Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ok, here's the deal, we're all totally alive. I can't believe an entire month has nearly passed and I haven't written a thing. I just got so overwhelmed with the thought of all the pictures I needed ot post of Maggies birthday, etc. Let's just suffice it to say, she had a smashing good little party and all were TOO kind to her! She made out with a seriously adorable new wardrobe, and some fun toys and books. Thanks to my fam and friends for the love.

In other news, my Grandpas funeral went very well. It was a really nice, family affair. So good to see so many family members and to just enjoy memories of what a great man he was.

School has started again, which frankly is just wierd. Brooklyn is back and things are going well. I swear, this pregnancy has just been different than Maggie. I'm just ready for this to be over. I'm HOT, and I'm realllllly tired and I'm realllly grumpy. Poor Jere, he gets the brunt of my "hate", but yesterday was a real trial for me adn the girls. I seriously just wanted to run away, and they weren't even that bad. I just didn't like them, or want to deal with them at all. Not to mention, I'm just really stressed about money (who isn't) and life and what's gonna happen, etc. So, I pretty much spent the day crying on and off. So gay, I know, but hey, I'm pregnant, so that's my excuse.

We MIGHT be getting a condo, and it's all very overwhelming. On the one hand, it's really exciting to think we'll be going someplace larger than here, with LOTS of storage space, move in ready, and actually being grown ups by owning something. On the other hand, it's not a "real house" AND it's overwhelming to think of the responsability and the money required for such things. It's all happened rather quickly, and I just figure, IF it's meant to be, it will all work out, if it isn't, maybe something else better will come along in six months or so. I freaking HATE money, the end. I hate that we have so much debt, I hate that it takes so much money to live, it just sucks. And to top it off, I'm reallly low on students this year which is just wierd. I don't know what's going on with that, but that only adds to my stress. I'm trying not to let it get to me, but holy crap, don't these people know I rely on them to pay my bills? haha

Ok, so the Olympics. Last night was an enjoyable one ot watch. So fun to see all our swimmers take some gold. However, I was sooooooo peeved when our guys gymnastics team, who totally had teh silver medal in their grasp, screwed up the pommel horse so bad they barely made the bronze. UGH! I was so frustrated!! I mean, I realize that even a bronze was a huge accomplishment for them, and I'm proud of them, but MAN, what a bummer!!!

Have I mentioned I feel so super fat and somewhat miserable here in this pregnant state? Well, I do. I NEVER felt this way with Maggie. I felt cute, and loved every moment of the experience. But, i'm just bigger this time, and I just feel it. I feel sluggish, and ugly, and don't have anything to wear. It's really not that fun. Don't get me wrong, I still love being pregnant, and I love that I'm blessed enough to be pregnant and that a new little man will be here soon enough. But, emotioanlly, I'm just not handling this so well right now. I didn't even do my hair today, and I'm wearing ugly man t-shirts for heaven sakes. Who have I become?

I should mention that Jere just had his 31st birthday on the 7th. He's a wee bit depressed about this one, but he got through it. We were VERY low key this year, especially for him. See, Jere likes his birthday to be a week long celebration that EVERYONE knows about. He wants presents and parades. But, all he got was a low key dinner with his Mom and Sister and I and a couple friends. Then, on Saturday night our beloved friends Jenee and Ivan took us to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. There really aren't words enough in the English language for me to express how much I love and adore these people. They truly are two of my favorite people on the planet. Many, MANY thanks to Jenee and Ivan for a wonderful evening out with friends. The best was our dessert picnic on the carpet. Who does that? WE do, that's who.

Well, the girls should be waking up from their naps rather soon, and I should think about what to throw together for dinner. Oh, adn I should be writing a policy letter for voice and sending that out, and PERHAPS, just perhaps I should attempt to clean my foul house. UGH!

With that said, I'm outy!


Greg and Tammy said...

Well, I think you are a beuatiful pregnant lady and hope that you can get that cute baby out soon! HAPPY BDAY TO JERE!! Good luck with the possible home purchase! Scary and exciting all at once.

Tara LaRue said...

It's so funny, Andrea asked me just yesterday if I've heard from you and that she was concerned because you haven't been blogging. Picking up a phone did cross her mind once, but a baby started crying or something...

Anyway, happy to know you're among the living. I've never been preggers (MUCH to my sadness), so I can't empathize with you on that, but I can certainly sympathize and keep you in my prayers.

(Happy belated Jere!)

Love you friend!

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

Jere the Hottie! - Happy Belated Birthday! We miss you and REALLY miss the fact that we did not get to go to Cheesecake Factory with four of our favorite people on the planet. We LOVE dessert picnics (as our physiques will show!) Speaking of pregnant and miserable... Well Gina is pregnant and I feel and look pregnant and we are HATING the 100+ Austin Summer temperatures (with humidity mind you)... But we are only 26 days away and the alien will be OUT and I can get my wife back. We are so excited about Blueberry and happy for y'all too. Love y'all!

Andrea said...

I am glad you are still alive. I am sorry you feel blah with your pregnancy. I know it is awful, but I hated being pregnant. So I feel your pain. But I love the wonderful prize you get at the end (that is why I have 7). Hang in there you are doing great! Hey now that things have settled down (at least for me) let's go to lunch.

LanaBanana said...

That's what I love about blogging...always someone to care and try to cheer you up. I think you are looking fantastic as well. I admire the kind of patience you have when you're not hormonally pregnant, and I am even more impressed that you still seem to have it when you are!! You're beautiful!!!