Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Horton the Elephant

Ok fine, I know I need to write the birth story, and I will.  But, I also feel extra "stupid" as of late.  Meaning, I can't seem to put coherent thoughts together, or remember how to say words half the time; and I feel like i'd have to really think in order to properly write Mayzies story.  Therefore, I'm doing what I always do...avoiding.  Oh, I'm soooo good at avoiding.  It's really one of my worst  best qualities for sure!

Anywho......a few weeks ago Jer wrapped up a little run in Seussicall the Musical as Horton the Elephant.  This is one of his dream roles, so check that one off the list.  Seussical really is a very cute show, easy to watch and fun.  They did a good job of it, and Jere of course was brilliant as the beloved elephant.

The kids had been talking for weeks about Daddy being the elephant and were really excited to go and see him in all his glory.  Though, truth be told, i think they were MORE excited to have a backstage tour and walk on the stage.  My kids get such a thrill out of the behind the scenes stuff.

On a Saturday afternoon I loaded my 2 kids and my highly pregnant self into the van and off we went for our adventure.  The venue was ridiculously far away, good thing I packed some snacks...sheesh!  On the upside, I have a friend who lives just around teh corner from the venue and I took the opportunity to visit her whilst in that neck of the Egyptian woods, ifyaknowwhatimsayin.

But, I digress.  I'm really here to just show you a few pics.  That's what we're all here for right?  Of course it is!

 Preshow...Maggie chose her most Seussically pants to wear.  And her pom pon headband really topped off the look.  I was just doing my part to fulfill the role of "elephant" wife. hehe

Very excited for the show to start.

After the show, so excited to see Daddy.

Maggie really "needed" to wear Daddy's ears.
And let's just talk for one second about how gorgeous my husbands eyes are.  Mmmmkay!

Meeting the fabulous "cat in the hat"

 Jer and Gertrude McFuzz.....more importantly let's discuss her awesome wig!  I LOVE it in all it's purple pom pon glory!  This girl was awesome!

I chose this pic because, well, look at Max, looking at her in all his adoration. He loves himself a pretty lady, that's for sure.

This character is Mayzie LeBird.  She truly is the inspiration behind our Mayzies name.  Quick story:
I went to the show on opening night and sat in practically the front row.  Mayzie was resting quietly in my belly, not doing much of anything.  UNTIL....the character of Mayzie came on the stage.  They said her name,a nd then she sang her signature song "amazing Mayzie" and my Mayzie seriously started moving and dancing like a madwoman.  She moved nonstop throughout the song.  As soon as Mayzie left the stage, my baby stopped moving.  When Mayzie returned later and sang Mayzie got as busy as a mexican jumping bean in there again.  Up to that point we'd been undecided on her name.  I took this as a total sign that clearly she wanted Mayzie and that is what she got.  It was pretty cool.

Jere actually went to highschool with this girl.  Hasn't seen her since highschool until this show.  Small world we live in.

Getting thier onstage tour.  Standing at the top of the set. That's our little friend "yaya" who was also at the show that day.

This set included a twirly slide, AND a trampoline.  Talk about cool!  Frankly, all the kids cared about at ALL was getting to go down the slide, which never you fear, they did go down.....many times!

Even Horton got to go down the slide.

I always like an opportunity for our kids to see their Daddy in action.  Generally speaking Maggie does an excellent job of sitting through shows, while Max struggles.  For some reason, this, of alllll shows, the most kid friendly and cute, was the hardest time they've had.  Even Maggie wasn't good.  Don't know what was up with that.  Because trust me, it wasn't the show that was bad.  It really was so, so cute!  Which brings me to another quick story.

My bro. and sis in law took Maggie with them to watch the Easter Pageant whilst I was at my first hideous run in with the ER.  Anyway, apparently my bros. kids were being buttheads and acting awful throughout, totally frustrating their Mom.  She told me that Maggie was really great the whole time and did a great job.  While my niece and nephew were acting up, Maggie sat right next to Lana all prim and proper.  As she watched their behaviour, she looked up at Lana and said...."Normally I'm not very good at shows, but because I'm with you guys I need to be good."  To which Lana replied "I'm gonna tell your Mom and Dad you know EXACTLY what right and wrong is."  Seriously....that Maggie is a little devious one. On the upside, she's reallllllllly good for anyone and everyone else, so people like having her over to play or taking her places cause she's a dream. ....  FOR THEM!  UGH!

Well, that about covers it for now.  Someday, when I find my brain cells, I'll get back to this blogging business.  In the meantime, i think I'll eat another Reeses egg and stare at the wall.  It's about all I can handle.

Seuss and Sass,



deveney said...

I loved the show! Jere did a great job, as always! I love watching shows...I love them more when I know people performing.

alison said...

okay....several things. a)LOVE maggie's pom pom hair doomahilly. hannah needs one of those! b)dang if jere doesn't have some seriously blue eyes! not that you didn't already know that...but today we are stating the obvious. c)max is totally checking out that girl and i think it's stinkin' hilarious. he's such a lovie :) and d) love the mayzie name story. how many fetuses get to pick their own name?!?!?!

azandersens said...

I wish I could have seen it - especially since the theater isn't that far from us WAY out here. I love their costumes and makeup, and I love the story behind Mayzie's name. Very cute. Hope you're still on the mend.

LadyCarma said...

Cute stories and thanks for sharing. Just a word about your mind blur: blame it on the drugs, seriously! My oldest had that same kind of mental slowness when she was on blood thinners. This too shall pass.
I know totally what you mean about kids behavior. When Lana and family came here for the week after Christmas Tatum was sitting in my chair with me watching the movie Smurfs and when it was 9 p.m. Lana told Tatum she needed to go to bed now. Since Tatum had already seen the show, she didn't need to stay up too late. Tatum continued to sit there as if her mother hadn't said a word. After Lana asked her the second time to go to bed, I whispered to Tatum that she needed to obey her mother and go to bed now. This is what Tatum said to me: "I don't need to go to bed yet. When she gets mad and tells me again, then I will go to bed!" I so totally "told" on her when she finally left the room. Yes, kids know just what they can get away with and we as parents and grandparents, get wrapped right around their fingers!

The Bipolar Diva said...

that looks like it was so much fun!