Thursday, May 21, 2009

Start 'em Young!

Recently Dixie and Shane had a family home evening with their kids regarding earning money, or working, or something, i don't know what. The gist is this...they wanted to go on vacay, they wanted their kids to appreciate said vacay and earn some money to go. So, they told them that they could earn money by doing chores around the house, and they could earn money from other people too. Apparently they're quite good little cleaners (according to Dixie, and as good as 6,4 and 2 year olds can be). I'd witnessed their little mason jar on the shelf accumulating money and assured Dixie that I could use their services. Well, time, as we know it, just flew right by and I still hadn't experienced their handy work. Finally, with their vacation fast approaching and my house falling ever deeper into the pit of despair I went on a cleaning spree. And by spree I mean, I cleand my bathroom, and swept and mopped my kitchen floor. Anyway, I was busily working when the brilliant thought popped into my head. "Hey, I have 4 bucks cash (never happens) and I have some "jobs" for Dixies kids." So, I picked up the phone and gave her a ringy ding ding. When I told her it was TIME for her kids to earn their keep, she sent over 3 very excited kids. And here is what I had them do:

Owen washed down my very dirty and dusty front door. While I love myself a black door, it sure collects the dirt for all to see. He also wiped down all my kitchen chairs. PERFECT!

Livy washed the baseboards in my bathroom and kitchen (and frankly, I despise baseboards, hence they've never been washed in all the time I've lived here). She also cleaned the outside of my oven until it sparkled and shined.

Morgan wiped down my garbage can, my water cooler and the front of my fridge (well as far up as her wee little self could reach). Oh, and she also wiped the front of my bathroom cupboards down.

Seeing her cousins busily at work, Maggie HAD to be a part of it. She INSISTED on helping. So, I handed her a clorox wipe and let her go to town. She worked on the dishwasher, and bathroom and whatever else she felt necessary to wipe down.

As I witnessed this adorable scene, of wee baby children working away, slave labor if you will, I had to take a picture.

What is NOT adorable about his picture? All so happily working.

I know this is practically the same pic, except that in this one Maggie is fully doing the Farah Fawcett hair shake. That girl is obsessed with her hair lately.

Owen working hard at chair scrubbin.

When all the slave labor was completed, I informed Livy that all was perfect. Her simple response..."so, can we have some cookies, and where is our money?"

According to Dixie they proudly placed their 4 bucks in the jar, and it nearly filled up the jar, which in their world meant they were rich and ready for vacation.

I'm just glad I could do my part. AND thankful for willing little hands to get the "crap" jobs done. Best to "start 'em youn" I always say.


The Fischbeck's said...

I can just hear them singing a 'happy working song' from Enchanted. I am all about baby slave labor!

Jenn C. said...

I love it. Send them over to teach my young ones!

LanaBanana said...

Those are cute pictures of the little slaves. My favorite job EVER when I was pretty little was to take the 409 and spray the front of the fridge and scrub away. The oven door was fun as well. Still love cleaning the front of my oven, fridge and microwave. And...I do believe I did your bathroom baseboards once--long ago. :)

jen said...

Great to have older kids set good examples for your kids. Handy to have cousins in the house!

Mel said...

So THATS why mormons have so many kids ;)

so cute. i remember being excited to clean when i was little. I got over that pretty quickly. The boys love to clean, but Miss O would just rather eat the wipes. (so no Clorox wipes for her). Seriously I can't leave baby wipes anywhere she can grab them, because she pulls them out as fast as she can and chows down.
Love that Maggie plays with her hair. She's such a little princess...I love it.

ZippityDoDaw said...

Wow, who couldn't use some floor board cleaners and fridge washers? I need to get my babysitting turn taken care of before they go on this vacation if I have any HOPES of child labors! :)

Crandell Fam said...

I love it! I should've started my boys sooner I fear, because they HATE all thoughts of cleaning! Brooklyn is still enchanted with it most of the time, but only if I'm toiling right along with her! :) Cute pics...and I wonder where Maggie gets that Farah Fawcett hair shake from??? Could it be her sister cousin?

Sue said...

Came across your blog and just had to comment on this post. I love that they were so willing to work and help earn the money for the vacation. Your daughter is definitely doing something right!

Do they travel?