Sunday, July 12, 2009

Max's Excellent Adventure...or, surgery aint' for Sissies.

I'm trying oh so hard to contain my ANGER and frustration. Since the whole beginning of this post was just erased for who knows WHY!? Not to mention I am at a level of exhaustion I haven't known for quite some time. Due to Jere having a little cast party last night after the show, and the last of them leaving at 2 a.m. And then a certain little someone deciding from 3 a.m on would be fun to play the "will I or won't I stay asleep" game. Needless to say, he didn't, therefore I did not get any sleep. So while you may be asking yourself..."why allyson, why don't you just go to bed, since you're obviously sooooo tired?" And my response would be, "I can not go to bed, as I am waiting for my fourth load of laundry to dry." "Well duh" you say. "You CAN go to bed while it drys." To which I reply..."No, NO I Can't go to bed, because I have a faulty dryer that does not shut itself off. So, if left unattended it can run for 2, 4 or even 8 hours." NOT that I'm speaking from experience or anything. I'm just sayin. Hmmm, hmmm. Anyway, hence my need to be awake and not in peaceful slumber! Besides...the story of Max's tube surgery needs to be recorded for posterity sake. AND, I have a bunch of gratuitous shots of my little trooper that must be shared.

So, I give you....Max, the tubed wonder.

I hardly dare start to write this again, as AGAIN everything was magically erased. My computer hates me, A LOT! I'm seriosly at whits end. I can't even type 4 words before the cursor jumps somehwere randomly and I'm typing somewhere else, and have to stop and fix. OR, everything gets highlighted and erased. So, I'll dispense with my usual charms and just say, Max was awesome! He got a blessing the night before from Uncles Porter and Troy. I was really worried about him not being able to eat or drink after midnight. He never cried, the whole morning. He sat on the bathroom floor while I showered and just played happily. Never cried after getting to the surgery center. The staff was all properly in awe of not only his utter adorableness, but how good he was being. He even smiled for them all and waved. I love the Priesthood and blessings and prayer.

While waiting out in the lobby, I took this little pic of Prince Max and I. I fear I might be taking this hat thing too far. But, I can't tell you the new found freedom i feel, in knowing that I just don't have to do my hair at all sometimes. So GREAT! Anyway, after a few minutes they called us back and I got to change Max into this:

How freaking cute is he in this wee little gown, AND booty socks. It was more than I could take. Once again, he was rather pleasant.

He cried for a brief nano second when the nurse dared to put a blood pressure cuff on him. A cuff, i might add, that was the size of MINI! So cute! But, he sure looks small sitting on that big bed. While this was going on, I was having to listen to the lady in the bed next to us literally whine and pout that she had to take her toe ring off before her surgery. At first she refused, but then the doctor told her, lose the ring or lose the toe, her choice. She changed her tune real quick. Imagine how pleased I was that Max wasn't giving anyone lip or attitude. Just taking it all in like al ittle man.

Just checking his blood pressure, as the cuff was a no go. He really liked the little tabby thing you put on their chest.

This was his sweet nurse putting said tabby things on him. She was pretty much in love with Max. There was a little battle over who got to be his nurse. That was fun.

This is the cute Russian anestheologist just before she whisked him away for his big surgery. And really, when I say the word surgery, I have to use that term VERY lightly. Because I kid you not....she took him down the hall, fully awake, and literally 10 minutes later (after perusing my Relief Society lesson) the doctor was standing beside me telling me everything went swimmingly and I could go back to recovery to retrieve my now screaming child. Yep, he was "under" for a grand total of 4 minutes. And he was PISSED when he woke up. So, I made him a bottle, fed him and changed his clothes, and we were on our merry way. He cried a little more, but then fell SOUNDLY asleep on the way home. He slept for 2 hours, woke up, ate and went back down a mere hour and a 1/2 later for another 2 hour nap. It was great. But the BEST part was....he slept ALLLLLLLL night long. Nary a peep until 6:30 a.m. It was UH-MAAAAAAAAAZING! (read that with your best opera voice please).

The next morning he was a very happy camper, enjoying his newfound ability to pull himself up and show off his awesomely large and ever increasing in size thighs! Man that kid is made of squishy cement! So, all I have to do for a few days is put drops in his ears. I also purchased some silicone to put in his ears for baths and such. He's such a good baby, he just lays there so nicely for me to put drops in, and he actually smiles at me. Who does that? Have YOU ever had drops in your ears? It totally sucks!
So, there you have it. Max the magnificent is now tubed and ready to go world. Here's hoping they do their job, fall out on time, and all is well in Van Patten land.
There is SO much more to talk about, believe you me. Hopefully I'll have time to drop a line or 100 tomorrow about what's happening in our life.
Tubes and tushies,


LanaBanana said...

For real, the gown and little booties is so cute. :) Glad it went well--I was thinking and praying about him that morning. And, that's really crazy about a woman arguing with a doctor about her toe-ring. It's not like it's a piercing or something. What a looney. :)

Greg and Tammy said...

First off, welcome back to blogging land. Always love me a good Allyson post. Sorry about the sucky computer. I hate those. And sorry about the lack of sleep. I hate those worse.

So glad Maxariffic did so well during surgery. He is such a little cutie.

Greg and Tammy said...

First off, welcome back to blogging land. Always love me a good Allyson post. Sorry about the sucky computer. I hate those. And sorry about the lack of sleep. I hate those worse.

So glad Maxariffic did so well during surgery. He is such a little cutie.

Melia said...

I had a laptop like that once. Rob kept being "reasonable" about it, telling me it was my thumbs hitting the mouse pad. I insisted that the thing was possessed, and attempted an exorcism. (No luck. But I no longer have that computer. So it worked sort of.)

Max is sooooo cute in his gown and booties. And now he can be his amazing self wih no more earaches.Hooray for modern medicine!

LadyCarma said...

I have been told, by unnamed persons, that I tell too much on blogs. That said, I just want you to know that I read your blogs, laugh/cry/smile/etc. and enjoy all that I read. I feel your pain, tirdness, joy, relief, etc. You are awesome, and I know Max will do great with his recovery because he has such a good and caring mother!

✩Molly✩ said...

I have a few random yet somewhat related things to say.
1- you might want to write your blog posts in microsoft word, and then when done, paste them into the box to post them... this will keep it from "magically" deleting all of your hard work.

2- I am proud of you for re-writing your posts after they get deleted, I usally have to walk away before I feel the urge to permanently maim my computer :D

3- You look awesome in that hat... and I am a bit jealous.

4- I am so impressed with how well little max did with his surgery, and that little gown is adorable, no question! love ya.

jen said...

So you finally understand why I wear a hat! It's the best.
And I'm glad to be back and reading your funny thoughts. I'm glad Max was so easy during surgery. Not too surprising, really.