Monday, May 11, 2009


Whilst I've been waxing philisophical and all Triathlony, life has continued forward, my kids have just continued to get cuter and cuter and make me smile more each day. We've visited friends and family, had a birth, had a wedding, changed dressing in the wound, scraped knees, kissed boo boos, had continued sickness, rolled over, etc. It's amazing how much happens in the course of one day, much less in the course of weeks. Of COURSE I've taken pictures a plenty of the day to day. So, if you'll forgive me, and indulge me, here are just a few (more like a lot) shots from the last couple of weeks.

We'd like to thank Aunty Tracie for this ADORABLE little ensemble. I really should just start a whole seperate blog to chronicle Maggies adorable fashions from day to day. Somedays it's just a crime that noone sees her and her get ups.

Max with the sad, and the snot and the goop. This poor kid, he has a couple good days with the eye being goop free, then it's back with a vengance. A day off from snot-a-thon, then it's back. And really, he's so good natured most of the time that it's not so bad. But, I sure wish HE could feel what "good" felt like, not just "eh" all the time.

Max got his first official bath in a real bathtub at Gramma Shumways. He enjoyed it immensely.

Oh, you Know, I was feeling artsy. Just go with me on this.

Sometimes, she gets captured in a picture and it's just so...holy cow she's pretty. I KNOW I'm her Mom, but really, what isn't cute about that?

Maggie QUITE enjoys wearing Mommy's "gasses". She insists on it much of the time. I WISH I had a picture of her in church yesterday. She put on my glasses, and proceeded to drag my HUGE purse up and down the aisle during Sacrament meeting. Eventually she got my cell phone out, was "talking" on that, with the glasses, dragging the purse and making her way to the door. It was PRI-T darn funny. The lady behind me leaned forward and said "Is she working the catwalk or what?"

We stopped by P & L's for some quality time before the baby arrived. Of course It was delightful, as any time spent in their home is.

We got to go to cousin Wendy's house a couple of times so she could do Jeres dressing change there. Her house was fun, there were cool rocking horse things, and cars to drive and boys to play with. This picture of Maggie is just so wierd and funny, PLUS a real smile. Have I mentioned she LOVES to drive? Yeah, well she does. That's a girl who takes after her Mommies heart.

Another day at Wendy's. How cute is this mini bench with Mags and little Lincoln on it?

Max, just chillin, enjoying a good picture book. He enjoys some good bumbo time these days. He's working on sitting on his own, we're reallllly close. My Mom keeps insisting on sitting him so his bottom can flatten out. So funny.

We stopped by to talk to Bampaw, and Maggie REALLY loves her Grampa.

Then later that day we stopped by and saw Gramma Peg. Maggie was entranced by an airplane right about here, hence her sort of "der" look.

One Sunday we stopped by Gramma Dars (don't be confused, all become Gramma and Aunt around here). Gramma Dar has the GREATEST little house in her backyard, JUST the right size for Maggie. She and her new friend Navi (sadly no picture of her) played and played in the house. I freaking love the shot of her in the doorway, you can see how perfect the size is. I'm only bitter that I NEVER got to play in this house when I could still fit in it. Really and truly Dars house is a wonderland for kids and adults alike really.
So, there you have it. A sampling of happenings around here. Jere continues to heal, SLOWLY but surely. This open wound thing has really been dragging out and makes his spirits low. But, the doctor says it IS improving, so there is hope. He's already lost 46 lbs. in just under a month. It's crazy to watch him everyday literally melt a little more away. Now, if only we could get him feeling better. Tomorrow he flys to LA to shoot an industrial video for Univ. of Phoenix. This is a really great thing, except that he feels like total crap and has nooooo energy. Please, keep him in your prayers for this one. It also sucks 'cause we have to go buy him a dark colored dress shirt at the fat mans store that will cost us a freaking fortune, and he'll only be able to wear it for a very short time. UGH!
I'm winding down this school year of students, getting ready for recital and then it's workshop time once again. SERIOUSLY, how does this happen so quickly every year? Wish us luck.
Picture posts and eyeball strain,

Who is retarded? That would be me. I finished and posted the entry and then thought, "HEY, I thought I put a pic in there of me and the new baby." DUH, there it is. Porter and Lana's little Crew William was born on May 7th and he is freaking ADORABLE!!! No really, he's extra specially cute. We're so happy to have him here with us.


LanaBanana said...

He is cute, blue eye and all. :)

jen said...

Wish I'd been doing this blog thing when my kids were your kids' ages. I'd have taken much better care of my memories. Alas, they're gone, and where's Simon and Garfunkel when you need them?

Mel said...

What a cute set of pictures. I love the first one of Maggie and the mirror pic of Max. Adorable.