Monday, May 7, 2012

What's in a Name?

As I stated before....Mayzie was first suggested to us on accident sort of by our friend Marissa.  She was working on a school production of Seussical (MANY months ago) and that name was fresh in her head.  When she said it, Jer and I sorta perked up, looked at eachother and went...hmmmmmmmm.  So, we kicked it around for all those months, Mayzie or Marley, we just couldn't decide.  Finally, as the story went...Mayzie chose her own name and the rest is history.

No matter what the first name was, we ALWAYS knew that the middle name would be Lies'l (LEE-Sull), no matter what.  We have a darling, wonderful, talented friend that we adore whose name is Lies'l.  And SHE is our little Amazing Mayzies middle namesake.  Why is she worthy of this honor?  Well let me count the ways....

1. She is incredibly brave in the face of great adversity
2. She is strong!
3. She is driven to succeed, no matter what.
4. She is very funny (wait, that should be above strong, as it's the most important attribute)
5. She is incredibly kind and loving.
6. She has the voice of an angel

We've known Lies'l since she was a punky little freshman in highschool.  We've watched her develop and become this amazing woman that she is.  We've laughed with her, cried with her, cheered for her and loved her, and it just seemed like the most perfect thing to do....give our baby her name.

The Friday after Mayzie was born, Lies'l made her way down here from Flagstaff (ditching classes to do so) so she could meet her little baby namesake.

How is THAT for preciousness!

Mayzie loves your a lot "auntie" Lies'l.

Oh, and hey....our beloved, rockstar, world traveling, violin player friend, Taylor happened to come along for the meeting too!

LOVE these two kids.  So thankful they're in our life!

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Master P said...

IF I have another kid, I want a list of suggested names from you. You are super good at them!