Saturday, June 4, 2011


Let's get one thing straight............I am getting OLD!  You guys...I literally hurt in every fiber of my being.  Every INCH of my body.  I think what is left of my hair even hurts. Walking is nearly impossible, my feet, don't even go there.  Why is painting so freaking exhausting?

The good bedroom has been re-created (which almost didn't happen) and is done.  The living room is painted, and the kids room is partly painted.  It still needs the detail stripe.

The bad news.....the walls of our new house are evil, as in EVILE, FRU-ITS of the Dev-ILL.  I have NEVER seen walls SUCK paint into them as much or as fast before.  I needed 3 gallons for the lving room, and it still has issues.  2 gallons for the kids room.  And countless re-coats.  Good HELL!  I don't EVER want to paint again.  And I'm pretty sure noone will come help me.  Oh, and also, two of the walls in my room, and 2 in the living room are BLOCK!  As in plaster.  As in IMPOSSIBLE to hang pictures on without a production.  I'm DYING!  Clearly they didn't get the memo that MY style of hanging pics is, eyeball, slam a nail in and hang.  No forethought, no measuring, just hang.  How am I s'posed to deal with crap like block walls?  Sadness.

On the upside, I found two totally fabulous and adorable trash pieces that i turned to treasure.  So excited about that.  Oh, and I painted my front door yellow.  That's fun, right?

My feet are throbbing.

I've started moving stuff into the house.

My back is ZINGING!

Our new shower is really small.  Bummer!

My neck hurts.

The kitchen is huge and fabulous.  I can finally house all my random appliances.

I'm tired!

Tomorrow will truly be a day of rest.  NO thoughts of the house.  Just thoughts about workshop.  And creating a final word sheet, and maybe learning a song or something. 

OH MY GOSH, workshop starts on MONDAY!  Me = scared!

And with that, I'm off to dreamland.

Here is a pic of the fantabulous play house I "stole" for 50 bucks!  Try not to be jealous. (by the way, this is sitting next to the pool fence that I found for a whopping $110.00 and it fits literally perfectly in the space we needed.  Someone is a lookin out for us)

Maggie likes to say...."You get a new house Mommy, so WE got a new house."  That's right kid, one for you, one for ME!

Tired and Pained,



The Brinkerhoff's said...

WE NEED PICTURES!!!! Ok which house did you guys buy the one in 25th ward? If you need any help let us know

Kristina P. said...

I am so jealous you got to paint your door yellow. I have wanted a red or yellow door for ever. That's never going to happen while living in a condo. :(

stevensings said...

Hey I'd be more than willing to help you guys! Jere has my number, so give me a holla!

The Atomic Mom said...

GRIPPER primer from Home Depot. It's kinda pricy, but will make it so you only have to paint one coat of paint. It's done wonders for our house.

The Atomic Mom said...

Oh and if you are in the market for a podiatrist, my uncle is Cameron McKay, office on Stapley, just north of Main on the west side of the street. He will do wonders for you! :)

Teresa said...

Jump in the tub and let Calgon take you awwwwwwwway! I know just how you feel, this getting old stuff is for the birds.

LanaBanana said...

Love the new playhouse--and Maggie is right on, I mean, if you get a new house so should she. :)

Block walls suck!!

Wendy said...

Amazing playhouse find! Can't wait to see all your makeovers.