Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok, first of all, there must be documented, for ALL to see the ginormousy of this cake that Grandma Peg made for Maggies birthday. It was amazing and obscene to say the least. I say obscene in a loving way of course. But seriously folks, I've never seen anything quite like it, and you all should see it too. Secondly, I KNOW you've been waiting breathlessly for ANY view of her "spectacular" birthday party and her cuteness in it. Phew, was it ever a sweaty day!! So, a couple of pictures for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Krys and Melissa for the pics. Krys was like a freaking rock star photographer snapping away. If it weren't for him, I'd have poo for pictures. So, THANKS guys.

Seriously, I think it was like 8 layers high. Thankfully, Grandma made a mini cake for Maggie to partake of on her own. Ahhh, good times.

Ok, now the part where I talk about her geniusness, hahahahaha. So, every morning when I go in to retrieve Maggs, she's generally standing at the end of her crib pointing and grunting. Well, the other morning she was quite vigorously pointing at the kitchen table where her sippy was sitting. So, I said to her, "Oh, you're thirsty, and showed her the sign for thirsty and drink. I showed it to her a couple of times and moved her hand to do it. And of course, she WAS thirsty. I handed her the sippy and she downed it like she'd been stuck in the Saharra for a month or two. Ok, so cut to the next morning...I walk in, she's standing there grunting and pointing. Only this time, there is no sippy on the table. So I said to her, "I don't know what you want Maggs, you're gonna have to show me." She stopped for a second, thought about it, and then freaking signed THIRSTY at me. I kid you not people, it was awesome. Now, I hope you get that I'm totally kidding about the "my child is a genius" thing, but it was pretty cool. So, she signs "eat, thirsty, shoes, more, all done and ball." If only I would sit down and actually watch signing time with her. She might truly reach her "genius" potential. hee hee
She is a walking machine, and loves to just pad around the house getting into anything and everything. Sometimes I swear she teleports, 'cause she can get from one place to another with alarming speed. She also likes to climb, which frankly I'm not a big fan of. It's dangerous people, and scary for the Mama.
Now, a word on my last entry. Who knew that by barfing out ones feelings, people would respond so kindly. I really had no idea, nor intention to be showered with kind words and gifts, but that is what happened. Trixie gave me kind, kind words in my comments, and then on Friday my sister Dana showed up with a bag full of clothes from Old Navy. Shut the front door! What is THAT about? I was like, "what are you doing?" and she said, "well your blog was so sad..." So, there she was, clothes in hand. Ummm, first of all, WAYYYYYY too nice, but gladly accepted. Secondly, it was all worth it just for the fact that ANYTHING from Old Navy still fits my fat arse. Well, if we're being technical, I'm fairly sure that nothing there would actually fit my fat Booty part. But, as I'm quite a bit smaller on the top side as opposed to the bottom, the shirts fit. XL's people, what the?? So, I gained 4 new adorable tops, and let me say, I felt oh so saucy on Saturday evening for our family Temple night, and then for church on Sunday. SO GREAT! Thank you Dana soooo much. As i thought about it, it occurred to me that in 2 pregnancies, I have literally only purchased TWO shirts for myself. If it weren't for my Mom and my Sister, I would be naked. My Mom is hilarious and would just show up with random shirts, or bags of shirts from Ross that she just "happened" to find. Then Dana kindly had a baby the year before me, so gave me all her maternity clothes. I'm so lucky, that's all Ican say. The other things I've worn, or am wearing are clothes that had just gotten too big for me when I lost the weight, but now work great as "fat" pants. Oh joy, this is almost over. Also from said blog entry, I got a free delicious lunch from Lana, 'cause she thought I could use some cheering. I love my family, and I'm so grateful for them and their kindness toward me. THANKS ALL! I do have a picture of me in one of the new shirts, but I'm to lazy to upload it right now. Maybe another time.
And finally, had a smashing good time on Friday hanging out at Lanas and swimming with the kids. Trixie and Emma came, as well as my sister Dixie and even Dana showed up for a bit. We literally sat in the pool for 2 hours and chatted and swam and enjoyed eachothers company. Children only nearly drowned a few times, so no worries. Thanks Lana for a lovely afternoon.
Well, Dixie, Shane and Jere are watching a movie in the other room, and I think I need to go to bed or something. I've thought about Primary for tomorrow, so it's bound to come together in the morning, hahaha. Did I mention that I am now the freaking Primary chorister? Yeah, well I am. I'm teaching "Called to Serve" right now, and frankly, there are some abstract concepts to try and get pictures for. But, I'm "genius" enough to do it. hahaha, "genius" love how I brought it all around to the beginning? I kill me!
Peace out!


Livin' Wright said...

I am dying at the pictures of Maggie! Seriously, why is she so stinkin Cute! I just love her! I miss you guys so much!

PS. You are beautiful!

Dana said...

Your oh so welcome. Wish I could do more! Thanks for the visit yesterday in addition to being my designer and phone therapist. Love you. D

Mel said...

You crack me up. I love your friends-style blog title. I hope you are feeling better (I can totally relate). We should get together soon. You guys make me smile.

Sarah Foote said...

It's so wonderful to read your blog! I love how real you are. And I really think you're genius at many thinks! I'm so glad you joined Facebook too. It's so nice to read about people going through the same stuff as me. LOVE YOU!