Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Say It!

A couple of months ago I walked into church and deposited my kids on the bench.  I then headed to the hall to pick up a tithing envelope.  As I was exiting the chapel, one of the darling greeters stopped me, shook my hand and said "You DO realize that you light up a room, don't you?"

Why NO, no I do NOT realize that.  But THANK YOU for saying something so nice.

It just struck me so deeply that she said that.  Mostly because, I was NOT feeling like I was lighting up anything.  I was overwhelmed, stressed, sad, swirling around the drain in the crap storm of my life.

Those kind words made my day.  They made me stand a little taller, attempt a smile not only on my face, but on the inside.  And it really made me think.

You know, none of us EVER really knows what is going on in peoples lives.  We don't know the inner workings of peoples minds.  We don't know the pain, the sorrow, the joy, the anguish, the whatever they may be experiencing.  And sometimes, all it takes is just one little kind word, one compliment and it can turn that persons day, week around.

I appreciate that she took the time to say something. I appreciate that she was brave enough to say something.  I  know that many times I will think someone looks particularly nice, or pretty that day, but I usually don't go out of my way to tell them.  Because I get shy (I know, but it's TRUE), or embarrassed, or distracted.

But, I'd like to issue a little challenge to myself and to anyone that might still read this.  Let us all try to take a moment and actually open our mouths and express a compliment to someone if the thought crosses our mind.  JUST SAY IT!

You never know what good you may be doing for that persons soul that day.


Mikelle said...

well stated allyson, good advice for each of us.

Mikelle said...

sorry that well stated comment is from me, thelma jones, i didn't know i had posted it under mikelle's name. sorry mikelle, my bad

alison said...

yes ma'am! ;) I agree though...there's been more than once that someone has said something to me that I really needed to hear at that very moment (even if I didn't realize that I needed to hear it!). and other times I just feel compelled to say something to someone else. you never know how it may impact someone to hear a genuine comment towards them....but God knows and He opens those doors for us!