Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blogger Blah's

I don't know what it is, but I have just not been able to find it in me to really blog lately. I've hardly kept up on all my favorite bloggers as well. I realize it's partly because I'm redonkulously tired all the time. It could be that I was a little more overwhelmed by all the happenings around here than I thought. It could be that Max requires a little more attention, or that Maggie just goes around saying "mommy, MoMMY HO ME!" pretty much all day. Though I must interject here that for the lasst 2 days she and Brooklyn have had a BALL with eachother and have kept themselves quite entertained. Halleluia! They just stopped wrestling on the floor, that was something new. Currently Brooklyn is hanging with her head over the coffee table, and Maggie is pondering the possibility.

Anyway....if it makes anyone feel better, I haven't really watched all my DVR'd shows either. So, what the heck have I been doing? It feels like the days fly by and I have little to nothing accomplished. Maybe I should write a list:

1. Every day i get the kids dressed and hair done. I also get myself completely ready and dressed. Let it be said, I think this is important. I can not STAND to be in my pajamas, I feel lazy and grubby.
2. I've cleaned out my purse (trust me, it was scarey)
3. I found my kitchen table under the avalanche of papers
4. I've mopped the kitchen at least twice in the last 2 1/2 weeks
5. I've picked up and straightened my house at least a million times
6. Laundry
7. I've vacuumed many times
8. Made the bed (we don't do the whole deal very often)
9. Cleaned my bathroom 3 times
10. Taken stuff to D.I.
11. Taken Jere back and forth to the doctor
12. Taught lessons
13. Looked at many houses
14. Visited friends
15. Changed a million diapers
16. Payed bills
17. Gone to the store
18. Taken my kids to the doctor. Will ANYONE be surprised to know that Max STILL has an ear infection and we're on round FOUR of anti-biotics. Next is the ENT and tubes. WOO HOO!
19. Gone clothes shopping with Dana
20. Worked out
21. Made a thousand trips to CVS and Walgreens for supplies for Jeres nasty wound.
22. Talked to lots of people on facebook.
23. Laughed at Maggie and her hilarious talking. She's so smart, it's just fun to hear what comes out of her mouth next.
24. Emptied garbages.
25. Lost 7 lbs.

Well ok, so I have done something. It just seems like on a daily basis, I don't know WHY I can't bring myself to blog. I promise to make a better effort, if for no other reason than my dear friend Jenny needs something to read whilst stuck on bedrest. ahahahahahahaha

With that said, I'm gonna do a post about my last Tuesday night.

Silence and lazy fingers,



Staci said...

hey props to you on losing another 7 lbs! You are one hot mama! And wow... I wish I had accomplished that much in the past 2 weeks. Hope baby Max gets better soon. :(

Jenn C. said...

Did you read that list? You are amazing! I do know how you feel though.

Andrea said...

Just know you are not alone sister! I get blog frumpy at times as well. I am sorry Max is still dealing with an ear infection. Bummer! Good job on the 7 pounds that is wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures of your event this weekend! You will take and post pictures right? If not I will just look at Dixie's I know she will. Good luck!

jen said...

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the entries. It is getting so monotonous around here that I'm ready to scream. Just FYI, drove by the house, and you didn't tell me that it came with its own deer and well! The turquoise is something to behold, you're right. But the house has great bones, didn't look in windows or anything, but I did see a few pidgeons. It's a great location on that cul-de-sac, and all's I'm saying is "YES!!!!"

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