Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recital number two....

My friend Jenee has about a million little singing groups around the valley, and luckily, she does her youngest groups out of her house, just 3 streets away from me.  I love her and her great talents with the chillens.  Maggie is in her group this year, and she's really loved it.

On Monday the 19th we had the big concert.  It was seriously cute, and Maggie made her singin Mama proud!  She knew all the words and the actions and I couldn't have been prouder.

This is my favorite.  In this they are singing "Wishing on a Star" from Polar Express.  In this picture Maggie is looking towards the sky for Santa.  She really got into the "acting" of this song.

They're sleeping, waiting for Santa.
But awesomely, Miss Jenee surprised them with a visit from Santa.

Maggie and her besty Claire, "Dying" over the fact that right over there in the corner is SANTA CLAUSE to see THEM!  Claires reaction was hysterical.

Hooray for Santa meeting number three.  I love this age, because they don't even question all the different Santas they've met.  Santa is JUST Santa.

And thankfully, Santa found some time for Max as well.  He was so, SO pleased with his gift and his chance to see Santa.

I'm so grateful Maggie has these opportunities to sing, and dance and get to express herself.  I'm not gonna lie, listening to her sing Wishing on a Star at the top of her lungs today, while standing in her play house was about one of my favorite moments ever. 

Singing for Santa,



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