Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Looky loo at the LOO!

Oh friends. OHHHHH friends.  It is FINALLY done! And, I could not be happier with the outcome.

What in the world is the crazy lady even referencing?  Well, I'll tell you.

Two years ago when we moved into this roachcoach House, I painted the living room, two bedrooms and did a number of other projects and at the time said, hell to the NO on painting either of the bathrooms.  It was HOT, I was tired and bathrooms gross me out. Even brand newly done, empty house bathrooms are still creepy to me.  Sooo, the bathroom was left alone.  To say it was bland would be an understatement.  Oh, and also, it's wee teeny, itty bitty!  Like, 2 people can barely fit in it tiny.  But, it serves its purpose for private potty time and quick showers.  

Anywho....I decided that this summer was THE TIME to get some projects done.  That darn bathroom being one of them.  Once workshop was over in June, my super procrastination kicked into high gear.  Everyday I'd say....OK, I'm gonna do this.  And then I'd find 20 other things to do. But yesterday I woke up and said, DAMMIT, today IS the DAY!

I spent from literal morning until 1 a.m. scrubbing down, prepping and painting the walls and vanity. I wont lie, it was a bitch. BUT, the end result is worth it.

Even better, this project cost me all of about $7.00 for a can of spray paint.  All the rest of the paint I had on hand from previous projects.  YESSSS!!!

Don't look too closely or you'll see the shoddy workmanship on my painting.  But hey, when you're sweating into oblivion and working alone and semi delirious, you just be happy that anything is done at all.

In a perfect world I'd knock out the shower wall and get an entirely glass surround, which would enlarge it slightly and just make everything feel bigger.  Also, I WILL be ripping out that hideously awful white tile and just sealing the concrete until I can afford flooring I like.  MAN I hate tile, no words for it. ESPECIALLY white ceramic tile.

BTW, my "h" key is broken and it's suuuuuuuuuuuuper annoying.  Carry on then.


  Can we say brown and BORING!!!!!


I painted the walls the same color of grey that is in our bedroom, I rather love it. Then I painted the vanity swiss coffe, and spray painted the knobs in hammered metal.  I WISH I had white blinds, but no such luck. As for the playbills...I promised Jere that if I ever painted the bathroom I'd hang more of our playbills.  We have a huge collection of them, that used to hang in our office when we were first married and had such a thing as an office.  Anyway, I love how they look there.  And please, tell me you see my clever humor in those I chose.  Well, I got a giggle out of it anyway.

So there ya go.  A bathroom before and after.  Now, on to remaking Maggies room. Heaven help me, that is a huge job staring me in the face.  BUT, Auntie Julie has moved out and Maggie has moved into her own room, well, with Mayzie, but it's gonna be beautiful when I'm done with it.  Anyone wanna come paint?

Loos and lookies,



Heather Clelland said...

Nice job i have 3.5 bathrooms to do wish I could get inspired

Heather Clelland said...

Nice job i have 3.5 bathrooms to do wish I could get inspired

alison said...

ok...I had to enlarge the picture to see the playbills.! I think the les mis reference is my favorite ;) and may I just say that grey walls are kind of my obsession right now?? if we EVER move off of this ding danged farm, I WILL have some fabulous grey walls somewhere in my home!

3in3mom said...

LOVE the choice of playbills. You are so creative!

Rita Templeton said...

Ha! I chuckled at the playbills, too!

Good job Allyson ... yay for pretty places to poop and shower! :)

Holly Decker said...

love. it. stop being so flipping awesome.

Stephanie Dulli said...

That looks amazing! You just crossed my mind and I realized I hadn't swung by in AGES! Shame on me!