Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Polar Express

This year, Gramma Peggy decided that she wanted to treat us and the kids to a ride on the Polar Express. For which I'm grateful, cause goodness knows our bank account would never allow for that to happen.

Anyway, it was with great anticipation that the kids counted down the days until December 16th and we would get to go on the train, see Santa and most importantly, PLAY IN THE SNOW! Northern AZ had kindly obliged with massive storms earlier in the week, so there was plenty of snow to see and play with.

The big day arrived...we loaded up the van with our stuff (borrowed snow suits and all), Gramma, Auntie Julie and off we went. The drive north is quick and quite pretty. As we approached Flagstaff there was sooo much snow all over, it was beautiful to see. Williams is about 45 minutes North of Flag and that is where the magic of Polar Express is.

We arrived at our Hotel, checked in and got ourselves ready for dinner and a ride to the North Pole.

I had to bust out the kids Christmas PJ's early, because c'mon. Aint no way my kids weren't gonna look adorable for their big ride. Never mind the fact that I bought them, oh, WAY to big. Maggies pants might fit her next year, or the year after. hehehehe Oh well, they're still cute. Can I help the fact that she has midget legs, and a big belly. It proves rather difficult for the pants buying.

Anywho....some pics:

Gramma Peg gifted them some totally awesome pillow pet slippers that matched their existing pets.  They were beyond thrilled.

Auntie Julie got herself some new fun PJ's for the adventure too.

Just outside the door of our hotel, their first taste of snow playing.  They were so in love with it all.

Peggy treated us to a buffet dinner near the depot.  After we finished we headed for the train.
Seriously....my kids were MADE for hats.

Here we are, the whole group, even if Max IS looking away.

In front of our train.  The kids were super excited to get on and get the ride going.

Super excited for the cookies and hot chocolate to be passed out.

Maybe one of my FAVORITE pictures ever.  Max was SORELY disappointed with the hot chocolate.  He took one taste and promptly handed it away.

Even though it was 4 bajillion degrees on that train, and the group sitting next to us was getting hammered (seriously, 2 dads and 2 moms with 3 young kids and they were knocking back little liquor bottles like it was a job.  So LAME!)  It was ALL worth it for this moment of pure joy.  They were so over the moon to see Santa. 

Santa just asked if they were good kids. Max had just answered that HE was indeed a good boy, but his sister was on the naughty list.  That's what he's saying in this moment of the picture.  It was awesome.

The magical bells.

I'm sorry, is it just me or is that the cutest, happiest little boy you've ever seen?  I truly love this pic.  Well, I look tired, which I was, and hot, but all in all, it was a fun trip to the North Pole.  And so worth the kids excitement.  We can't thank Gramma Peg enough for her generosity in making this all happen.

The next day we promised them that we would spend a little time playing in the snow in Flagstaff.  Max could NOT wait to get to Flagstaff and asked us every 5 seconds if it was time to go to FLAGSTAFF yet!

Don't even fear, we totally borrowed snow suits and boots.  It was freaking fantastic.  We pulled into Flag and found a fabulous little hill of snow on the college campus.  And because we had snowsuits, the kids stayed totally dry and warm.  That's what I call AWESOME!

It was a smidge bright out there.  But, I could possibly eat them up in their gear.

All Maggie wanted to do was make snow angels.  And a lot of them she made.

He tried to make a snowball.  He wasn't so successful.

Now Maggie however....she nailed me.  We had a little snowball fight, made snow angels, Julie made a small snowman and then it was time to hit the road.

Well, not until Daddy ate some snow first.

All in all a very lovely weekend trip. So glad we got to get away and enjoy the cold and snow and the Polar Express.
We literally jumped in the car and hauled booty home so we could make it to Maggies first dance recital in time.  You'll be pleased to know we made it, JUST in the nick of time.

Choo choos and  Snow angels,


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alison said...

i can't let hannah see this post because the polar express and seeing snow are two things she has decided she canNOT live without. they do a polar express ride about 5 hours from here (some friends took their kids this year....i still haven't heard the end of it from MY children!) so maybe we'll have to throw down on some choo-choo time next Christmas. and max calling his sister out to santa??? LOVE IT!! he's such a stinker ;)