Sunday, December 8, 2013

Someones on the NAUGHTY list!

I shoulda known that something was had been to quiet for 5 minutes. I shoulda followed my gutt and checked.  But I didn't want to, I was happily watching a bad Hallmark Christmas movie starring Andy Garcia (southern accent and all) with Maggie.  And then there she was, desperately trying to tell me that something was wrong.  Mayzie kept saying "eeth" (teeth) and pointing to her mouth, and "ewwww". I had MADE SURE that Maggie had shut the bathroom door, because Mayzie is what we like to call obsessed with "brushing" her teeth. Maggie assured me she had closed it.  What I didn't ask was...was MY bathroom door shut.
NOPE! As I followed her back to my room, while she urgently "told" me something was wrong, I rounded the corner and saw it.

There, in my bathroom, the cupboards opened and emptied, my toothbrush on the counter (heaven only knows what filth it had experienced) the sink stopped up and water running over the counter into the cupboard, drawers and onto the floor below. My bathroom was FLOODED!

This child:

 Do not be deceived by her fluffy princess, smiley looks.  She WILL be the death of me.

She is 1000 times more destructive than my other two combined ever dreamed of being. In fact, I can count on one hand the things they ever did that were destructive. ONE HAND PEOPLE!

Not this girl.  Not my Mayzie lady.  She has already written on more walls and tables than I care to count.

Just this week alone she has decimated, DECIMATED I say at least 4 of my snowflake ornaments on the tree, as well as ripped some felt ornaments up and broken a couple of glass snowmen.  I give you photographic evidence of her shredding skill.

 See those little red specks? They used to be glorious red sparkly snowflakes. No more I tell you, NO MORE! She has crushed them to bits.

She has taken a highlighter to Jeres script, which means we now have to pay a hefty price to keep it instead of send it back.

She has broken a bottle of nail polish all over my kitchen floor.

Ripped pictures off my kids picture wall.

She's a devil in disguise.  And this last incidence, this bathroom flooding is certainly her greatest accomplishment.

So now, as I sit and smell the dank smell of wet cabinets (have I mentioned bathrooms totally creep me out, so having to wipe out corners was just more than I could bare), and I vacuum up the last bits of broken ornament and I sweep up the food she's flung across the kitchen, I think...

 Man I'm glad she's a part of our family, and that she lives with us. She is really very funny.  She GETS humor.  She understands at 19 months what it means to make people laugh, and what to do to get those laughs. She does this eye roll thing that seriously makes me pee every time.  So when I was super grumpy tonight, I asked her to please roll her eyes so I would laugh.  She obliged. I giggled.  I felt better.

 She wants to be a part of all the grown ups so bad. She gets real irritated when she doesn't get to sit at a big chair, or play with her siblings and their friends, and she tries to act like she's in on the conversation or jokes.  I love it! And she has THE BEST tantrums ever!  They also make me giggle, cause they're so hilarious.

She LOVES harder and better than any kid I know. She will hug and squeeze you with all her might.  She runs with pure love and glee toward her Daddy when he comes home. Or to her babysitter, or to our neighbor, or to people at church. She's no respector of persons.  She just is loving and friendly. She is really into kissing these days and she's got herself a right good pucker up.

It's a DARN good thing she's so dang cute, and that I love her, and that she makes me laugh or she would be in some serious trouble! No, I mean it, cole in her stocking FOR SURE!

In the meantime, Ima gonna make sure that all doors are shut up tight, and items are placed high on shelves so there are no more incidences like these.

Naughty and nice,



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