Sunday, May 1, 2011


What?  Three in a row is too much?  Whatever, I'm just trying to get things done.  And I have no patience to actually write the post and then just let it wait for a few days before posting.  So, there it is.  Make sure to check 'em all out.  They're all short, I promise.

Just a couple of shots o' my sleeping kids.  Because really, WHAT is cuter than sleeping children?  Nothing, that's what.

One night I went in to check on the kids before I went to bed.
This is how I found them, all curled up on the floor.
Silly kids.
They're on a kick of either sleeping in the same bed, or the floor lately.

Yesterday, Maggie and I spent the entire morning at the store and then 2 baby showers.  She got all dressed up and allowed me to do her hair and everything.  She felt pretty darn special that we were having MORE girl time, and partying to boot.  She loved all the yummies to eat and playing at the 2nd shower with a bunch of kids.  By the time we got home it was past nap time.  I wasn't sure she would take one.  My bad......she not only took one.  She TOOK one.

Apparently all the hardcore baby shower partying done wore her out!
I walked past her room like 4 seconds later and this is how I found her.

So worn out, she didn't even bother to remove the headband.
And honestly, this might be one of my favorite pictures of her EVER!
So peaceful.


✩Molly✩ said...

She looked so adorable at the shower. I was going to say something, but every time I see Maggie she looks absolutely adorable, so I didnt want to say something and have you get the wrong idear. :) that is a DARLING picture of her. I was so glad you came to the shower, it is always fun to run into you and chat.

The Atomic Mom said...

Floor sleeping is not my favorite. I have to admit, James slept on the floor all week at Grandma's house. One night at 2am, he rolled off his little bed and was snow plowing his face across the room in his sleep. It was noisy! Although, I do LOVE the pillow pets! I think I want to get one of those :)

Kristina P. said...

Baby showers make me feel the same way.

WhisperingWriter said...

Very cute :)

Cookie Mama said...

So sweet!

Poppy said...

Agreed, I love them best when they're sleeping. And seriously, why didn't we come up with Pillow Pets?

alison said...

hkay and chan will snuggle up on the floor at naps sometimes. i don't know how they do it because our floors are HORRIBLY uncomfortable! but they are so cute when they do that :) and sleeping in a headband? that is some serious kind of worn out!

Grace Adams said...

I got tickled at the pics of your kids sleeping on the floor. Mine are all grown up now, but I remember times when they went so hard that they just kind of dropped. And I'm with your girl on the post-baby shower exhaustion. Why do showers of any kind wear me out?

Cookie Mama said...

Sweetest pictures ever. Makes me want little ones again, but then I remember they become teenagers!

Allyson you have the cutest kids! I have to agree on the baby shower exhaustion. Is it all the smiling coupled with the oh's and ah's after each gift opening or just a crash from all the sugar I've had at the shower? Either way the naps rock!

manda said...

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Eve said...

Aww... sleeping kids... the best kind! ;)