Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santa Clause Came to Town

We "watched out", we didn't cry and we didn't pout (all lies, there was A LOT of crying and pouting, and fighting, intespersed with good behaviour too) so Santa Clause came to town.

No complaints here, Santa and Gramma Peg, and Gramma and Grandpa were good to us, and the kids couldn't be happier with their Christmas haul.

We begin with Christmas Eve at Gramma Pegs house.

Christmas PJ shot

There is a smorgasboard of food.  Seriously, Gramma thinks there is 100 people, instead of just 4 of us there to eat.  But, eat we do and then the present opening begins.

I didn't take very many pictures, but suffice it to say,  Gramma goes a TOUCH overboard on spoiling her grandkids.  Max was super excited about this present.  A little twisty/turny racetrack with cars.

Daddy attempting to put it together so they could play with it.

After the avalanche of presents were opened and hanging out was done, we loaded the kids and goods up and headed for home, so Santa could come to our house.

The kids were snuggled up in their beds.......

'Twas the year of the big kid bike around these parts.  If you asked Max what he wanted, he would always tell you...."a guyscraper bike and a guyscraper helmet."  I don't know where that came from, he's Max, what can I say.  I need to scan maggies letter to Santa.  it's the cutest thing ever, and she wrote it all herself.  She asked Santa to bring her a big girl bike, a puzzle and a nailset.  We were happy to oblige such simple wishes.  There was a Rapunzel doll thrown in for good measure, and maybe some blingy sweats, just sayin.

Let the games begin.....

I promise she LIKED the doll...

Thanks to my Mumsy and a Relief Society project....Max has this super faublous, reversable Super hero cape.

The Loot for her

The loot for him...

Really, it was a great Christmas.  I am a firm believer in less is more.  My children will never get more than three presents from Santa, and then one from Gramma and Grandpa and maybe a couple little things from Mom and Dad.  There is just no need to go so crazy and so overboard on gifts.  It becomes overwhelming to their senses, and it's a huge waste of money.  So, there you have it, my personal philosophy.  And, the thing is....they're happy.

The bikes have been a huge success, and it makes my heart pitter pat to see them out riding them.

Lastly, a funny story regarding Max and the cape. 

One night, LONG after we'd put them to bed, out comes Maggie, tatteling that Max had gotte my goggles out of my bag in my room.  And just as I'm about to yell at Max, here he comes into the room, full of consternation and defending himself to the fullest, wearing his super cape and goggles.  If only I could have taken a picture at that moment, because honestly, there are no words for how ridiculous, and adorable and hysterical it was.  HOW could I possibly be mad at him, or yell at him for being up an HOUR past their bedtime, when he NEEEEEEEDED the goggles to complete his Super guy getup.  Oh, I'm telling you, it was too much.  Jere and I could NOT stop giggling.  I just buried my head in my shirt until I could compose myself to calmly tell him super guy needed to be put to bed until further notice.  He kindly removed the goggles, handed them to me and sadly made his way back to bed.  Man that kid, he's a hoot!  Fairly sure it is an image that will live in my brain until I die.  At least I hope it does, 'cause it was dang funny.

Christmas overload,



Eve Stein said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see the smaller piles of Christmas loot for each of your kids. We don't go wild and crazy with gifts either, so I'm always stunned at this time of year as I look at everyone's Christmas photos and hear about what they got... and it's just SO MUCH! My own senses would be spinning, so I don't know how a child could take all that in (or learn to appreciate any of it). I'm relieved that there is at least one other family out there who doesn't overdo it on presents. ;)

The Atomic Mom said...

Marie's son Max, used to always wear goggles about your Max's age as well. He'd wear them all over the place. She drew the line at Church however. Oh the wailing and gnashing of small teeth....

LanaBanana said...

Clearly Max is in need of a superhero mask! :) That is adorable though. And quite clever.