Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A challenge I just CAN'T get behind!

The other night we had a lovely opportunity to go out with some friends for a "birthday" celebration.  We were celebrating Jasons big day.

Frankly, that is not the best pic of Jason, but it's so adorable of his cute wife Jeanie.  Just look at how she's looking at him.  I love it.

But I digress.  So, it was decided that we'd all go to Toby Kieths for dinner.  Ummmm, who knew.  Arizona peeps, this place is HOPPIN, and the food is really quite tastey.  Learn something new everyday.

Ok, there is a party of 10, and they proceed to put us at the worlds most RETARDED table.

See, there is everyone...Craig, Kat, Jeanie, Jason, Chris and Angelee.  Hmmmm, where are jere and Al you ask?  We are literally in our own Siberia.  See that space next to Craig, that is a 40 ft. long gap between he and I, because that is the ledge of the booth we're in, so no chair could go there.  No really, it was ridiculous.  We were yelling at them all night to be heard, and using ear amplifiers to HEAR them. 

Dear Toby Kieths:

Large parties happen.  Please plan accordingly and make tables that actally ENCOURAGE conversation for ALL.

I thank you.

Conversationally challeneged,

I'm making a sad face for the fact that we were our own little island.  And Yes, i took the picture myself Kat, 'cause I do that sort of thing. hahahaha  But how adorable does Jere look?  I venture to say, DAMN adorable.

ANY-WAY....Toby Kieths has this challenge.  It is a redonkulous and disturbing challenge at best.  You eat 100 oz. of food and you get a $15.00 gift card.  Frankly, a $15.00 giftcard is so not worth even completing a 40 oz. challenge.  Fifteen MEASELY dollars, puhlease!  However, Jason was intrigued enough and apparently in all his SKINNY bummedness he can pack away the food.  I hate people like that, for the record.  So, he ponied up the THIRTY DOLLARS for the meal and we waited expectantly for it to arrive.

I'm not sure you're even prepared to witness what appeared at our table. No really, it was food at disturbig levels.

I give you.....

Oh hey Jason, what's up?

32, that is THIRTY TWO oz. of beef made into the worlds largest and most vomit inducing hamburger.
A bun the size of a large dinner plate
An entire head of lettuce and probably 2 whole tomatos to garnish.
A PILE of pickles, like easily 8 pickles
And a TON o' frys.

To win the challenge you and you alone must eat every single last bite of food on that plate.  Already we had a problem, Jason hates pickles.  BUT, he's a fighter and he was gonna go for it.

Are you grasping the nasty yet?  That is only HALF of mammoth burger.  His mouth had to unhinge to even take a bite.  But, he tried, he really tried.  He ate that one whole half, a couple of the pickles and some frys.  But in the end, the challenge was too much.  Thank goodness, because I'm fairly sure if anyone EVER finished it (which no one has) they would need to have medical personell on the premises to pump their exploding stomachs or drill through their grease clogged arteries.  It's not right I tell you, NOT RIGHT!

However, after surviving that much and a crappy waiter, we retreated to kat and Craigs for our second annual porch party.  What's that?  Well, that's just where we sit on chairs on their cute porch unil all hours of the morning talking and laughing and laughing and being rockus.  It was super fun.  Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood lately?

In other random and unrelated news....church at 1:00 SUCKS!  Here is why...putting kids down for their afternoon nap at 4:15 is NO BUENO!  The kidlets didn't wake up until 6:40 p.m.  This is especially tragic since normal bedtime is 7:30.  Needless to say we went and visited our favorite landlord family and let the kids play until 9:00.  Then, we came home and put them to bed.  BUT, they didn't think bed was a necessity.  Maggie was especially angry about her pajamas and some imagined slight they were giving her, so there was much screaming and hysterics behind her door.  They then talked, played, laughed, sang, whatever until ELEVEN.THIRTY.  Note to self, NO naps on Sunday.

Monday morning Maggie came meandering into our room completely naked from the waist down.  When Jere asked where her pants and diaper were, she said "They were BUGGING me."  So he asked if she'd slept like that...she said that yeppers indeed, she had slept in the buff.  Did she pee in the bed?  NOPE!  At least there is that.

Also happening in our neck of the woods....we got a fabulous new block fence put in this week.  It is AWESOME!  I feel so much safer, secure and P-rivate.

And finally...Saturday I did my first official road ride on the bike.  What the HELL as i thinking?  I guess I was thinking that I had more time.  This tri has sort of snuck right up on me.  Needless to say, it gave my wee waw a beating it did NOT appreciate.  I did 12 miles and survived, but barely.  I'm skeered for Saturday.  I rode again this morning, and it was ok, but still rather bruisy and painful in the unmentionables.  Why the torture, WHY?

Must go to the chiropractor now, 'cause mamas neck is in all sorts of pain.

Carnivores and exhibitionists,



Lisachem said...

Wow! I don't think I have ever seen that much food on a single plate before. That's why they call it a challenge I guess because no one can accomplish it!

Kathleen said...

that was super fun, and yes that burger challenge was crazy! good times! :)

LanaBanana said...

Nasty. That's just nasty. And seriously? $15. Wha? That is pathetic.

I have to say, your post didn't give me much fire to hop on over to Toby Keith's. :)

Don't be scared for Saturday, we'll all be fine, I'm sure. Right? right? .......yikes.

jen said...

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we torture ourselves.
I'll be cheering you from bed, my friend.

sarah said...

$15 bucks to eat that monster?! That thing should come with a free trip to the hospital!

It's awesome you have some great friends to enjoy time with, looks like you had fun!

Jason and Kate said...

Wee waw! lolololol. I also did 12miles on a bike (actually Trixxxie's bike...she is letting me borrow it) and my wee waw was a little tender for a few days too. We will survive. Hey, if I'm drowning in the lake when you pass me will you just do the lifeguard save for me? Thanks!

Jules said...

Wow that was A LOT of food. Yes Jere looks cute. Iaughed so hard about our little nudie girl. HAHA Love it.

Laraine Eddington said...

Funny post. That hamburger makes me want to take a nap.

DianD said...

That food could have fed the entire party of 10!!!! I've never seen anything so nasty! Won't be going to Toby Keith's anytime soon! Miss Maggie and her bugging clothes! She is a hoot! But, hey! She's waking up dry?!?!? That's AWESOME!

Andrea said...

That burger is horrible. I can't even imagine. When Cassie had late church she would feed her kids lunch at 10:00 and tell them it was time for naps right after. Since they couldn't tell time they went to bed. I don't know it might be worth a try.

Minky Moo said...

I'm sorry...I'm trying to focus on everything else happening in this post, but my brain is like stuck on that burger. I mean, like my brain is broken trying to understand it.
Ginormous doesn't begin to cover that...my word verification is 'unfriab' and I think that's just the word I'm lookin for.
That is one unfriabulous burger.