Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Bit of This and That

So, there have been quite a bit of "happenings" or comings and goings in the last month or so. I've been too lazy, or too tired, or too busy to get around to them. So, i decided to do one big picture post and just hit some highlights. Hang in there with me, I promise it won't be too long or boring. Just remember, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

First we had Porter and Lanas baby blessing of Crew, or as I like to call him Macrewber. It was a delightful day spent with family, blessing little man, sharing testimonies, eating and enjoying eachothers company. Of course, I failed to take a picture of said Macrewber on his big day. However, here is one of the pictures I did take.

This is Jody (sis in law) and Jere. We really need to take some new pics of Jere. But, for those of you dying to know....he has lost 85 lbs. and is doing much better these days. His pants are ridiculously huge on him, and he is wearing shirts at least 2 sizes smaller.

One random Sunday afternoon, after naps, Maggie came into our room and insisted on getting into Max's bed with him. They played up there for quite awhile, and had the best time. I picked this picture because not that any of you can understand, but in it, she's saying "Ok Daddy?" in only her way. She is so freaking funny and coy. She spends her days bossing Max and us around, telling us no, no no. She copies EVERYTHING I say and do.

Sometimes I just sit and take random pictures of myself. I know, I'm wierd. But, on this same Sunday afternoon, I took a bunch of pics and here I'm having to show my totally charming breakout. I was zitty like a 12 yr. old school girl. What is up with that? You'll all be relieved to know that all zits of left the building, and I'm currently clear.

For my loyal readers, you may recall that last July, on a particularly lazy day, Maggie and I wandered in to Target and picked up the blue chair in this pic. Only buying one chair proved to be a disaster of epic proportions for me. There was MANY a tear and battle over that stupid chair. So, this July, I vowed to rectify the situation. On the day of the great boob squish, when I bought the celebratory hats at Target, I also picked up chair number 2 for a mere 6 bucks. It's been a glorious addition to our already overcrowded living room. But really, when you get pics like this, 2 girls totally engrossed in Cinderella or something, it's all worth it.

How is it possible that my baby is this big? This is a suit that Aunt Dixie picked up at Target last summer for like 2 bucks. i remember when she brought it over "for Maggie next year." I just couldn't imagine Maggie wearing it. Lo and behold, here she is. This was our first big swim of the summer, a fun day at Porter and Lanas.

Max in his pool float. Actually, Maggie likes to corner the market on this float, but occassionaly Max gets a turn. He really loves the water, which is nice.

Maggie and Daddy enjoying the sun and water.

Look who has graduated to a big boy chair. He's like 23 lbs. and frankly, I couldn't lug him around ANY MORE in his baby seat. He quite enjoys his new found freedoms. This picture was taken on our way home from Porter and Lanas swim date. He was plumb tuckered out. Max has also started pulling himself up, he can sit himself back up from laying or crawling. He's everywhere all the time, with the scratches and bruises to prove it.

4th of July was another lovely day spent with family. This time we spent it at Mom and Dads. I didn't take many pictures, but this was my FAVORITE. You must click on it and look at Danes face. We were out front watching Erics illegal fireworks display. Those suckers are LOUD and this is Danes reaction to all the noise and scariness. Too funny!

One day we went with Auntie Julie to pick up her new formal dress at Davids Bridal. While Julie was in getting alterations, Maggie amused herself by trying on all the jewelry and parading about in front of the mirrors. She becomes more and MORE princessy every day. Lately she INSISTS on wearing a princess dress (which means, any church dress) every day. She only wants to wear her "shoe princess" and twirls around, or flips her hair about. Tomorrow she turns two, and whenever I ask her what she wants for her presents, or about her birthday, the only thing she ever says is: "Oh, princess? That's fun." So apparently, she's looking for some great princess fun. She also is counting to 10 by herself, singing songs, gone doody on the toity 2 more times, helping me cook, changing her babys diaper, etc. She talks soooo much and everyday there is a new depth and level to her understanding of things.

Finally, Jere wants you to see the icky hole in his face there. His back tooth has been broken and troubled for 2 years at least. It finally got infected and removal was absolutely necessary. Also, his wisdom tooth is poking through to say hello.

This shot taken just before the surgeon came in and put him under for his 2 extractions. The surgeon was very good and very fast, however, Jere was not so good or fast. I am BANNING him from EVER needing or getting any surgery of any kind in the future. He does NOT respond well to anesthesia or the after effects. He takes FOREVER to recover! It has been a most unpleasant 2 days for him (and us) as he suffers and whines through the pain. His mouth is killing him, and he's constantly nauseated. Jere is VERY pre-disposed to nausea and vomiting, so medicine does NOT help. Needless to say, he suffered through 1/2 day of work yesterday and is fighting through today. He's most freaked out about having to do a show tonight. Everyone wish him luck and say a little prayer. The upside, no more nasty tooth collecting yuck and causing problems, one wisdom tooth down, 3 to go.

Other than that, we spend our days cleaning, occassionaly swimming, reading, trying to get things done.

Tid bits and Tats,

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