Monday, April 1, 2013

Trash to Treasure Tuesday Table Edition

Duhn duhn duhn............................

An actual trash, to treasure!

I TOLD you all, like 8 months ago that I WOULD do it....eventually.

Right, so like 8 or 9 mos. ago now, in the back corner of the magical thrift store in town, my eye caught this solid oak table, buried underneath some not so classy other things.  I bent down and peered at the price.  It said $9.00.  I blinked.  I rubbed my eyes. I stood up, looked around. I bent down again and checked just to make sure.  Mmm hmm, indeed, NINE DOLLARS!  So, next, I did what any disbelieving thrifter would do, I ordered a store worker to get over there, RIGHT NOW! I non challantly asked him if this indeed was the price.  I practically "dared" him to tell me otherwise.  He looked it over and said, "Yep, nine dollars it is."  I then asked him incredulously, "WHY is this so cheap?"  He replied..."So you'll buy it."  Well played Mesa thrift, WELL PLAYED!

I ripped that tag off and marched right on up to the register.  For 9 bucks i didn't care if I NEVER did anything with it, it was gonna be mine.  I was sure there was a lovely project in there.  I had the heavy table lugged to my car and thankfully it fit.

Got it home, pulled it out of the van and promptly placed it in a place of honor in my garage, where it has been buried ever since.  I mean really, it has been such a delightful catchall.  And in those 9 months, I could just NEVER find the motivation or drive to get out there and actually paint the thing.

But, the serendipitous moment came when my fabulous friend Kalli was having a giant (and I mean giant) sale this last Saturday. I mumbled to is your time VP, get 'er done.  So, I purchased the necessary paint and stain and what have you and then lost all my drive again.  FINALLY at 9:00 Friday night I cleaned out my garage enough to make a project possible.  I lugged the table over, readied the sander and began sanding.  you read that right, me the NON sander, totally sanded that table top, for nearly THREE HOURS! It was ridiculous and I still didn't get it all. Meh! I have no patience, i was ready to move on.

So, sanded, sanded, sanded, sanded, vacuumed, wiped it down, at a snack, wiped it some more and then stained the top. While that was setting, I spray primed, though I didn't need to, just wanted to, overkill.  Then I wiped down the table top and left it to cure while I whipped out the painting. I used the Behr two in one paint, lap pool blue.  It's really a beautiful color, though the pictures don't do it justice.  The painting took no time at all, and I had maggie (yes it was midnight, but she just simply couldn't sleep) to jabber away the minutes.  Before I knew it, project was complete, and I was pretty pleased with it.

So, here ya go:



I love her so.  And, apparently, posting it on facebook at 1:20 a.m. was a good thing, because a girl I know bought it that morning, for considerably more than I paid for it.  Then again, it's a great table, and I put a lot of work into that freaking sanding, and such.  Totally worth it though, because the cool rusticness of the top against the smooth, pretty blue of the bottom is awesome.

There ya go.....Trash to Treasure, Over and out.


Wendy said...

so adorable!!

alison said...

still perturbed that you wouldn't ship to florida. i'm just sayin'.... she woulda looked gorgeous in my abode ;)

Melissa said...

Great, I've been searching for a round oak table and now I'm going to cringe if I spend more than $9.