Monday, November 5, 2012

Scenes from my i-phone

Max may or may not have a slight obsession with my phone.  Well, with ANYONES phone if he thinks it has games on it.  WOW!  I get asked at least a hundred times a day if he can play a game on my phone.  Generally the answer is no. I refuse to let my kid turn into a video game nerd.  Never mind that he's freshly 4 and already a super genius at all things electronic and can play the heck out of Temple Run and Angry Birds.  That's neither here nor there.  But for reals, he will ask anyone, the moment they cross our threshold if he can play a game on their phone.  Some are too kind and oblige him.  He forever remembers them.  Trust me, he super looks forward to my first lesson on Wednesdays, cause THAT girls Mom has an i-pad that she kindly lets him play on.  BEST 1/2 hour of his week.

Anywho....occassionally he sneaks my phone away, and then I find a literal crap ton of pictures that look like this:  Besides hilarious that is.

This kid slays me!
I also find pictures like this:
Though Maggie is smart enough to not really ask me to play games.  She uses the ruse of "can I just LOOK at pictures."  I have some gems of her singing to Mayzie because she didn't realize it was on video.  I also have some super gems of her singing in the shower.  Someday I'll post them to youtube so I can put them on here.  AWESOME!
Then there are the pics that I take.  This i-phone is REAL handy.  Hence bloody nose pictures at 3 a.m.  Just sayin.  So, a few that I've taken over the last couple weeks.
Two Sundays ago was our Primary program at church.  Maggie let me curl her hair and everything.  It was big doins, they had memorized lines and would be singing the whole program.  I won't lie, it was one of the cutest things EVER to see them standing up there singing their little hearts out.  They knew every word and Max....I can't.  It was just so cute.  Both of them did so great on their memorized lines as well.  I was a proud mama.  Too bad Jeres glasses had gone missing, so he was mostly with his eyes closed, head down, because his head hurt so bad.  I pretty much described the "show" to him like a blind person.

After church I took a pic of my pretty ladies.  I actually really love this picture.  Maggie is truly SUCH a good big sister to Mayzie. She loves her so much and takes such good care of her.  She's quite a little Mama, and is always very concerned at Mayzies well being.  And also....there is a clip in Maggies hair, it was a Sabbath miracle.  Well, one in which there was MUCH crying, whaling and gnashing of teeth.  But, I WON and Maggie looked great.
One day last week (it was mismatch day at school, in case you couldn't tell) the kids came into the kitchen from the garage giggling.  They told me to look at them, and this is what I found.  They were pretty pleased with their silliness.  Maggies wig is the one I wore in my show.  Maxs is, well, just hideous.
We went and got gellato as a family on Saturday night.  Maggie likes me to take her picture....always.  She managed to totally ruin this white shirt with chocolate drips.  Sad days.  But she IS pleased with her pose.
And lastly, I leave you with this:

Mayzie enjoyed her first taste of sugary magic.  She was QUITE a fan of the chocolately concoction.  And really, you know how sometimes you just happen to capture a moment and the picture is so perfect.  I mean, she's cute, she's always cute, but in this picture....she's perfection.  I love her and her sweetness oh so much.
Someone please remind me to tell you about the sad exchange between Maggie and I the other night about how I "love Mayzie more than Maggie."  Oh 5 year olds.....they know it all.
So, there it is....a sampling o' life at Casa VP, thru the eyes of the i-phone.
Crazy heads and gelatto lips,

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jen said...

Max and Lily should swap face ideas--that's one of her favorite activities too.

And Maggie--where did she get that hair, lucky girl.