Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Max is "nummy" (binky) FREE!!!

Please note this is one of 4 NEW entries tonight.  All are short, so just give 'em a looksy.  These days it takes an act of congress to get me to actually post.

After several false starts, of which I won't bore you with the details.....Christmas finally came and Max gave up the binky.

If you recall, 2 years ago, Maggie left her binky for Santa, so he could give it to new babies.  She was a champ about it and only cried a couple of nights after giving it up.  Gramma Dar has still never forgiven us for making Santa the "bad guy", but hey, it worked, and Maggie still loves Santa, so no harm, no foul.

Along comes Max, and frankly, who knew it'd be so hard to get him off the binky.  I mean seriously, from birth to 1 years old he was pretty much a binky "retard".  He could NOT keep the thing in his mouth to save his life.  But then suddenly, one day he woke up and figured it out.  From about 1 on he became real attached.  Now, not as attached as maggie who NEVER had it out of her mouth.  But attached in the sense that there was no sleep unless nummy was involved.  And, that attachment grew stronger with his age.  So, while we were yanking it from Maggie at 2, Max was MORE attached at 2 than ever.  He got to hold on to the nummy habit for a year longer than Maggie.

Now, we've been prepping him for QUITE SOME TIME that Christmas was a comin, and Santa was in need of binkies.  He said he understood, he said he was down with it.  But, when it came right down to it.....not so much.  Mind you, we were down to ONE binky in the whole house.  It was a total panic if it ever went missing, which it did, hence the false starts. 

Anywhozle....Christmas Eve came, and he was NOT gonna let it go without a fight.  So, I stole it, and maybe we told him Clarence the elf came and took it early, because Santa REALLLLLLLY needed it.  It was magical.  He whimpered a little, then accepted his new reality, and has not cried for it even one time.  It was a Christmas miracle.

But, just for good measure, Santa left Max a note on Christmas morning....

He's pretty pleased with himself and what a big boy he is now.  He practically scratched his crotch and hawked a loogy as he stated...."I don't need a nummy, I'm a big boy, and Santa needed it for the new baby."  and....spit! 

YAY for the end of the nummies.  Just in time to get new ones for a new baby.  Hopefully enough time will have passed that he won't want to regress back to that when the baby comes.

Stink breath and buck teeth,



azandersens said...

1. I regretted not getting an elf this year. Will have to do it next year.
2. Congrats on being binky free! I know how it is when it is more pain than help and that's when it is time to throw it out!
3. Completely agree on your Christmas philosophy.
4. You better come to BC tomorrow night. We have a trip to plan this summer. Was thinking about it all during Christmas Break in CEDAR!

Lene said...

Such a tough habit to break. But I would much rather fight over a binky than a thumb. Congrats!

alison said...

ugh....chan and ava are avid thumb suckers. there just isn't enough therapy available in the free world to fix santa stealing their thumbs!!! ;) i love that the big man left max a letter...and i love your elf's name. ours is fred....i was really holding out for something a little sassier. like chauncey or beauregard. i was vastly outvoted.

The Atomic Mom said...

At least my son was not the only three year old with a paci hangin' out his mouth. Agh! I hate the thing....and yes, we're getting more attached by the day. The more I try to start, the more resistance I get from him. I'm hoping we can go the "you have to give it to your new brother" route, so that there will be only one kiddo with a paci in the house...the rest I don't care about. I do know however, with this next one, I'm just tossing it at a year, no matter what.