Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

So, last night, as is my nightly ritual, I went in to check on Maggie just before I headed off to bed. I like her to be the last thing I look at before I go to sleep, AND I need to make sure she's breathing and comfortable. So anyway, THIS is what I saw when I walked in. It cracked me up. Someone was reallllllly comfortable. I love this girl!

For the record, when she's asleep, at least in that top picture, she TOTALLY looks like me when I was a baby. To my family readers, I'm thinking of that picture of me sitting on the back of Dad's car, in those hideous yellow pajamas, and clearly the sun is so bright I can barely keep my eyes open. She looks like me in that. I know, I'm random.

So, tonight Jere and the cast of Blackbeard are getting to record a new CD of the show. How fun is that? They're doing it ON the stage of the Herberger, I'm fascinated by that. Wondering how the quality will be, but sure it'll be groovy. Good luck to them.

Well, a shower is in my future, and as Eric puts it, I just have to put one foot in and then the other and I'm good to go. If only I could wrangle Maggie into not hating my gutts for leaving her when I shower. Ah motherhood, it's the best.


johnson six said...

She's precious! I always have to check all my kids too before I go to sleep. Speaking of showers are you/ did you have a baby shower yet? If yes your in trouble for not inviting me and if no, we gotsta get one in the works sista!

Erock! said...

You are such a quick learner. :) Ally, I was actually looking at a couple different pictures of Maggie the other day and thought, "Oh wow, she looks just like Allyson." I had never thought that before. And yes, I know exactly what picture you were talking about.

Steph said...

You are so funny! I love the way you write. Congrats on the new baby coming. And Maggie is so cute! I'll send you an invite to my blog, but it's nowhere near as entertaining as yours.

Mel said...

Olivia BARELY tolerates me being in the shower. I have to fill the pack and play with toys and push it right up against the bathroom door, and constantly talk/sing/assure her I'm still here. It makes for a very relaxing shower. *eye roll*