Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Elf Army

Some people, well ok, MOST people have elf on a shelf.  Pshhhht!  Amature i tell you.  One measley elf to do all the work, puhlease!  We here at Casa de MVP have an entire elf army.  No really, 'tis true.  Auntie Julie is what we like to call a freakshow, and she introduced a slew of elves this year.  Not gonna lie, they were awesome, and really, for the most part worked wonders.  All we'd have to do is say...."they're watching" and the kids would straighten up.  Well, that, or we'd threaten to call Santa.  It got to the point that every time I picked my phone up for ANY reason at all, the kids would go into hysterical crying fits, begging me NOT to call Santa.  Relax kid, I was just gonna check my messages, SHEESH!  Truth is, this year was absolutely the most darling and fun age with my kids for Christmas.  They BELIEVED wholly and completely.  They were so excited and so full of happiness and joy.  It made the holiday so much more fun and enjoyable for me.  They were hysterical with their elves.  In awe when they'd move, heartbroken if they accidently touched one or knocked one over, because they feared they'd taken the elves magic away.  It was all just so great!

One night/morning at about 3 a.m. Maggie woke up for some reason, and when she noticed that an elf was in a new spot, her eyes got wide and she said "look Mommy, the elf moved, they really ARE watching us."

Another time, I was yelling at her from another room to go wash her hands after going to the bathroom.  She said she did.  I said, 'No you didn't Maggie, I KNOW you didn't wash them."  To which she replied...."how do you know, are you part elf too?"  HA!   It was awesome.

Anywho, let me introduce you to 4 of our elf army.....

In the back is Mr. Peepers, he bothers Maggie because he's "green".
From L to R in front is Sport, Clarence and Happy.  Maggie named them all, and who are we to argue with that.  Sport and Happy were quite clever elves and could often be found hanging from cieling fans, snowflakes in the cieling, curtains or elsewhere.  Definitely more lithe and nimble than Clarence, who was a big clunky, and Mr. Peepers who has a balance problem.

All in all, I'm a big fan of this whole Elf army and look forward to using their services again next year.  Actually, we've decided that maybe once a month or so one will just appear in the house, to let the kids know that Santa is ALWAYS watching.  hehehehehe

Elves unite,



Kristina P. said...

I don't even know what this whole Elf on a Shelf thing is. I clearly will never be anything but a mother to a dog.

Lene said...

Our elf is an ornament. His name is Pickles. I am thinking of upgrading to a bigger elf.

alison said...

oooooooo.....i LIKE the idea of elves popping in throughout the year! and "are you part elf"??? hysterical!

Grace Adams said...

My sister had the help of four elves this Christmas. One got tossed onto the top of the column in her foyer, and because the column really didn't have a top and was hollow, it took a skilled fisherman to retrieve the elf.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Happy 2012!

The Atomic Mom said...

I didn't even know what "elf on the shelf" was till this year, and my unhealthy pintrest addiction started.