought it would look good hanging on the wall, except it totally needed to be black!  So, after a stop at Costco, I shlepped all three kids into ONE MORE STORE.  We ran into Home Depot for some spray paint.
Got the kids home and in bed and started my little project.  Sorry, totally forgot to take pictures of the "in process" project.  But,  in the end, it looked more like this:

Totally impossible to see.  Just trust me, it looks much better now.

Then, after another run to Target this afternoon for the rest of the "pull together" I think I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Let it be known, I have spent less than a HUNDRED dollars to do this.

So, here is my finished product, well almost.  After looking at it, my friend Jenny (the one with more followers than me, hee hee) said that I should paint the mirror to match which is just brilliant.

Aren't the colors fabulous?  There is so much pop going on.  That makes me happy.  The candles and frame and tray on wall are from HomeGoods.  The little pail and magazine holder are from Targets dollar bin.  Towells and shower curtain also from Target.

I love this shower curtain, especially because it only cost me 10 bucks.  SWEET!

Little pails from Target dollar spot.  Please note mirror...which, in my defense I had nothing to do with.  It was in the house when we got here, and we rent, so what ya gonna do?  Anyway, I'm gonna paint it, and then when we move, I'll paint it black, and it'll look grand.  Meantime....you all need to vote.  What color should I paint it?

Hot Green or
Hot Blue. 

Do let me know.  Because Jenny is right, that side o' the room needs a pop of color, and it'll pull it all together.

Parting shot of my itsy bitsy space.  I really do enjoy the fun bright colors.  I think it works well as the kids bathroom, but also as the guest space.  No comments on the downright hideous linoleum going on there.  Again, I had no control.

So, there you have it.  I hope it is as fun as I think.  But, if it's not, just play nice and tell me it is.  My emotions are fragile today.

That said...I MUST go to bed, 'cause I'm riding the tri course in the morning.  Wish me luck, 'cause I'm gonna NEED it!

Lime green and jello pops,



LanaBanana said...

Call me kooky, but I would actually vote for painting it black now. I think that you have those great accent colors all around, but I'd almost totally forgotten that the bathmat and trash bin were black until I looked a second time. I think you could bring more of that out by having the mirror frame be black and not competing. But that's just me... And I'm going by the limited views I have, you know. Otherwise I'd go with blue maybe? :)

LanaBanana said...

P.S., it's really really cute and fun in there!

jen said...

Lana may be right. But if I chose, it would be green to balance the shower curtain.

The Atomic Mom said...

I love those shades of blue and green together...so loverly. You sweetie are La Decaratour FantasiC! (said with proper Frenchy, French inflection). And I wholly agree with you on the whole behind the toilet thing. However, I did get brave and cleaned out behind ours yesterday. Thank goodness for rubber gloves and paper towels! Just throw it all away baby! Now, can I hire you to come and decorate my house?

Jenn C. said...

It looks so good! Do your talents ever end? We are moving soon so I will hire you to come over and give me some tips!

Ryan and Lori Jones said...

Dont you just love cute cheap stuff I am obsessed with the Target dollar section. Good job on your cute bathroom!

erin said...

love the bright colors! i want to decorate so bad...

DianD said...

I vote black, too. The colors will probably reflect in the mirror so a black frame would tie the bathmat and cam together. Someday you'll have to realize that anyone who can change a poopey diaper and wash her hands can put gloves on, clean behind the toilet, throw them away, wash her hands and feel oohhhh so good knowing it is clean, disinfected, etc. Backa to the bathroom, it kind of carries the blue/green theme from the kids' room over. Cute.

Cookie Mama said...

Count my vote as black too, but I'll tell you whatever color you want me to if you come and spiff up my bathroom. Love what you've done so far, super cute! I do have to say that I spent more time than I care to admit to trying to figure out what's on the toilet lid. Whatever it is it's cute and matches perfectly.

You might just have a new profession on your hands here lady. My bathroom has been white for almost 6 years, just can't paint it but now I want to go to Target & IKEA to see what's waiting there for my bathroom.

Greg and Tammy said...

My vote is green to balance the shower curtain.

Cookie Mama said...

Um okay I read your post. I need to finish my homework but I can't stop obsessing about the blue box on the toilet lid.

Now that I know it holds magazines I need to come over in my hazmat suit and throw them away for you. I wouldn't be worried about the germs behind the toilet anymore. I'd be worried about the germs on those magazines. Regardless, I do feel better now that I don't have keep trying to guess what the cute box is. :)

Holly said...

Bright colors in a bathroom make it feel fresh and clean and bright...nice job!

sarah said...

it's amazing what just a little splashof color can do! Looks great! Oh, and good luck!