Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What you wanna know... I've been M.I.A.  I KNOW!

Lest anyone else, besides Jen thought that perhaps the roaches had mutinied and carried us MVP's all away to their secret lair.....'tis not so.

May I just say....THANK YOU to all of you for making me feel SO.MUCH.BETTER about things with your nice comments.  So glad to know I'm NOT alone.

Reva.....don't even worry, I too have totally yelled at Maggie to be nice to me too, because she's downright MEAN at times.  We have staredowns, we have standoffs, it's all SO mature it's unbelievable!

Darlene.....I too can totally handle Max as opposed to Maggie (the girl child) middle of the night.  And I'm SURE it's because he also is not so much a screamer and a whiner.

Allison....I pretend to be asleep A LOT to let Jere deal with things.  Hahaha

Joel.....growing pains, maybe, except that this has been going on since like birth.  Sometimes she just does it now for something to say, I'm pretty sure.  Could be wrong.  But, I don't think so.

Anyway....thanks for being the best blog friends EVER!

So, without further ado.

First of all, our computers (and by ours I mean Julies, but we all use it) battery died, so we had no computer.  The one we're using currently is Jeres Moms, 'cause she's been out of town for half the month.  Anyway, no computer, no pictures, no mojo.

Secondly, it seems like everytime I pick up the computer, about all I can get done is check facebook and then a few blogs here and there.  Some may notice that i've been ever so quiet on the comment front.  That's because 1. I haven't been reading as much and 2.  this dumb (yet I'm grateful to havfe it to use) computer for whatever reason won't let me comment as myself.  It's super annoying.  So, I've written some comments and then they won't go through.  UGH!

The roach situation is improved, though we had a "moment" if you will where I thought I would die.  We'd got down to zero roaches in 3 days.  I was happy.  Then it was time for Chad to re-bomb the place.  He came, he bombed and only 9 roaches in 3 days.  I was so hopeful.  So happy.  THEN, I made the ridiculous mistake of mopping my floor.  And I kid you not, in an HOURS time, FIFTY TWO freaking roaches came out and died on my floor.  We literally watched them pour out from the dishwasher and bottom cupboards.  It was AWFUL.  But mostly I was just PISSED!  I'm so beyond being afraid of or grossed out, I'm just angry.  I mean what the hell.....are roaches just mad for Pine-Sol or what?  Needless to say, I called Chad, he came back and was gonna take out the dishwasher and look at that, but in the meantime, took everything out of my lower cupboards and found 50 more dead roaches in there.  AWESOME!  So, he decided to drill holes into all the bottom cupboards and dust inside there.  Interestingly enough...we have only had 9 in the last week.  So, we are HOPING HOPING that we have taken care of the issue.  Though I won't lie, I'm not real excited to ever mop my floor.  I don't trust those little bastards.

We've become scorpion hunters.  Jere is all manly man with his gloves, tongs and jar as we scope the perimeter of our house at night and find the little critters.  It's actually kinda fun to hunt them.  Way more fun then finding them in your house and being surprised by them.  Since we started that we've only had one in the house.

So, all in all, things are a bit better on that front.

Max no longer lets me dress him at all.  He INSISTS that he pick out his underpants AND all his clothes.  It is SO hard to let them do that, and then live with their tragic choices of ensembles.  But, it's just not worth the fight.  Half the time I don't even do his hair anymore...cause, why?  Maggie is still fighting clothes choices AND hair  It's exhausting.  Thank goodness Jere is around sometimes, 'cause seriously, he can put her in her place like no other.

Maggie has also turned into a total social butterfly.  She has playdates at least twice a week with her friends and wishes she could be at their houses EVERY day.  She doesn't get why you don't just invite yourself over to anyones house at anytime.  Her latest bestie is Claire, who is the daughter of my sisters best friend.  It's fun to see her developing and growing and playing with her friends.  She's also in a singing class on Monday afternoons and the cutest dance class on Wed. mornings.  My girl has some serious moves.

Speaking of, Max has developed the most adorable little face when he "dances".  I wish I could capture it because it cracks me up so much.  He LOVES to bust a move, which really means jogging in place, or shaking his booty while making his dance face.

He misses Maggie everyday when she's at school and tells her that everytime she comes home.  He LOVES when she has friends over because he is in the center of them playing along with all they do.  He's devestated when she goes to a friends house and doesn't understand why he doesn't get to go too.  That is really heartbreaking actually.

Took the kids on the lightrail Monday night for their first time.  They LOVED it.  We went to the D-Backs game with Porters family and our friend Amy, the ticket queen for all things D-Backs.  It was fun, and a cool little family activity for us.  Quite cute to watch your 4 and 2 year old pumping their fists in the air and yelling "D-Backs, D-Backs." As if they really knew what was going on. haha

Friday night was the 50th Anniversary Homecoming celebration for my Highschool.  I happen to live right by my old highschool and will proudly send my children off to be Westwood Warriors.  Anyway, it was a really fun evening with an Alumni reception, some good eats, visits with old friends, etc.  And best of all, one of my darling students won Homecoming awesome.  Her Dad was homecoming King like 35 years ago at the same Highschool.  They even did a big fat fireworks show, which we enjoyed from the backyard of Gramma Dars, because I was really gonna fight the crowds of THAT game.  Besides....I don't like football.  But, Maggie was quite ticked that she didn't get to go to the football game.  Again, as IF she even knows what such a thing is. 

So, there you go.  A bit of an update as to what I've been up to and where we've been.  Not
too exciting.  But, something anyway.

I'm hopeful to be back with some semi regular blogging, soon.


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