Sunday, May 16, 2010

And then there was THIS:

What can I say?  Other than, he just might be the cutest DANG ballerina ever there was!  Really, what is NOT to love and want to eat up about this picture? The perfect round belly in lace, the pudgy legs in heels.  Delicious!  DEEE-LICIOUS!  Besides, this will be the most fantastical black mail picture to show his buddies on the football team in highschool.  Muawhahahahahaha!

The girls were busily and very happily playing dressups the other morning, and I was reading blogs doing something worthwhile and meaningful.  Max came in, dragging this dress up with him, insisting that I help him put it on.  And you know what, I'm so ok with it.  He spends his entire day, every day with his "two" sissies.  He sees them dress up and play and he just wants to be part of the fun.  LOOK at his happy face here.  And Maggie was saying "cheeeese" as big as she could.  I just love this pic, because it captures a true happy moment in our day.  Trust me, they are NOT always like thhis.  The other thing it points oout....Brooklyn is truly Amazonian.  It's obscene just how tall and how long her legs are.  I'm pretty sure she will be 6 ft. tall by 6th grade.  But, she'll totally have a modeling career, so there's that.

Eh, just showin my 2 kids in all their pretty glory.  Have I mentioned how much I love them lately?  Well, I do!

Tutus and toolboxes,



Minky Moo said...

So cute! My Max has been carrying around a baby doll all week saying "my baby" and rocking it. How sweet! I would be totally ok if my Max was playing in a tutu now! How sweet, especially with such lovely sisters to dress him up!

Mel said...

haha. He is pretty adorable in all his fancy princessness. He is one tough broad ;)

LanaBanana said...

That is for sure a perfect wedding video picture. :) So cute.

Steph said...

awesome :)

Wendy said...

The tutu's are priceless, especially on Max!! I like his expression in the last picture. Lincoln would be in heaven to rock that thing!