Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Biking is the BEST!

I'm telling you.....these bikes my kids got for Christmas have been the BEST!!  They love them so much, and are so darn adorable on them that I couldn't be happier with the purchase, or "near death" experience at Wal-Mart on Black friday to get them.

They spend a good amount of time out front riding the "track" or the "loop" around our house.  Which is down the front walk, across the sidewalk, around the corner, up our driveway and back on the walk.  PERFECT!  It's nice because I can have the front door open and the garage open and feel like I have a view of them while they feel like they're getting their ride on and they're out in the fresh air.

Here is my view:

Maggie, who is usually singing, and insists on stopping at the door EVERY time to say something to me.

Max, who bless his heart is ONLY happy if Maggie is out there playing with him.

Totally great bike riding.

However, last Saturday our fabulous neighbor helped Jere fix our bikes so that Jere could go on bikerides with the kids (I will not be riding any mountain bikes or road bikes in my current state).  And a whole new level of happy has been born.  Actually, the new level of happy comes from, our adorable neighbor has the cutest beach cruiser bike EVER and she has let me borrow it.  THAT I can get on and ride, and I LOVE it.  The kids and I have been on rides almost every day and it's awesome.  We "work" the neighborhood, visit Gramma Dar, visit friends, go to the park and just generally enjoy the gorgeousness that is AZ in the winter.  And frankly, there might be nothing cuter than my kids in their helmets.  Said neighbor is a cop, and when he and Jer were at the store to get bike stuff, he said "I don't wanna be THAT guy, BUT, your kids must have helmets, it's the law."  Thanks a lot officer.  hehehehe

Set for one of our daily adventures.

Stopping by Gramma Dars for a drink and some play time.

Climbing at the neighborhood park

Apparently the grass was just too inviting, after a "rousing" round of hide and go seek, which frankly was hysterical with these 3 kids.

We like to pick our friend Paisley up for rides and then playtime at the park.

The best part of this riding and playing is....the kids sleep like LOGS which always makes Mama happy.  Now, if only I could sleep like a log. 

Yep, this bike riding around the neighborhood is totally the BEST!!

Helmets and hairdos,



Kristina P. said...

I haven't been on a bike in probably 15 years. I am lame. I need a pink pretty one.

jen said...

This post made me feel guilty on many levels. I need to do this.
Thanks a lot.

alison said...

grandma dar has a water fountain at her house??? how cool is that?!?! we are loving our bikes too (and by "we"...i mean my kids. i am far too unbalanced, on a number of different levels, to ride a bike!). yay for outdoor playtime!!!

Holly Decker said...

amen. we often bike ride to freedom as well... its the bees knees.