Saturday, January 21, 2012

Girls at Play......

Maggie loves, I mean REALLY loves playdates.  It's highly important to her that someone come over and play here or that she go to someone elses house.  She asks daily where she can go, or who can come over.  This doesn't get to happen everyday mind you, I have things to do yo!  And when it doesn't happen, she is extremely annoyed and unhappy with me.  But, I do like her to have a social life, and I really don't mind having friends over.

Her particular favorite and most frequen playmates are Claire (they're in school together and she lives down the street, and her Mom is amazeballs and has Maggie over a lot) and Navi.  We don't get to see Navi that often because we're on opposite preschool schedules and our schedules in general just don't seem to match up well enough.

Of course, she'd prefer to go to Navis, and I don't blame her.  Navi has a super cool backyard and a ton of toys to play with.'s alwyas WAY better to play at someone elses house.  But, I digress.

The other day the planets alligned and miss Navi was available to come and play.  It was a joyous day for both Max and Maggie that Navi was here and oh the good times they had.

First they jumped on the trampoline, then they played aliens and bad guys and shot them in the backyard.  They dragged kitchen chairs out to the playhouse and climbed all over the roof and did who knows what else.  Then they came inside and played "Mom and Dad" (a particular favorite of my chillins) until apparently Navi was bored of that.  Next thing I know Maggie and Navi are wandering through the family room "gathering" things.  I asked what they were doing and Maggie informed me they were looking for items for beauty salon. 

Beauty Salon?  Now THIS was something new.  And especially interesting, as Maggie doesn't allow me to ever comb her hair or you know, touch it. 

Awhile later, it was very quiet, so I decided to go back and check.  Imagine my surprise to find Navi combing through Maggies hair.  I went back to get my camera and by the time I returned, I found this.

Please look closely and note that Maggie is apparently "brushing" Navis hair with her play kitchen knife.  Hahahahaha

This went on for QUITE some time, until finally they emerged from their
"sal-ON" and Maggie proudly introduced Navi and her amazing handiwork.

Pretty spectacular, no?  I particularly love the comb stuck in the back of her hair. hahahahahaha

Not gonna lie, it was the BEST afternoon of playing EVER!  Those girls had the best time for almost 4 hours.  I had quiet, undisturbed lessons because Maggie and Max were so happily occupado with their BFF.  Pretty sure Navi only went home because her Dad finally texted and was like, "Uhhhhh, should we come get Navi?"  hahaha  Ummm NO, she's too great for my kids. some good playtime with friends.

Playdates and updos,



The Scotts said...

Love it!! I am the worst at setting up play dates but I LOVE having them because they entertain my kids for hours!! Who would have thought more kids was easier!!

DianD said...

Well, there ya go! Maggie is a beautician in the making! :) Bless Navi's heart for letting Maggie "touch" her hair! :) So nice to have great friends to play with.