Sunday, June 12, 2011

Carrrrrrrr Truhbul

Wayyy back in 1995 when wedding videos were still a newish thing to do, they used to spend a lot of time "talking" to everyone at the wedding.  Particularly, they talked to family members.  I HATED that part. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING makes me feel more awkward than being video taped just talking to a camera.  UGH!  But, I digress.  In 1995 my sister got married, and she happened to get married one week before her soon to be brother in law.  Anyway, on their video there is a moment with LJ (the bro in law) where the videographer caught him outside the Temple.  He says to the camera  "Troy, Jenny, so sorry I missed your wedding.  Carrrrrr Truhbul."  And just the way he said it was so funny.  That phrase has become a permanent part of family "speak".  We just bring it up for fun, or if it fits a situation, or whatever.  We also copy Troys Mom, because at the end of their video she says, in her cute little southern accent "It was just allsoperfect."  And yeah, ok, i realize now, you just HAVE to hear the inflections of these things to make sense (but they'll be funny to my family members who read this).  Just, try and work with me here, ok?!

This was all a very long explanation for my post title.  And the fact that the proverbial S@#* hit the fan, or the bottom dropped out, whichever you prefer.  It went a little something like this for us last Tues. as we left kids workshop and headed home.

"Something is WRONG with my car.  You need to follow me home."

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know.  On my way to work I heard two loud popping sounds, then the car jerked and it just felt wierd."

"Ok, well I have to pick the kids up from my parents, so I will follow you there and then home."
(A minor argument over the stupidness of that ensued, and then he decided in a huff that he would just brave it.)

"Fine.  But I hope nothing happens to me."

He got in his car, I watched him back out, and drive away.  All looked to be working fine.  Just as I reached my car I heard a HUGE CLUNK, thud, screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.  Then silence.

I thought...please don't be Jere, please don't be Jere.

I walked out to the main drive of the parking lot and there he was, car stopped in the middle, tire jutting at a hideous angle.  He got out.  I thought, please just be the tire fell off, please just be the tire fell off.

No such luck.

The tire was now completely holding UP the car and denting the wheel well.  Worse yet, the entire axle was ON.THE.GROUND.  This could NOT be a good thing.  There was a groove in the asphalt for at least 10 ft. from it dragging while Jere worked desperately to stop the car.  And there were bits of car strewn about too.


"Yep, guess there was something wrong.!"

It's amazing how totally calm I remained.  I don't know why, or how.  Generally I'd be a bawling mess.  Just knowing that money was going to be involved.  But, nope, totally calm.  Called Triple A and ordered a tow truck and then hung out for nearly an hour.

This can't be a good thing.

Pretty sure tires aren't supposed to turn out quite like this.

YEP!  This is NOT a good thing.

Nice groove in the ground huh?  At least we'll always have a "souveignere"(how the crap do you spell that word?) of the great car debacle of '11.

After an hour wait, the coolest tow truck driver ever showed up.  Our buddy Julius, with his corn rows and ultra calm demeanor.  He was just so cool.  I liked him immediately.  I asked if this was gonna be hideous.  He just looked me deep in the eye for a little minute and then nodded his head in the affirmative.  Well, at least he was honest.  After a goodly amount of work on his part he finally got the car loaded up.

Awww Milly, what a sad state of affairs.
(Jere named the car Millie 8 years ago, because she was  "thoroughly modern.")

We dropped her off at the mechanics (who was now closed) and hoped for the best.

The best was NOT to come.

It was a bad break.
Knuckle joint and ball joint snapped, therefore ripping the entire axle out.

NINE.HUNDRED.DOLLARS later she would be fixed.

Somebody please just shoot me now.
But you know what the WORST part of it all was?  Due to the trauma and long time it took to take care of the situation (plus just the insanity of the week) I completely missed my darling Erikas baby shower that night.  I'm still bitter about it.  She lives in CA for goodness sake.  Came to town for a shower, and BOOM, I missed it.  Stupid car!  Stupid moving.  UGH!

So yeah, there has definitely been

Carrrrrrrrr Truhbul!

Knuckle joints and busted balls,


In completely unrelated news....I LURVE So You Think You Can Dance and could not be happier that it is on!  Freaking fantastic show the otehr night.  So much dancing, so much squeeee.  Also, LOVE "The Voice." What a cool show.  Blake Sheltons team is tragic.  Christina Aguelerra is a freakshow, but girl knows what she's doin.  Adam Levine is hot and sexy.  The end!


Kristina P. said...

How in the world does that actually happen?!? That is crazy. Glad everyone is OK.

And Christina is a train wreck. Those hot pants she was wearing the other night looked they were made for a 2-year old, or an Olsen Twin.

Kellie said...

:( That is one sad car. I'm proud that you took it so well, though.

The Bipolar Diva said...

That so sounds l like something that would happen in my house. Sorry :(
Why can't it EVER be an easy fix?

EG said...

Sister, don't sweat it! I love my VP's no matter what.

alison said...

i'm no mechanic, but i think that car is TOTALLY still driveable. ya just have to lean to the left at all times ;) and i was thinking of you the other day as i watched my dvr'ed episode of "so you think you can dance". LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE that it's back on!! i think they have an amazing group this year and i can't wait to see how it all turns out!

The Atomic Mom said...

Horrible! Just good that it happened in the parking lot, and not out in the middle of Southern Ave! :)

Annetastic said...

So sorry about the car trouble..."this too shall pass," as they say. We did miss you at Erika's shower--it was fab, but not the same without you!
love, Annie

jen said...

Seriously? And during workshops? Lucky you. Sense my sarcasm?

Pini said...

It's just not right that while reading this I had a big smile on my face. Stop being so funny with your words, dear. In all honesty, you really have a talent with words. Even crappy situations seem so funny in your world, thanks to your writing! Way to be so positive lady!(ps. your car trouble really sucks tail pipe! So Sorry!)

Dixiechick said...

For what that looked like I was thinking it was going to be thousands of dollars to fix. So it could be worse. I just had to drop $800 on termites, so I'm feeling your pain sister.
I'm trying to decide how I feel about these top 20 on SYTYCD. I feel like we saw so many amazing dancers but the ones we ended up with weren't really my favorite. Some of them I'm excited for, but some not. WHY OH WHY OH WHY Eveta (or however the crap you spell her name)??? She is hideous and there is no way she is any younger than 45, so how is she in this competition? Ok, that's all.

Crandell Fam said...

Oh Allyson, that truly SUCKETH the big one! I also completely knew what the title of the post was supposed to sound like right when I read it! ;) So glad Troy's family could provide quotables for us. Ha! Oh, and you were overdoing the spelling there,'s much easier than you thought. "souvenier" there!