Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saturday was a busy day!

Well, once again, time is just flying by. I have some cute new pics to put up, plus need to talk about Saturday and our doings. Not to mention, how money sucks and I just had to call and get rid of my caller id and voice mail in efforts to cut back on costs. ME, without caller id. It's insane really. So, don't feel bad if I NEVER answer the phone. Just leave a message, or call my cell, then I'll get back to ya. Seriously, I know I REALLY need to get rid of cable and DVR, which is coming next I'm sure, but I couldn't QUITE let that go yet. All I could think was, I'm about to have a baby. I need something to be able to watch in the middle of the night, or whatever. I have a serious tv problem, just ask my niece Livy. Anyway, enough about that.

In the last couple of weeks Miss Maggie has moved up to legit ponies on her head, and they're so freaking cute. Of course I took a few pics here and there, so I must post. It's a bit of a nightmare to get them in, since she wants to turn and twist and generally throw down. But, somehow we get it done and sometimes, they actually look halfway decent. She's walking, running, moving EVERYWHERE and mostly being great. She really likes to get her way, which is a tough one. I'm trying to figure out the best way to curb these tantrums, and help her see that she will NOT always get her way, even if she DOES scream like a cat in heat. OY!!

So, Saturday we got to attend the 1st birthday party of one Miss O. She was RIDICULOUSLY adorable, and so pleased with the whole thing. This is a picture of her, in all her princess finery. I could only DREAM of Maggie ever smiling so much.

For real, can you stand the tutu? She would sit on the floor and literally spin in circles with it flaring around her. I could not stop just giggling, 'cause it was so cute. We tried to get the girls together for a couple of pics, but of course, there was not a lot of cooperation. So, here's what we got.

Just a shot of Maggs in her party finery. We had a lovely time at the party. Ate some delicious Rumbi's Island Grill, visited, etc. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the presents and cake, 'cause we had to get Jere over to the Herberger for his show.

Have I mentioned that Jere is currently in Blackbeard at the Herberger? Well, he is, and he's having a great time. He's doing such a GREAT job in the show, I'm proud of him. Overall, it's a good show, there is some fabo singing going on, and people should get out and see it. Anyway, we had to drive him clear over there, which made him happy, because then he got to show his baby off. He's of the silly belief that everyone must want to meet and see his daughter. It's funny, and I know that most people don't care, but they're nice and pretend to. haha We had a fun time hanging out backstage with him and the cast before the show started. He took Maggie out on the stage and "showed" her around, then he put his wig on her, which was so funny. Of course I have pictures, don't worry.

I present the future Miss Bonnett, Maggie Van Patten. She's a natural for the wigs, no?

After our exciting birthday party, visit to the theatre, walk through downtown Phoenix, it was off to the grocery store and then home for a NAP. See, how is that for exciting days. haha

Maggie is totally in to telling us when she's ready for bed these days. If we ask her, she'll nod her head really big YES, or she'll just trot back to her room, stop and look at us to make sure we're coming and then run in. We seriously lucked out with her and the sleep department, she's the BEST! On Wednesday, she was in bed by 6:30. That was because apparently she'd had a long, BUSY day with G'ma Peg and she was WORE out. It was the funniest thing ever.

Ok, this is totally too long, so I'm going to sign off. Peace out friends.


johnson six said...

O.K. The wig on the little honey....HYSTERICAL.. and so cute.

Mel said...

awww, i need a copy of that picture of miss o. btw, i sent jere a text, but she was very pissed off when you guys left. She stood at the door and pounded on it. so drama!
It was great to see you guys, be it ever so brief. Maggie is just beautiful, and I loved her pigtails.

Sarah Foote said...

I'm with Jere, if people don't want to meet her... they should because she is Darling!