Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Kind Deed and a Fun Evening

In the process of all this craziness with quarantine, Jeres surgery, etc. Many of you have offered help in any way. I was asked many times if there was anything you could do for us, etc. I kindly declined all offers, as I felt we had things under control and I certainly didn't want to put anyone out (well, except Wendy and her nurse skills, 'cause I could NOT do the dressing changes). But, one night, while on facebook, I started talking to my cousin McKanes wife Emily. We had a great conversation and she asked if there was anything they could do. I assured her we were ok, not to worry. But, then she asked if they could bring us dinner. And in a moment of UTTER weakness, and perhaps humility, I accepted that. Mostly I've felt bad for Maggie, because I pretty much gave up cooking when Jere had surgery. It all seems ok, except dinner time comes and I'm scrambling, throwing in a pizza, or making her a sandwhich or something. So, I felt bad that suddenly she was getting the short end of the stick. Plus, the idea of a meal sounded good. So, I agreed to let them bring us dinner, the date was set.

Last Tuesday night McKane, Emily and their darling little boy Bekam came over to our humble ghetto with dinner in tow. They even stopped at Taco Bell and got Jere some pintos and cheese, so he didn't feel left out. We had a DELICIOUS meal of chicken alfredo and the yummiest salad! Mac and Em sat down and ate with us and it was soooo fun. After dinner we hung out and chatted and had a good time. Unfortunately, I failed to take any pics of them, but I got some cute shots of Bek and Maggie eating their giant chocolate chip cookies.

Meet Bekam. This boy is freaking adorable, and such a sweet little guy. He and Maggie played really well togther. We definitely need to do that more often.

Enjoying their cookie goodness. Seriously, so cute these kids. Bek just turned 2, so he's only a few months older than Maggie. (Oh yes, do note the ADORABLE pink converse Maggie is sporting. Aunt Dana is too kind to us. Now Maggie has a new pair of FAVORITE shoes, in fact they're the ONLY shoes she wants to wear every day!)

I can't tell you how much fun it was for us to have them in our home. We realized that we need to hang out more often. I'm soooo thankful for the GREAT cousins I have, and the fact that I have actual relationships with so many of my cousins (and I have a lot).

Thanks Mac and Em for a wonderful meal and a delightful evening!

Happy tummies and humbled pride,



✩Molly✩ said...

That is AWESOME! Emily is such a great gal! We were the same year in JR HIGH and HS, and she has always been an entirely genuine and sweet person, full of service and kindness. I have had a few great conversations with her on Facebook, too. :)

Glad you were fed... Excellent food choices too... making me hungry..


LanaBanana said...

Yum. What fun! Emily is the one that gave us the naughty recipe for Buttermilk Buttery Amazing French Toast that will clog your arteries in one BITE!!! So, I'm quite sure your dinner was delicious. Cute pictures of Beckam and Maggie together. :)

Greg and Tammy said...

Fun!! We LOVE those guys!! Maggie will have to arm wrestle Emma for a prom date with Beck though....

Emily Lauren said...

What a nice post!! I'm so glad I caught you at a moment of weakness :)
Ha ha. We had so much fun with you guys and we should definitely do that more often. The kids were so cute together, I'm glad you got pictures!

Also, what nice comments- Molly, Lana, Tammy :) Thanks guys. . .

Emily Lauren said...

And Tammy, I'm not sure Maggie will have her second cousin at the top of her list for a prom date. ha ha, but maybe. He is quite a stud :)