Friday, April 29, 2011

Once upon an Easter

What can I say....I have a TON to blog, therefore I'm not blogging.  But Easter came and she went, and I have to have it documented.

First.....we went to the Easter Pageant.  Maggie was utterly and completely rapt.  She watched with wide eyed wonder throughout.  And then on the way home sang a song about Jesus, loving her family and Jesus dying at the top of her lungs.  So glad my parents got to experience that.

over 450 people in the cast y'all.
My beloved friend Jenee just got made THE director of it all.

Yep, that's a fluffier Jer, the first year we did pageant.
Last year he played Pilate.
This year he couldn't do it because of a show at ASU.

Second.....we dyed some eggs.  THAT was an experience.

What?  Don't ALL girls dye eggs with pearls on?

Love Maggies face here.  She was NOT happy with Max sharing the chair.

Third....the Easter Bunny came.  Which means on Saturday I hit the dollar spot at Target and the Dollar Store.  I didn't even manage to buy my kids one jelly bean.  What kind of freaky bunny am I?

Not a bad haul for being so last minute.  And I only spent about 25 bucks total on all Easter.
What is already in the garbage?
bubbles, silly string, slinky, pez dispensers and a bouncy ball
most of the golf set is missing.

Fourth.......the kids got to come down the hall and then check out their loot.

Why yes, yes they are completely dressed and ready at 7:30 a.m.  I had to sing in my parents ward at 9 a.m. and was therefore somewhat on the ball for the first time in my life.

Fifth.......there was a rather small and anemic egg hunt for the kids.  BUT, there were pennies and quarters in those eggs, which to my children meant the GREATEST treasure ever found.

Ummm, Maggie won.
By a landslide.
Max didn't care one bit about this whole finding eggs thing.

Sixth......we hurried and took two very quick Easter family pics.  I completely failed to even get ONE picture of just my kids, standing still in all their Easter best.  DORK!  At least we're all documented.

Aren't the roses pretty?  I don't know HOW they bloomed since I never remember to water them.


I sang "His Hands" for quite possibly the eleventy millionth time in my parents ward that day.  But, apparently it is their Easter tradition they can't live without.  We then hightailed it back to our church mtgs. because Maggie gave her first ever talk in primary that day.  It was really just A for adorable, if I do say so myself.

Her talk was about......Jesus.  DUH!  And I'm proud to report, she was about 89% memorized.  I was nervous, because until now, she has not been known to, you know, actually perform for anyone.  But, she was so pleased that her Gramma and Auntie were there to watch her, and pleased that she was up in front.  She stood right up and literally LICKED the microphone as she gave her little talk.

Did Jesus really live again?
Yes, when the third day came.
There were nail prints in his hands, and a spear wound (she said knife)  in his side.
Did Jesus really live again, after he had died?
Oh yes, and so shall I.

Today we are celebrating Easter, which is about Jesus and his resurrection. (when Jesus came back to life, her words)

I know that Jesus suffered a lot of pain so that we can repent and be forgiven when we do something wrong.

I know that Jesus loves all of us, especially the little children (the most is what she liked to add to that).

I am thankful that Jesus lives again, so I can live again too.

Did Jesus really live again, after he had died?
OH YES, and so shall I.

I might have been pretty proud.  Maybe. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent napping and playing with Easter toys. 

That evening the kids and I went and had a spectacular time at the Wright Family Easter.  My family went to Lamesville and didn't do anything together.  Wierd.  BUT, won't lie the Wrights was spectacular and fun, and filled with laughter and JUST what I needed.  Later that night Jer and I went to my sisters for a singing party/hangout and to meet my nephews new girlfriend.  That was good times as well.

All in all, an Easter success! 

Hope yours was great too.

And finally, this little gem.

The other day we were driving down the road listening to "Lamb of God."  It was at the part about Judas, and the narrator said "betrayest thou the son of man with a kiss?"

And I hear from the back of the car...."EWWWW"  "That's Sick".

I asked what Maggie meant and she replied.

"Kiss Jesus?  That's sick!"  "I don't like kissing JESUS."

I was most amused that she was even really paying attention and understood what that meant.  But then the fact that she was so grossed out by it was even funnier.  That girl never ceases to amaze me.

Chocolate bunnies and smelly eggs,



Kristina P. said...

I like "His Hands", but it's sort of the omnipresent Easter song. We had a guy sing a song that was actually happy and joyous! It was nice.

LanaBanana said...

Your family's easter pictures are really all look great! Maggie's talk is also great, and I'll steal it since Dane has one coming up. So, thanks for that. :)

Andrea said...

Cute family! You look great! Love your dress!

alison said...

i had to "single mom" it on easter morning so my kids were NOT up and dressed by 7:30!! and they did NOT get an easter morning egg hunt. booo on me ;) but they did get fab easter baskets and they got to hunt all manner of egg during austin's family event, so they were happy. and maggie really memorized most of all of that???? i am seriously impressed. I'D have a hard time remembering all of it and i'm WAY older than 4!

✩Molly✩ said...

I think that the walking down the hall pic should count as the cute pic with just your kids. We have not taken a single family pic since Scarlett was like 2.5. Love that mags loved the Easter pageant, maybe my kids will be up for it next year. My Mom and I went together this year and had a lot of fun.