Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Exhibit "A"

First things first...I'm TIRED! Holy poo, this being 12 months pregnant in August sucks! I'm just so hot and sweaty. I should have a picture of the delightful box fan I borrowed from Dixie. I borrowed it last week as a sound buffer so Brooklyn wouldn't wake up from her nap while I played the piano. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's the greatest addition to our house since Maggie. We sleep with it every night, and I turn it on out here in the family room during the day sometimes when I'm just too sweaty. Hooray for big, ugly, boxy box fans. And hooray Dixie for not using hers, or missing it thus far.

Ok, now, as promised, here are the pics of me in one of my new cute shirts from Old Navy. This was as I was walking out the door to church, or maybe when I got home, who can remember these things. It actually helps me to look somewhat pregnant, instead of just fat and whaleish. In fact, when I tried it on, Dixies comment was..."it does good things for your belly." hahahaha
Tomorrow morning, bright and early I'm off to the doctors to see how much weight I've gained this time. Not really looking forward to that, especially since I have the bring the girls along. Good times had by all.

In other news...this adorable little family that has become very enamored of Jere over the last year or so, dropped some presents in his lap last night for Maggie. We really hardly know them, but they're just so sweet, and have been saying since Maggie was born, we have presents. So, they gave her this super cute little t-shirt, and a fun little ball popper toy. It's the same one Miss O got from her Nana. So, I got Maggie dressed this morning, and did a fun little second pony in her hair, and frankly peeps, she was too cute for words. Too bad we really went nowhere but Walgreens for 5 minutes today. You can bet your sweet bippy I took a pic, so look on and be amazed. hee hee

She's decided two things in recent days. Number one, morning naps are not really on her list of to do's, and Number TWO: Smiling is her favorite. She has been soo smiley and cute, it's just so fun. Number two is a fun addition, number one, NOT my favorite decision on her part. I'm still forcing her to try, but it is NOT always a good experience for all involved. UGH! I'm not ready to give up morning naps. When the heck am I s'posed to shower and get ready?

So, I went to the Bishops storehouse the other morning. I totally signed up for food storage and went. This is big doins for me, and I was quite pleased. So what if I only have a meager 2 cans of rice, sugar and potato flakes each. At least I have SOMETHING. Ok, but here's the deal...a little warning would have been nice. How bout someone tell me there is no need to shower before going, or the fact that you'll be forced to wear a hair destroying net that does nothing for the look. If you know me at all, you know I do NOT like my hair messed with. I swallowed my pride and put it on, but it sure did a number on the do for the rest of the day. Ah well, the price you pay for a little peace of mind I guess. Don't worry, I'm all signed up for next month, and I WON'T be showering before the event.

Well, there really is not much of anything going on. I guess I'm gonna post a couple more pictures of Maggie, because I can, I just uploaded them and they're cute. I'm the lamest, I'm fully aware, so don't even think it.

More birthday glory. Could she look any chubbier?

Because her pushing her baby around in the stroller is the cutest thing EVER! And, I'm pretty sure it's what helped her finally walk on her own for good. Which by the way, today she just up and stood up in the middle of the room, no help from walls or furniture. Funny how one day they just do something.

This and the outfit above are both from her "Auntie" Tracie. She looks so cute in them, though the leggins do NOTHING for her cankles. Oh heaven help me, my poor child has some seriously tragic cankles.
This is my Brooklyn, holding Maggies birthday dolly. I just LOVE the pic, because it is SO Brooklyn. She is such a little Mommy. She holds them so sweetly, and pats them, and puts them to bed, and just loves them. Not to mention she's the best little helper to me.

Well, I think that constitutes quite a long enough entry for one night. Oh, tomorrow night I'm actually going to Homemaking and we're making 72 hour kits. Seriously, I'm SO on this preparedness bandwagon.

Goodnight all.


Andrea said...

You look great! Now lets talk about that lunch date. I will call you and we can chat!

LanaBanana said...

Who did you leave Maggie with when you went to the storehouse? I'm way proud of your food storaginess. :) Maggie's double ponytails are my fave.

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

12 months pregnant in August? WOW... 12 months gestational period... incredible! HA HA!

You look fantastic!

Your Maggie is so adorable.

We sure miss you.

Mel said...

You look adorable!

Greg and Tammy said...

Looking good in the old navy shirt FOR SURE!! And could that autographs tshirt be any cuter!! Way to hang with the Mesa storehouse peeps! YOU GO GIRL!

Sabrina Bodine said...

I am so excited that we can keep up this way! This blogspot thing is so cool. I can't believe how big little Maggie is now. She is a dol. I love your family pic too. I miss you all as well. I don't know what to do with myself. By the way..... wait till your second. It is so much harder!

Livin' Wright said...

You look so good Allyson! But Really Maggie is the cutest!!! Can you please dress her any cuter! I don't think it is possible, so stylin'

johnson six said...

You look great! You had better keep us posted on that new baby. Maggie is a doll, Grant will be a lucky man.

johnson six said...
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Travis&Stacey said...

Hey I didn't know you had a blog. Way fun!! Well Maggie is the cutest thing and I am so glad I found your blog since we don't see you guys nearly enough

Crandell Fam said...

I love this post! So cute...and "my Brooklyn" is certainly schweet, too! :)