Friday, May 4, 2012

Has it been so long really?

CUH-learly I haven't done my blogging best lately.  I mean for the love...I just signed on to write an entry and there is a whole new setup going on.  I was so confused I just sat and stared at my screen for several minutes trying to process what had happened.  Obviously Blogger missed the memo about how I don't do change.  Sheesh!  This blogging silence is just embarassing.  I wish i could tell you why....but I've just got nothing.  I mean, my kids are still as absolutely sassy and funny as ever, and often I make mental notes to remember something so I can blog it.  HA!  My life is still ridiculous and there are things to share for sure.  I just don't feel clever, or funny or motivated AT ALL!  In fact, sometimes I worry that something is seriously wrong in my brain, because I can NOT seem to pull it together and be alert or "smart" in any way.  And I won't even discuss my driving as of late.  Nope, NOT gonna discuss that at all!  Jere would probably take the keys away if he knew how spacey I've become.  OY!  The other day I went back in my archives and read a few entries.....I used to have stuff to say.  I even cracked me up a couple times.  UGH!  I hope I can find my "cool" sometime soon, cause dangit, you're missing out on some funny kids and ridiculously tantrumy moments.

Anywho....I just wanted to talk for a moment about Max, because really, that kid is a HOOT!

He's that super cute kid on the right, in case you'd forgotten what he looked like. And yes, yes Jere does have EXTREME Sun Devil pride.

Max is my numbers kid.  He LOVES numbers.  He can count to 100, he can point out every single number and he does point out EVERY number he sees.  Addresses, phone numbers, numbers on cars, price tags, etc.  He asked Jere the other day for a math book because he just wanted it to practice his numbers.  He has memorized Jeres phone number and likes to call him regularly.  Then he will ask me who else he can call and bug me until I allow him a few phonecalls. 

His phone conversations go a little like this:
Person he calls:  Hello
Max:  What's your name (even though he knows who he's calling)
Person he calls:  says their name and then asks who he is
Max:  This is Max
And then he'll tell them a couple of random things and then say HANG UP!
Apparently I need to teach him proper phone etiquate now that he's a pro at dialing.

My hope is that he will be our math pro, as I am a math retard.  No really, I am completely incapable when it comes to math and numbers.  So, I'm pinning my hopes on this guy and his number obsession to "get it."

He has a steel trap of a memory and literally forgets NOTHING!  If you promise him something, or even mention in a brief passing whisper  at midnight that he can do or get bet your sweet bippy he will bring that up the next day, or next week or next month.  "Remember that one time you said if I did this we could get a treat?"  There is no faking this kid out, he will call you on it every time.

Said to me yesterday:  "Mom.....I just REALLY love balloons."  I know buddy, you really do.  He's so random.

So the other day was ROUGH!  Don't get me wrong, he is still my nicer child.  He's more inclined to obey, to follow commands and just generally be nicer and happier.  However, he has a streak in him that is none to pleasant.  So, after a particularly bad morning, a lot of fighting, sassing and actual hitting of ME, he was banished to his room for a good LONG timeout.  After he'd sufficiently calmed down, and his allotted time punishment had passed, I went into his room.  We usually have a "discussion" at the end of timeouts to talk about why he was there, and what he would do to avoid future trips to time out.  So anyway, I walk in, sit down on his bed and he follows me to his bed.  I just sat there for a minute, not speaking when he finally says: "WELL, start talking."  I stared at him (and giggled on the inside) and sat in silence a moment longer.  He was getting agitated now...."starrrrrt tallllkiiiiiiiing."  So, I did, and he was of course sorry for his behaviour and all was well (for the next 10 minutes anyway).

He loves his baby sister more than words can say.  In fact, he loves her just a little TOO much.  He's like a slobbery dog in heat.  He is constantly all up in her face, hugging her, kissing her, "slobbering" on her.  Trying to feed her is ridiculous because Max is so busy accosting her.  It's ridiculous, and sad that at least 4000 times a day i have to say, STOP kissing your sister.  No MORE kissing your sister, or touching your sister, or coming NEAR your sister.  In case you were never works.  He can't help himself, he tells me, he just loves her SO much!

Max is a doer.  Unlike his sister who just wants to throw her hands up and quit the moment anything requires even a hint of effort.  He has mastered the remote, he's a pro riding on a scooter now, he can get all around on the computer....all things his "big" sister can't or wont do.  Shoot, he's even willing to wipe his own bum, which is nearly a good 2 years ahead of his sister.

I just love his bright shiny eyes, full of joy and enthusiasm for all things.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't at some point, usually several times a day tell us he loves us.  He never stops moving.....he's jumping, rolling, running or moving in some way at all times.  It's quite exhausting to watch actually.  But, I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Oh, and one last thing.  The other day as we were driving down the road he blurted out...."we pray to god."  I said that indeed we do.  Then he said "we don't pray to Jesus."  I tried to explain how the praying "chain" worked.  And then he said "yeah, because we don' the name of GOD amen."  Umm yep, 'tis correct little man, 'tis correct.  He surprises me all the time with the stuff he understands and applies.

Wait...I almost forgot.  My other favorite thing is...when something goes wrong, or gets messed up, he belts out..."Oh barnacles"  or, "TARTAR SAUCE."  It's hilarious every time.  Thank you Sponge Bob for those "swears."

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The Atomic Mom said...

you just had a baby, that's why your brain is mush. I also have a mush brain.

James calls Sponge Bob the Cheeseman. But I don't let him watch it.