Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gratuitious Christmas dress ups

This dumb post only took me an ENTIRE week to get up, due to the fact that my pictures don't ever want to be uploaded.  UGH!

Well WHAT?  I'm' on a kick.  I'm making up for an entire month.  So sue me.

I found Maggie a fabulous Christmas dress at Ross a couple weeks ago (this shopping trip deserves a post all its own, OY VAY!) for only ten bucks!  I was sooooo happy.  Until that point, i didn't have a dress and was unsure what we were gonna do.  Max's ensemble was courtesy of Gramma Peg for his birthday.  I've been saving it for christmas.

Won't lie, I think they look pretty smashing.

If you only knew what it took to get those tights and those shoes on Miss Sassy face.  I deserve medals, prizes, a million dollars for what I go through to get her dressed.

Seriously, you would just NEVER know how "evile" she is from this here adorable picture.  All proud of her get up.

Max didn't care to join in for anymore pictures.

Yep, he was thoroughly done with me and my camera.

We managed to get a couple of family shots.
Don't ya just LOVE how I matched them all so well.  hehe

Anywho....Merry late Christmas from our house to yours.

Don't even fear, I AM going to put up a quick post about our Christmas as well.  Then, if you're really lucky, I'll totally write about how I had the hideous "trots" for a week straight.  I know you're excited.

Over and out,



Lene said...

You all look great! If I squint you match perfectly. ;)

I can't believe I didn't get even one picture of all of us on Christmas day.

alison said...

blogger has been a booger about uploading my pics too. stupid upload has made many of my new year's resolutions a little more difficult to uphold ;) the fam looks great and i'm proud of you for getting in the picture. as me if there are ANY of me over the holidays?!?!

The Atomic Mom said...

Not so much on the trots, but I do want to hear about the trip to Ross. That place makes me want to take up drinking.